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What Enfp Relationships Are And The Effects They Have

If you are engaged in an ENFP relationship, just know it can be one of the best love relationships of your life. To make it clearer, first let me explain what the ENFP really is.

It is the Myers-Briggs personality type that makes the best partners. They are open-minded people but yet very strict when it comes to love relationships. Their main ENFP characteristics are extraversion, intuition, feeling and perception.

This type of people are warm, caring, loving, and they will always go the extra mile to make things work in a love relationship. They always crave long-term relationships, and they never enjoy one-night stands.

They are not interested in superficial relationships, but they want something serious that will last. If you are looking for an ideal partner, look no more than ENFP because they will truly work hard for the two of you to work out.

ENFP partners tend to be very generous in love relationships, and they don’t have any problems going the extra mile to satisfy their partners. They will give themselves all in in a love relationship and make as many sacrifices as needed just to make things work.


Because of trying to be perfect all the time and having everything under control, ENFPs can sometimes be a bit clingy and needy, but their intention is not actually to do that. They just want a love relationship full of harmony and cooperation, and they want their partners to be equal as they.

They don’t like the dominant and submissive partners, but they want all of them to have the same rights as they do.

Good balance is what works for them the best, and they feel the most comfortable when being involved in a relationship that provides them with that.

From all these facts you can see how ENFP relationships are great to be involved in, and because of the following examples, you will love them even more!


ENFP relationships and love compatibility

It is a known fact that this personality type attracts some other types that they are highly compatible with. First, I am referring to INTJ women who are perfect matches for ENFP personalities.

Since, ENFPs are good souls who just want to love and to be loved, they will always attract someone similar to them, and INTJ women are everything they actually need. There is no need to say that the ENFP personality is open minded and that they are into art, music, culture and dancing.

They have restless spirits, and nobody can tell them what to do since they are very stubborn. They can’t stand being in a relationship in which everything is the same all the time because that suffocates them.

They always want something new because changes are like fresh blood in their bodies. It makes them feel great, and it helps them enjoy life better than before.

When they are in love, they want to shout it from the rooftops, and nobody can interfere in their love life. Maybe they behave like that because they have been a part of many bad relationships, so when they find the right one, they don’t want to let them go.

They like all the positive things that life brings, and they enjoy every day as if it is the last one.

They don’t like meaningful conversations and emotional vampires. If someone toxic like that enters their lives, they will kick them out in the blink of an eye.

They can’t stand being surrounded with people who only want to harm them, and they know how to recognize those people every single time. They are very good at standing up for their rights, and you can’t make fools out of them so easily. They have very strong characters, and they will never let other people walk all over them.

If you have an ENFP relationship, it means that you are involved with a playful person who likes to experiment in sex. They are pretty creative, and they always go the extra mile to satisfy their partners in bed.

They don’t mind trying and learning new things because that is what they like the most. They can’t stand having the same relationship from the first day till the last one but want some change to happen.

They want their love relationship to be turbulent from the start until the end, and I don’t need to even mention that they enjoy relationships like that.


ENFP relationships and friends compatibility

Just like ENFP people are ideal love partners, so they make great friends. They are extremely warm people who want to make everyone around them happy, and they enjoy seeing their friends happy and satisfied.

They are not jealous of their friends even if they are more successful than them and always support them as much as they can.

With each and every one of their friends, they have healthy relationships, and they nurture them as best as they can. ENFP people are extremely sensitive and emotional, and they can’t stand to see their loved ones suffer.

That’s why they often act as healers and supporters, and because of that, people like to spend time with them. They always attract people who have the same outlook on life as they, and they feel the best in their company.

Because of their personality, they can attract some toxic people who would like to feed off of them, but once they realize that those people just want to do them harm, they will easily kick them out of their lives.

In situations like those, you can see how strong and independent they are and that they can stand up for themselves very well.


ENFP people as parents

Okay, you already know that ENFP people are great lovers and great friends, but it will sweep you off of your feet when I tell you what amazing parents they are.

They are strict and take their parenting role seriously, but yet they are playful enough, so their children feel good in their environments. They protect their kids from everything bad that can happen to them, but they also let them grow up into an independent individuals by letting them make their own decisions.

They treat their kids in a way that teaches them to think with their own heads and not just rely on their parents. Their kids are pretty disciplined and know what their duties are. At an early age, they learned to respect their parents, and they know that they can have whatever they want but that they have to earn it all.

ENFP people just want to make a safe and good environment for their kids, and they will sacrifice everything to make their kids feel good.

Pros of having a relationship with an ENFP

Of course, we all have pros and cons, and that is the case with ENFP people. Like the rest of the people, they are great in some things and not so much in others but now, I would like to mention things they are good at.

– They are faithful and reliable – If you are engaged in an ENFP relationship, you can be positive that those people will be loyal to you and that you will always be able to rely on them.


They always tend to help people especially those who have problems, so if you run into someone like this, they will make sure you feel better than you felt before.

– They are loving and caring – In relationships with them, you will feel the love you never thought you would feel. They will make sure that you get all that you need and that you feel good in your own skin.

They are so good that they will put your happiness in front of their own, and they will work hard to get the best out of the relationship they have with you.

– They are energetic and have a great sense of humor – With an ENFP partner, you will always have fun, and every day will be totally different than the last one.

They always have a lot of positive energy, and they know how to transfer it to others. And with their perfect sense of humor, they make ideal partners.

– They are great at communication and meeting your needs – When you develop a romantic relationship with someone like this, you will always know where you stand. They won’t lie to you or cheat you, but they will always listen to what you have to say since your opinion is extremely important to them.

They simply want to meet your needs and in that way, show you how much they love and care about you.

Cons of having a relationship with an ENFP

Just like there are some pros of having a relationship with an ENFP, there are some cons as well. I will mention some of the most common ones just to show you what you can expect from them.

– They are sometimes clingy and needy – In all that perfection, there is something that is not so perfect. ENFP relationships can sometimes be hard to handle because these people can act clingy and needy.


They can suffocate their love partners and the worst part is that they actually don’t see it. That is the reason most of their relationships fall apart.

– They tend to develop perfect relationships – Since they always want everything to be amazing, they will try to make a relationship that is functioning perfectly well.

They think that it is possible to be with someone and never fight with them. They think that every person they stumble upon is their perfect match, but in most cases, they get disappointed.

– They don’t know how to put themselves first – This personality type is one of the most sensitive, so it takes a lot of time for them to see that someone is not the right one for them. They don’t know how to put themselves first, and they always end up feeling bad about all the problems that happen in a relationship.

They think they are guilty for everything even they are not, and that doesn’t go in their favor at all.

– They can be unrealistic – ENFP people can have very unrealistic expectations and that can cost them tears. They imagine something in their head, and in fact, it is not like that in reality.

In fact, in reality, things are quite different, but they can’t see it. That’s why in the end, they get disappointed, and they think that the whole world has conspired against them.



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