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12 Amazing Tips To Turn On An Aries Boyfriend or Man In B*d

Satisfying any man in bed is sometimes mission impossible, so the best way to be successful in doing your thing is knowing what he prefers. When we are talking about an Aries man, the most important thing is that he is more into affection than into passion.

There are things you need to know about his character in order to satisfy all his needs. And trust me, if you go the extra mile in doing the things that he likes, he will find a way to repay you.

If you want to seduce an Aries man, you need to make him think that he is in charge. You need to do anything that makes him believes that he is the most desirable man in the world and that you only want him. He needs to believe that you are the submissive one and he is the dominant one and that you will do everything that he asks of you.


That feeling can turn him on instantly because it will boost his ego and he will feel like he’s on cloud nine. But for all of you who date an Aries but are still not quite sure what gets him going, here are some excellent tips to make him scream and beg for more.


1. Play with his hair

This can be nice foreplay where you hold his head in your hand while playing with his hair. It will stimulate him and he will feel so nice in your arms. For him, it won’t just be pure sex, but he will be able to form a deeper bond with you.

He likes when a woman dedicates herself to him completely, doing things that he likes. That gives him the feeling that she really cares about him and that he is an important man in her life. So, except for touching his head you can also touch his lips and his nose. If you see that he is enjoying this, you can continue touching his face all the way from his forehead to his chin.

You can do it with your hands, or your lips or you can make a mix of it which will be perfect. I am sure every Aries man will enjoy this wicked game!

2. Let him lead

If you want to turn on an Aries man in bed, you need to give him the lead. They like to take the lead in seducing you and they want you to fight for it. So, play with him by teasing him and asking him what will happen once he catches you.

He will enjoy that game of hide and seek and it will be fun to him to chase you all around. It will make him think about all the things he wants to do to you and it will be an enormous turn-on for him. And once he gets you, he will be thrilled with his enormous success.


3. Being rough is what he wants

An Aries man likes when a woman is a little bit rough in bed, so don’t hesitate to slap him or to bite his ear while you are licking it. By doing that, you will show him who the real boss in bed is and that will make him want you even more.

This sign likes when a woman takes charge from time to time and when she feels good doing it. He likes when you are wild and when you show him that you are enjoying every second in his company.


4. Sex in public places

An Aries man likes to have sex in public places because the amount of adrenaline is at a high level. He will do it quickly—somewhere where he will be safe from the eyes of the public but while knowing that there is a possibility that someone will see him.

It will really get him going to do it with you in an open space because that is the way he likes it the most and because it gives him an ego boost for trying things that others are scared of. Also, he likes to experiment a lot, so you can expect some new positions to try.


5. Touch his face

It is already known that an Aries like his hair to be touched but let’s not forget his face as well. He is extremely sensitive to touches with hands and lips and he will moan every time you kiss him, all the way from his forehead and down to his chin and his neck.

While you touch him, ask him some things such as what he would like to do to you when you stay alone or what his favorite position is. It will be a fun game of words and touches, and he will like your approach to him. If you want to completely satisfy your Aries man in bed, try these tips. I am sure he will be pleased with every touch and kiss.


6. Experiment! A lot!

This sign is known to try new things with different partners. He will never settle before getting what he wants, so if you don’t like to try new things, he is definitely not the man for you.

He likes sex sessions, so you can expect him to come and in 5 minutes be ready to do it again. What a beast, right? So, you will probably sit there and ask yourself where the hell he finds the energy for the next round. I know it looks funny but that’s the way an Aries likes it.


7. Have sex a lot!

Whenever you want to have sex with him, he will want it,too. He doesn’t know what it feels like to live without sex for a day and sometimes, if he has time, he does it multiple times. In fact, he will sometimes try to catch you when you least expect to have sex with him.

He can hide in the bathroom while you take a shower and show up from nowhere—all turned on. Even if he sometimes acts like a child, deep down he just wants to enjoy life as much as he can. An Aries man has a large sexual appetite, so if you want to keep up with him, you will need to work at it a lot.


8. Let him be on top

Let’s be realistic—whoever is on top has better control in sex. So, if you want to satisfy your man completely, let him be on top. Let him do all that he wants to you and turn him on by saying something dirty from time to time.

It will just boost his ego and he will think that he is doing an amazing job. Also, if you switch sides, be dominant and show him that you don’t want to be the submissive one all the time and that you can also take the lead.

He will be thrilled how good you are at it and he will just lay there while you do all the work.


9. He likes quickies

When you start having sex with an Aries, you will see that he is not into foreplay so much. He has his own opinion about that—he would rather have sex in the time that his partner tries to turn him on by foreplay.

The most interesting thing is that they like quickies because they are aware of the fact that in 2 hours tops, they will have sex again. An Aries man can’t get enough of a woman’s body, so be prepared for him acting like a kid who saw the best toy ever when he started exploring your body. He will touch you in places nobody ever touched you before and you will feel like on cloud nine with him.

One thing is for sure—they have a freakishly high sex drive. So, I am asking you: “Can you handle an Aries man?”


10. Intelligence is a turn-on

You don’t need to look like a top model to attract an Aries man; he is much more into intelligence, so if you want to seduce him, you will have to know what you are talking about. Ask him tricky questions and don’t give him a lot of time to give you answers.

Tell him that he will be punished every time he gives you the wrong answer. It will make him think faster, but maybe he will want to experience your kind of punishment, so he might say something that is not quite accurate. Every Aries is turned on by a woman who knows how to play games in the bedroom and keep it interesting and fun. And of course, she will have to use her brain for all of that.


11. He likes a challenge

An Aries responds very well to challenges, so if a woman plays hard to get, it will turn him on instantly. So, if you want to win him over, play a game or a challenge and tell him that you want him to fight for control in the bedroom.

Otherwise, you will be the one who will take the lead and you will tell him when he will be able to climax. It will drive him crazy! Be a woman that he craves so much, but don’t let him to have all the control over you because he will be bored in a short time. Save your secrets for yourself and tell him only what he needs to know.


12. Try different positions

If any zodiac sign likes the Kama Sutra book, it is an Aries. He likes to try new positions and if you practice only two or three, he will soon get bored. So, in order to please him, you will have to go the extra mile and learn some new stuff that will make him scream and beg for more. But make sure that you only do things that you like and if you don’t want to do something, let him know.

If he loves you, he will understand that. Try to please him but don’t forget your needs as well. Trust me, when he gets what he wants, he will make sure that you get what you want as well!

In the end, hope that you will have a great time in bed with your Aries man. But whatever you do, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and to satisfy your needs as well. If you give everything that you’ve got, he will know to recognize that and he will give you what you deserve as well.

The most important thing is that you have a healthy and a stable relationship and that you understand each other. If you can communicate with your words well, there is no doubt that you will be able to do that in bed also


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