Aries needs their partner to be upfront with their emotions. An Arian can’t stand it if their partner gives them the silent treatment. If you’re born under the sign of Aries you must know that some people don’t like that way of not talking.

Sometimes they want to be silent for a while just to figure out something on their own. But you, as an Arian, think that that is a punishment to you. No, dear, it’s not. Maybe try communicating with your partner in a different way. Try out alternatives and find what works for your relationship. Then you can go and explore the world together. If you don’t have money to travel, pretend that you are tourists in your own town. It’ll be fun!



Taurus looks for someone who is gentle but still civilized. A Tauran will take care of their partner a lot and they won’t hurt you. If you’re in love with a Tauran, you might have realized that your partner won’t control you, because Taurus loves to please their partner, even if their needs are different from the needs of their loved one. But they need you to give them some attention, too. You can make a Tauran happy with little signs of kindness. They don’t need money or gifts.



If you’re in love with a Gemini, you need to know that their needs are all about communication. Sometimes it might not look like that, but to not call or text a Gemini for a whole day is the kiss of death to them. Everything is communication to them, even touch. Without their lover’s touch, a Gemini is very vulnerable and that can make them even physically feel pain. Geminis need communication like they need air.


Cancer needs safety. They want to protect you, but also to be protected by you. They’re all about monogamy, so don’t even think about stuff like ‘open sex relationships’ with a Cancerian. They want their lover to be there for them, to love them and to be loyal at any cost. If you think that loyalty isn’t a thing for you, then stay away from a Cancerian.



Leos don’t like routines. A Leo needs playfulness to feel fulfilled in a relationship. A Leo will take you out on an adventure and if you don’t seem super-excited about it, they will notice it and that won’t make them happy. Also, a Leo needs their freedom. This doesn’t mean that a Leo will cheat on you but they don’t like you to constantly send them messages or ask where they are and what they are doing, so don’t do that. A Leo will feel pressure, and that’s really something they don’t want in their life.



Genuine kindness turns Virgos on. Be careful with your words, never insult them or anyone else with your words. Words hurt more than knives. We all know that by now. A Virgo needs to see that their lover is kind to everyone-the old, the young, the disabled and even animals. They want someone with compassion. So don’t be scared to pet a dog in front of your Virgo partner; theoutcome will probably be the melting of a Virgo’s  heart.



Libra looks for peace and harmony in their life. They want you to be calm even in the most stupid situations you may find yourself in. If you freak out and make an effort to calm yourself, a Libran will notice it and cherish your hard work. Don’t be ashamed to show a Libran that you might not have everything figured out. Libra will help you find balance.



Scorpio wants mutual respect, honesty and integrity. If they don’t have that in your relationship, they might wonder what led them to be with you. Those are the most important things for a Scorpio. A couple of others include good sex and knowing how to keep a secret. A Scorpio needs to know that their secrets are safe with you.



Sagittarius wants happiness and joy above everything. For Sagittarius, the most important thing is the same amount of giving and receiving. A Sagittarian needs to be openly generous with their partner, but they expect the same thing from their loved one. Great sex is a huge plus as well!



For Capricorn, like everything in their life, love is hard work and you need to be committed to making it work. Respect and a good work ethic are crucial for a functional relationship. Don’t ever take them for granted and everything will be just fine.



If you ask an Aquarian about what a perfect date looks like, they’ll keep talking about adventures and excitement. They think that boredom kills every relationship, even friendships. So they make it all fun and easy! Also, mindful talking is important for them, just like emotional support.



Pisces needs someone who’s open about their feelings and is very sensitive. They think that the key to a successful relationship is to have someone who’ll be there for you when you cry, because everyone knows that it’ll happen sooner or later.






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