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5 Types Of Lies That Many Men Use!

5 types of lies that many men use!
Men are different. While some are very decent by nature, others like to beat around the bush. Women, especially when they are in love, love with their ears, so it is straightforward to lead us into the candy-bouquet period when we do not see the obvious. Often men tell us the same lies.

5 types of lies that many men use

Here is a kind of cheat sheet on which men’s phrases you should pay close attention so as not to be deceived.

1. “I am only looking for a serious relationship”

It is commendable if this is the case, but often men say this for the sake of a catchphrase to quickly take possession of a woman. At the beginning of a relationship, look more at your boyfriend’s actions. They speak louder than any words.

2. “When I saw you, I immediately realized that you are the one I’ve been looking for all my life.”

Another phrase from the pick-up artist’s vocabulary. Of course, you are a wonderful woman, but how did he see this? It happens that people live for years and learn something new about each other every day, but then a fleeting acquaintance, and already – fate? Take your time and take a closer look at it.

3. “We will always be together”

Too arrogant, reckless, and hasty. How many ladies has he already said this to, I wonder? You don’t know how the day will turn out tomorrow, but he throws out such serious phrases after a couple of days of dating.

4. “Before you, all women were somehow different, but here you are…”

The very fact of comparison with another woman is already ugly behavior on his part. Most likely, he is an ordinary womanizer. An intelligent man, even if he makes a comparison in your favor, will not voice this.

5. “I want your baby”

Many women in serious relationships dream of hearing this phrase. But if you know each other nothing at all? Perhaps this is one of the tricks to get a woman faster.

How do you still see men deceiving us? Tell us in the comments!



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