This Is Your Happily-ever-after Type According To Your Horoscope Sign

We all want to find that special one, and we want it now. We want that one person who represents that part of us that is missing. Most of us have been searching for that person for so long right now, that we are just fed up with that. It’s like that quest for the Holy Grail. You’re not even sure that it exists. But don’t worry, unlike the Holy Grail your significant other is out there somewhere for sure, you just need a few clues on how to find him. And the astrology can give you those clues so you know what to look for.



You are incredibly passionate and ambitious. Your perfect one will be the one who will inspire you to work even harder so you could make your dreams come true. He has to be as intelligent as you are and he has to challenge you on an intellectual level on a daily basis. He will not be your inferior, he will be equal to you because you couldn’t endure being in a relationship with an inferior partner.



Except for that one trait that everyone is familiar with – stubbornness, you are also a very creative person. And you need a partner who will be your muse, a partner who will encourage you in your creativity. He has to understand and he also has to be ok with the fact that when you decide to do something, nothing will stand in your way.



Just because you are a complete mess and you will decide to do one thing and then change your mind in doing something completely else, you need a guy who will keep you calm and grounded. Your perfect one is going to make you stick up to your decision and not to change your mind all the time. And also, as you are restless, your soulmate should be the same as you are. He will go from one place to another with you and as I have previously said he will make sure you don’t push things too far.



You sensitive poor thing. You are as delicate as a flower. Your soulmate will understand that and he will take care of you and he will water you as little prince watered and took care of his red rose. You will be his best friend and you will find refuge in your partner no matter what. He will create this safe little bubble for you and he won’t let anyone burst it.


You are extremely proud and territorial so you expect your partner to be as proud as you are. You want him to show you off in public, and he will. He will also make sure to let everyone know that you are his soulmate. The two of you are going to be in the center of attention. That’s spot is usually reserved for you, but your soulmate will be there with you and you won’t mind. On contrary, you will be proud of the two of you.



As you are a perfectionist, you tend to use this trait of yours when taking care of the people around you. You will love your partner unconditionally and you need him to show his love to you back. You need someone who will nourish you. You need someone who is emotional as you are but also strong, someone to help you carry the burden of life. Remember that, if you want to be showered with true and unconditional love, you have to do the same thing to that person. But I have no doubts that you will because that just the way you are.



Libra has to be head over heels in love with someone and that’s when they are satisfied. Though that is a long process because Libra has to analyze everything in details, but when Libra completes that process and chooses her partner, that’s for life. Your partner has to be funny and warm and he has to care for you the same way you do for him. And one more important thing is that your partner has to be passionate. He has to feel passionate about random things he cares about in life and he has to act that way in love, otherwise, you won’t give him the time of the day.



You are a bit shelled up inside. You won’t let anyone in until you are completely sure it’s the right thing to do. Your perfect guy and the guy you are destined to be with is the one whom you are going to open your heart and soul to. He is the one whom you will tell your biggest fears and secrets and you will feel comfortable doing that. Essentially, that is the person who will accept you with flaws and all and he won’t judge you, ever.



You are restless and basically, you aren’t planning to settle down. And because of that restless spirit of yours, you need someone who will make you want to settle down. Your soulmate will make you see only him and your future together. Your soulmate will get your snarky jokes and he will laugh at them sincerely. You will just feel that that person is perfect for you and you won’t have the urge to move on. You will devote all of your time to that person.



You are crazy ambitious and you will do literally anything to make your goal come true. Your soulmate is the person who gets this and he supports you. If your partner tells you to step it down a notch and that nothing is worth working so hard, he is not for you. This is true because, by nature, you are hardworking and that’s your normal state of mind and if your partner isn’t supporting you, he is not your soulmate.



Your soulmate is the person who will share your goals and your visions. He will be patient with you, he will wait for you to finish your work and then he will take you to dinner or something similar. He will support you no matter what and he will be proud of you and he will show it to the world, how much he loves you. He will think of your accomplishment as if they were his own.



As you can be a bit negative from time to time for no reason, your soulmate will show you that things aren’t as bad as they seem to you. He will help you remove that dark cloud that blocks your positive view on the world. He will get your deep thoughts and he will help you face them. You will be swept off your feet as soon as you meet him.


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