You had a girl who cared for you. A girl who was there for you, when no one else was. A girl who believed in you, when you didn’t. A good girl who loved all of you, even though you were far from perfect.

But you blew it. You chased her away and you let her go. You lost this good girl.

And why did you do it? I know you keep justifying yourself and keep trying to blame her for everything that went on.

I know you are trying to make excuses for your behavior, convincing yourself that she was asking too much of you and that you weren’t as bad as she presented you. I know you are a coward who doesn’t have the guts to look yourself in the mirror and accept that you are the only one guilty of making this girl leave you and for breaking her heart.


Well, I won’t be like everyone else around you. I won’t lie to you, so you can feel better about yourself. Because the truth is that you don’t deserve to be all right after all you’ve done. You don’t deserve to sleep with a clear conscience.

You don’t deserve to think that you were entitled to her love. You don’t deserve to get out of this without a single bruise on your heart and you don’t deserve to move on with your life as if nothing has happened.

That is why I am here to face you with the harsh truth. And the truth is that you were nothing but a fool who didn’t know how to appreciate everything this girl was doing for you. That you were never man enough to treat her with the respect she deserved.

Instead, you were always intimidated by this girl’s strength and power. You felt like you weren’t enough and you wanted to diminish her because of that.


And you know what? You thought right. Because you were never enough for her. And you never will be.

What did you think, that she’d never leave you? That you could treat her the way you wanted and she’d just sit there patiently, hoping for you to change? That she’d waste more years on trying to make you a better man than you actually are? That she’d guide you through life while you did nothing but take her for granted?

Did you think that she’d come running back to you? That she left you just to make a point and just to make you chase her?

No sweetie, she walked away from you because she’d had enough of your childish behavior. Because she realized that you had only been putting her down all along and that you had been holding her back from all the great things she is capable of achieving.

She realized that you were always an emotionally insecure man who was just trying to cut her wings and who wanted to bring her down to his level. She realized that you could never be the support she needs and that you will never have the capacity to walk shoulder to shoulder with her through life. She realized you weren’t the man she could see herself grow old with.

You see, this girl realized that her love can’t change a man who doesn’t want to be changed. She finally accepted that you will always remain an immature mama’s boy and that you can never be the real man you were supposed to be. And just like that—she gave up on you.


She realized that she never needed you—you were the one who needed her. She finally looked the truth in the eye and understood that she could do a lot better.

And she will find that better. She will find a mature man who will never even think of letting her go. A man who will heal her broken heart and a man who will do everything he can just to make her smile. She will find a man who will love her the way she loved you.

And when that happens, she will be happy and you’ll still be the same piece of shit you’ve always been. When that happens, the guilt will eat you alive.

Because that is when you’ll realize what you’ve missed out on. That is when you’ll realize that you’ve didn’t know how to keep the best thing that has ever happened to you.



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