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Stop Giving Your Heart To A Guy Who Won’t Fight For It

There is not a relationship in this world without its problems. Nothing is perfect or flawless, and nothing that is good ever comes easy.

I’m sure we’ve all been in situations where we’ve needed to make compromises for the ones we love, and that’s okay. When it’s real and when it’s reciprocated, then it’s worth it. But when it is merely a one-sided effort, where one person constantly gives and the other one takes without contributing to the relationship on any meaningful level, then you need to take a step back and reevaluate the entire relationship.

Is it really worth it if you keep giving and keep getting nothing in return?

When your partner runs at the first hint of trouble, unable to face anything serious that comes your way, and even blames you and outside factors for his own shortcomings, you need to let this be your warning sign that he will never fight for you.

When he is unable to fight his own inner battles and flinches at the thought of confrontation, when he runs from his own past and lets it haunt his present and your joint future, you need to realize that he cannot even fight for himself, let alone your relationship. How can you let yourself stay with such a cowardly man or even have respect for him? He is making it so easy for you to see him for who he is. Stop lying to yourself and demand respect or show him the door!


Some people have a very weak mentality and prefer to play the victim card for as long as they can get away with it. He is clearly one of those men who are too weak to stand up in front of trouble and face it head on. He will always have an excuse for his fragile demeanor. Don’t buy it. Instead, find someone with a spine, who is capable of working through difficult things and not back down as soon as the shit hits the fan.

I’m sure he apologizes when he realizes that he’s hurt you in some way, right?  But does he ever do anything to change that behavior and remedy his shitty actions? I presume not, am I right?

Do you ever feel like what he’s saying is true and genuine or does it always seem half-assed, not really having an opinion on anything of substance? That can be a clear indication that he is fearful of ever standing up for anything, scared that it might come back to bite him in the ass at some point in the future.


If you break up, he will probably go quietly, without specifying an actual reason or showing any genuine emotion, because he’s a coward. This will only leave you hurt, confused and angry. You won’t have any closure or any real reasoning behind his mysterious departure from your life. My advice—leave him before he leaves you. He’s clearly half-assing the entire relationship, so you might as well leave on your own terms, before you start getting more serious with him and develop deeper feelings.

When you get to a certain point in a relationship, you need to know that you can count on this individual though all of life’s ups and downs. You know that you are ready and willing to fight alongside him for your relationship and for your partner, and there is probably nothing you wouldn’t risk for him, but when you can sense that he does not feel the same way and that he would back out as soon as you’re faced with important decisions and obstacles that any relationship faces, you need to have some respect for yourself and leave him behind.

He doesn’t love you nor does he respect you.  He is a leech who needs to feel loved but is unable to provide the same for his partner. Don’t buy into his crap. There are so many men out there who would go to the ends of the earth for you. Don’t let this weak individual dictate your future. Because, trust me, it can be much brighter than it is right now. You just need to let go of his weak ass, and go search for someone worthy of your time!



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