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10 Things Your Cancer Man Or Boyfriend Craves In B*d

If you didn’t already know, a Cancer man is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. That makes him perfect friend material and a real catch. In a romantic relationship he is devoted, loving and caring, so he needs a woman who will be able to give him all that he gives her.

It is not difficult to satisfy him because he only needs love but there are specific things that he likes to do in bed. So, if you are dating a Cancer man and you are not quite sure how to make him happy under the sheets, here are some amazing tips to make him never forget about you.


1. You should make the first move

Just because he is emotional and sensitive doesn’t mean a Cancer man will make the first move. So, you should take control and take the first step. Whether you will be the first one to approach him or you will be the one who will suggest to meet him again, it will mean the world to him. And once he relaxes, he will show you that he was worth the wait.

But the story doesn’t end there; your Cancer man will want you to make the first move in the bedroom as well. So wait no more and show that daddy what you know. He will be thrilled by your actions and the way you can handle things in such an easy way. That will make him fall so hard for you.


2. Be romantic

This man is a romance freak and he will do anything to feel special with his loved one. Some romantic ideas are more important that those sexual ones and he will show you that as soon as you meet him. He is not afraid that you will think that he is a wimp and he will show you how romantic he is every time you two meet.

Since this is his thing, you should try to be romantic in the bedroom as well—some scented candles, low lights, roses and you in some sexy lingerie. If you do this to him, you will literally sweep him off his feet.


3. Be wild

A Cancer man is quite shy but he likes when his partner takes the reins. So, be as wild as you can and show him who the real boss in the bedroom is. He will be amazed to have a woman like that next to him and he will give you all the credit for everything you do for him.

He will feel like he’s on cloud nine when he sees you making the first move by taking off your clothes or even doing a striptease in front of him. That will turn him on and satisfy him because he will know that you care about him and that you are ready to go the extra mile for your relationship.


4. Massage and oils are key

A Cancer man likes to be pampered so he will probably want you to massage him with some perfumed oils. If you are going to do that, make sure that you create a nice atmosphere for him. Light some candles and take off his clothes. Treat him like a king who doesn’t need to do anything.

After you take off his clothes, tell him to lie down on the bed and start with a massage. I am sure that he will think that you are the best girlfriend he ever had and he will know how to pay you back. And yes, I probably don’t need to mention that he will be thrilled if that massage has a happy ending, right?


5. Be submissive

Just like a Cancer man likes you to take control, he likes to have it himself from time to time. It happens when he gets sure about himself and his abilities under the sheets. So, do whatever he wants you to do, to completely satisfy him in bed. Tell him that you are his and that he can do anything that he wants with you. It will turn him on to possess you, even if it is only in the bedroom.


6. Be feminine

This is one of the most important things you need to do if you want to satisfy a Cancer man in bed. He will love when he sees you all feminine and gentle. So, always make sure to tell him what he wants to hear.

The worst thing you could do is to keep quiet because he will think that something is not right. Try to talk dirty and tell him that he is the perfect man for you. Tell him that he is special and that you have never felt this way before. It will make him have an orgasm in a second and he will beg for more.


7. Be dressed to kill

A Cancer man is an extremely visual human being, so the way you look will turn him on as well. So, make sure that you wear something sexy so that he fantasizes about you before starting the real thing.

It is important that you are in perfect shape because even if you gain a couple of pounds he will be turned off. If you look good he will be pleased that you are doing so because you are dating him. I know that this sounds a little bit sexist but that is what a Cancer man is like.


8. Sex in public

A Cancer man likes a little bit of adrenaline so he will want to have sex somewhere in public. For him it will be a whole new experience and he will enjoy it. I am not saying that he will do it in front of people, he will hide somewhere, but deep down he will know that someone may see him. It will turn him on even more and he will climax sooner than you think.


9. Dedicate some time to his nipples

This is one of the most erogenous zones of a Cancer man. You can try to lick them and play with them and while you are doing so, he will tell you to keep going because that is what turns him on. You can also kiss his chest and all of the upper part of his body because he likes to be kissed there, too.


10. Talk dirty

There is no man who doesn’t like when his partner talks dirty. With a Cancer man, he is a specific case, though, because if you use your words for the right purpose, he will come sooner than you thought he would. So, go ahead and experiment, I am sure you will sweep him off his feet.




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