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This Is The Honest Truth About Why They Can’t Get Over You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

1. Aries

They miss you because they’ve lost an adventurous soul. They’ve lost a person who is so much fun, someone unpredictable and free-spirited.

You made an impact on your ex. You showed them what it meant to live and have fun doing it. You gave them passion and now that you’re gone, they are sad. They can’t bring that spark back because they lack the most important ingredient—you.

Now when they want to go out and have a good time, it’s not the same without you. You were the life of every party and when they were close to you, they were never bored. Now that you’re gone, so is the positive energy.

They have no one to stimulate them to do crazy and fun stuff. Maybe they took that for granted when they were with you but they can’t get over you because they miss that goofy personality of yours.

2. Taurus

There is no problem that you can’t solve. They can’t get over you because you were always someone they could count on. You were their shoulder to cry on, their rock to rely on.

No matter how serious the problem, you always knew the solution. It’s because you don’t give up. You never give up and you fight until the end. Who wouldn’t want to have that kind of person by their side?

And you did it with such ease, as not everyone can do. You made it look like nothing. You showed that person how to be strong. You gave them courtside tickets to your show and now that you’re no longer playing, they are lost.

They don’t know how to move on without you.

3. Gemini

You were the perfect person for them. You made them roll on the floor with laughter. Your sassy personality made them blush and be happy at the same time.

They learned a lot about you and because of you, they wanted to be better and stronger. You challenged them and made them want more from life.

You are extremely fun to be around and yet you’re super intelligent and no one feels threatened around you. People genuinely like you.

That’s why you’re so hard to get over. That’s why your ex misses you madly.

4. Cancer

People around you have the feeling they can be themselves. They don’t have the need to pretend they are different because you don’t judge anyone.

That’s what they miss about you. They miss being accepted with their flaws and their virtues. And finding a person like you is not an easy thing to do.

You are not a perfectionist but you also know when to say enough. You how to protect your feelings and you won’t let anyone walk all over you. But your kindness and the love you have for others is something exceptional.

You walked away from that relationship but you never tried to change your partner. It’s just that the person your partner was is not the type of person you want by your side.

Your behavior, your perception of love and relationships, and your acceptance is why it’s extremely hard to get over you.

5. Leo

A lot of people envy you of your confidence. A lot of people would kill to be like you, strong and indestructible.

And when your partner was by your side, he felt like you. He got to taste a bit of the power you have, a bit of the spotlight you’re in, and naturally, it’s very hard to give it all up.

You’ve taken away their insecurities and you’ve taken away their reason to believe in themselves. You taught them to think the best of themselves and try hard in whatever they do.

When you left, they felt like all of that was taken away from them. They felt lost and once again insecure, like before they met you.


6. Virgo

They can’t let you go because you showed them when you really want something and you work hard for it, you’ll get it.

You are the most hard-working and thorough person they’ve ever met. You leave nothing to chance and you want to have complete control over your life.

They know you have all kinds of plans, you’ve told them so. And truthfully, a Virgo doesn’t go anywhere without a plan.

Since your ex knows how competent you are at pretty much everything, they can’t get over you because they know you’ll make it at whatever you do. They are sorry they won’t be around to see that.

7. Libra

People don’t appreciate you from the start but you bring peace wherever you go. Only when they lose you do they realize they’ve been so stupid to let you go.

You make people feel safe around you, like you’re going to make sure that nothing goes wrong. You never panic and that’s what people need. They need someone who is calm and steady.

They will miss you when you’re gone because they don’t know how to respect you when they have you. You are a diamond in the rough. And whoever sees that is one lucky bastard.


8. Scorpio

They can’t get over you because without your wisdom, they are lost. You always had the answers to all the questions. And not just answers but great answers.

No matter how hard they try, they can’t find anyone better than you. They tasted heaven with you and it’s awful to get back down to earth.

Your advice about life and pretty much anything they asked was always on point. Your million dollar ideas were considerable and they are aware of what they’ve thrown away.

They have a hard time getting over you because they didn’t see how helpful and intelligent you were when you were together.

9. Sagittarius

You love attention. Wherever you go, you are the loudest but you’re not faking it. It’s who you are and you’re good at it. You’re always on the move and you never let anyone tell you what to do.

No one is able to hold you down or tie you to one place. Your nature doesn’t allow it. Even if the person you love asks you to do something that is not you, you won’t do it. You stay true to yourself.

The reason why they can’t get over you is because they miss all the thrills, they miss the fireworks and craziness when you come into the room. They miss your energy and your free spirit. Now, it’s all empty and dull around them.

10. Capricorn

They can’t get over you because you showed them that when you set your mind to something, you’ll do it.

You showed them that hard work pays off and dreams are never too big to accomplish. Everything you’ve worked for has come true and it has not been an easy ride. You’ve invested blood, sweat and tears into everything you’ve done but you know why you did it.

Now that you are no longer with them, they are lost. They don’t know what to fight for. You were the person who challenged and inspired them. Without you, they are at ground zero again.

11. Aquarius

They can’t get over you because you were the only person who gave them chance after chance. You have a lot of patience and you never hold a grudge.

You never resented them for anything because you were aware of the fact that we all have flaws and no one is perfect. You’re that intelligent that you understand it and you’re perfectly reasonable about it.

You were there for them at the worst of times. You helped them pick themselves up when they fell and now that you’re gone, they have no one left to help them out. They are left at the mercy of themselves.


12. Pisces

They can’t get over you because you took a deeper look inside their soul. You’re anything but superficial and that’s one of the best qualities you have.

They miss you because there is no one out there to listen to them. You wanted to know everything about them to be able to understand what went around inside their mind, how they thought and what they felt.

You were nothing but sincere with them for their own benefit. You cherished them for who they were and you never tried to change them.

They can’t get over you because they miss having a person in their life who truly understands what they are made of.


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