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These Are The 21 Amazing Signs He’s Ready To Propose

Do you have a sneaking suspicion your significant other has marriage on his mind? Lots of little signs are starting to add up, and you are beginning to think he may actually be planning to get down on one knee and propose. The idea is exciting, or maybe surprising, but if you are in love and hope it is indeed true, pay closer attention to his actions and words and try to figure out if he is really ready to take your relationship to the next level.

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Maybe you have been together for years or perhaps your romance has been a short and sweet whirlwind, but either way, when a man is ready for marriage, it’s a big deal. The notion of spending his life with only one woman can be daunting for a dude, but when a fella knows he has finally found “the one,” the idea of having a “one and only” is the one and only thing he wants and needs.

Here are 20 telltale signs your man is moving towards marriage. Some are subtle and others are more substantial, so tune into his behaviors and you’ll be able to tell if you are about to become a bride.

He’s Been Acting Super Secretive


If your man acting like the cat who swallowed a mouse, he may be secretly plotting the perfect proposal. If he spends way too much time making whispering phone calls behind closed doors, it’s because he doesn’t want you to find out what he’s up to. Don’t jump to conclusions that he’s doing something sinister; give your guy the benefit of the doubt that he’s making sure his plans go off without a hitch. Don’t snoop or eavesdrop, just let him do his thing and you may wind up with a ring.

20He’s Been Talking To Your Parents


If your man doesn’t usually talk much to your parents and suddenly becomes super friendly and totally fine around them, he’s probably trying to get on their good side. Your guy may take it as far as going golfing with your dad or taking your mother to church on Sunday. These things are certainly nice gestures, but consider the possibility that he’s testing the waters to see if they think he’s the right guy for you. Call it old-fashioned, but even today, many men ask for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage from her pop or both parents.


19If Your Mom Starts Avoiding You

If he’s planning on proposing, there’s a good chance he’s already told your mom about and she’s doing everything in her power to keep his secret from you. The last thing she wants to do is lie to you, but she also doesn’t want to ruin the biggest surprise of your life, so if she’s ghosting you or gives you lame excuses as to why you can’t even pass by to say hello, then she might be trying to avoid spilling the beans before the big moment. So pay attention and give your mom a break. This is harder for her than it is for you.

18He Goes Gaga Over Babies

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes, well, you know how it goes. Along with your man’s plan to propose, he’s thinking about the big picture too. If he is ready to spend the rest of his life with you, he is likely thinking about one day having a family as well.

If he never much cared for babies and now he’s in full daddy mode whenever he sees a little drooling goober, get ready for the next step in your relationship.

He’ll go from newlywed to setting up the nursery in no time.


17He’s Been Saving More Money Than Usual

Your man may be good with money, but if you notice that lately he has been pinching every penny, it could be due to his desire to save up for a special piece of jewelry — an engagement ring. These days, women are sporting sizeable diamonds on their fingers, so he doesn’t want to disappoint you with a puny proposal. Don’t ask him why he has been clipping coupons or eating ramen seven nights a week, just keep your manicure chip-free for the day he slips that shiny band on your ring finger.

16He Talks About The Future

For a guy who lives in the moment, the fact that your fella is suddenly talking about the future can be jolting. You may be taken by surprise that your man is making grand plans, but this is all part of his path toward asking you to be his wife. Sit down and discuss his hopes and dreams, fears and concerns.

If you two can come to terms with how you see your lives going, he will feel even more secure in the idea of marriage.

It’s good that he is being smart and sorting things out before jumping into such a major commitment. Evidently, a drive-by Vegas wedding won’t be in the cards.


15He’s Been Paying Attention To Your Accessories

When a man is ready to purchase an engagement ring, he wants to be sure he will pick out one his girlfriend will think is gorgeous. So, if you spy him sifting through your jewelry box or he starts asking you about your favorite gemstone shape, this is a relatively clear sign that he’s ready to go shopping. Be clear with your answers so you don’t wind up looking down at something you’re disappointed with. He wants to make you happy, so play along. Before you know it, your accessory collection may expand by another ring.

14He Has Been Working Extra Long Hours

You may feel lonely when your man works overtime, but be happy that he’s putting in the time for a good reason. He’s not trying to avoid spending time with you — just the opposite. He’s logging long hours now so he can have more flexibility for the future. He’s going to need extra dough to drop on that diamond, and the wedding itself will cost a fortune. Not to mention the honeymoon, his tux, and all the rest of the wedding-related expenses. Appreciate your man’s motivation and the extra money. Marriage may be all about love, but a nice wedding costs a wad.


13He’s Become Overly Sentimental

Is your normally macho man suddenly a sap? Does he cry at Hallmark commercials and thinks everything you do is simply spectacular? He may have marriage on his mind, so anything and everything is making him overly emotional to the point it’s almost concerning. Before you suggest he see a shrink, take into account that he may just be so in love with you that it’s oozing out his every pore. A passionate mate is something to cherish, so grab him a Kleenex and give him a kiss on the cheek. He won’t be such a softie once the honeymoon phase phases out.

12He Talks About His Parents’ Long Marriage

You think it is so nice that your man’s parents have been married for over 30 years. It’s heartwarming to know that some marriages really do make it, unlike so many Hollywood hookups that last two years at best. But your guy never much brought up their decades-long romance, until now.

He can’t stop gushing over the fact that his parents are still together after all these years, still in love, and going strong.

He may be wishing the same for his future with you. “Till death do us part” is still a thing, you know.

11He’s Been Working Out More Than Usual

For a former couch potato, your man has surely been spending a load of time at the gym recently. Sure, you’ve commented on his beer belly and how his pants have, over time, become more like “skinny jeans,” but he knows you’ve been joking and love his doughy body just as it is. But he feels like he needs to step up his game if he’s going to be a groom. He doesn’t want to bust out of his tux or roll down the aisle. So, he’s been working out like a beast so he’ll be in fine form when he’s ready to put a ring on it. Hey, maybe you should consider a bridal boot camp, too.

10He’s More Overprotective Than Usual

Your man is always making sure you’re safe and feel secure, but lately, his overprotective nature has gone overboard. He treats you like a delicate flower, never leaving your side in fear that something bad will happen to you. At first you thought it was a gentlemanly gesture, but now it has become too much to bear. Before you tell him to take a hike, think about what may be on his agenda. He’s getting ready to call you his wife, and he can’t live without you. He wants to be sure nothing ruins your relationship or harms you in any way. Soon, you’ll both find a balance and he hopefully won’t become a “helicopter” husband.


9He Is Being Unusually Romantic

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All ladies want a man who’s a master in the romance department, but not every guy has game. Imagine your surprise when your man becomes an instant “Mr. Wonderful,” showering you with flowers, gifts, and boxes of chocolates. Before, his idea of romance was putting his dish in the sink. Now, he’s waking you with breakfast in bed and leaving rose petals in your bath water.

He’s crazy about you and is crafting a plan to propose.

Milk this new version of your man for all it’s worth. Because in a couple of years, this level of romance is sure to level off.

8He Wants To Double Date with Your Married Friends

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Imagine never having to deal with his silent treatment again. (Which is just really code for “I’m angry but don’t want to talk about it”.)

When you know how to read him and know what he’s thinking and feeling, unpleasant situations like the silent treatment will be a thing of the past.

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There was a time when all your boyfriend wanted to go was go out with the guys. But these days, he’s asking you to call up your married friends for dinners out and double dates. He’s moving into married man territory, so he’s got to ditch his single friends who are always scoping out the ladies during happy hour and after hours.

He is trying to be more mature and show you that he can be as committed as your married friends are.

Plan a double date and don’t question his motives. His single buddies can survive without him buying them a round of beers.


7He’s Going Overboard


Another bouquet? You’ve run out of vases and your allergies are acting up. While it’s nice that your man wants to shower you with countless carnations and too many tulips, your place is starting to look more like the front lawn than the living room. He’s only trying to be extra-attentive and show you he loves you, but all that pollen is becoming a problem. Tell him you appreciate the gesture, but he needs to cut it down to no more than a flower every Friday. He’s planning to propose, so these special stems are leading up to something a lot shinier. While the flowers will die, your diamond will last forever.

6He’s Been Making Private Phone Calls

Why is your guy always yapping on his phone? He used to hate it when you’d be gabbing with your girlfriends 24/7, but now he’s the one who can’t hang up. He is taking calls at all hours, texting under the table, and constantly charging his phone so it won’t run out of juice. No, he’s not betraying you. He’s planning his proposal, and there’s a lot he needs to get in order. With all the calls he’s been on, expect an over-the-top display of affection. This one could go viral.


5He Posts Pics of You On His Social Media Accounts

Your man was never one for over-sharing on social media, but nowadays, he can’t stop sharing pics of his pretty princess on Facebook, Insta, and the rest of the social sites. He captions his many pics with loving notes about how lucky he is to have a woman like you in his life. He can’t wait till the pics get “likes” and affirmative comments from his buddies.

He thinks you’re beautiful and wants to share his thoughts about his future wife with the world.

Before long, he’ll be changing his social media status too. So long, “single!”

4He’s Strangely Smiley

What’s with that perma-smirk? Your guy can’t stop grinning (often goofily) and you’re beginning to wonder if he’s on something. But that sincere smile has nothing to do with an altered state, he’s simply happy because he wants to be your hubby.

He is more than ready to propose and the thought of putting a ring on your finger sends tingles up his spine.

His genuine grin means that he’s over-the-moon in love with you, something that ought to put a smile on your face too. Before long, your cheeks will start to hurt.


3He Jokingly Refers To You As His “Wife” (But He’s Not Kidding)

Lots of boyfriends joke around and call their girlfriend their “wife.” When they’ve been together for a long time, it can come to feeling that way. But if your man only recently began the switch, he may be preparing you (and himself) for a shift in the system. He is planning to ask you to be his bride, so he needs to get used to the idea of calling you his wife. Laugh it off if you must, but once that ring goes on your finger, the term “girlfriend” will be gone for good.

2He Always Wants Reassurance That You Love Him

Your man never used to be so needy, but recently he can’t stop pestering you about the state of your relationship. He constantly asks you if you love him – something that started out as sweet but is starting to leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Don’t get frustrated with his insecurities, just assure him that he’s the best and you love him now more than ever.

This will give him the go-ahead that he can finally pop the question. He has been worried for weeks, but your proof of devotion will drive him to finally do it. Congrats!

1He Suddenly Doesn’t Mind Watching Shows Like “Say Yes To The Dress” With You

Until now, it has been a struggle to get your guy to watch TV with you. You love tuning in to bridal-themed shows like Say Yes to the Dress, but your man couldn’t manage to make it till the first commercial break without having a breakdown. But suddenly, he’s right there on the sofa next to you, commenting on the gowns and all the glitz and glam that goes with them.

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He discusses the styles and shapes and wonders what kind of wedding dress you’d want to walk down the aisle in. You may be in shock that he’s gone from watching sports to suggesting you binge-watch all-things-wedding, but he’s got marriage on the brain and he can’t concentrate on anything else.


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