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These 5 Zodiac Signs Get Our Heads Spinning With Their Sassiness


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When it comes to sassiness, everyone has some but certain zodiac signs send the sassiness-meter into overdrive. Sassiness is about speaking your mind and being witty and confident in all circumstances. 5 Zodiac signs rise above the rest and take the sassiness crowns; are you one of them? How sassy is your zodiac sign? We reveal our top 5 members of the sass squad here. Does your horoscope sign make our top 5?

No two zodiac signs are alike and each one has different strengths and zodiac weaknesses as well as attitudes. Having a fierce attitude is a common feat these 5 sassy zodiac signs share and most of them are incredibly proud of it! Being sassy doesn’t mean you are disrespectful but rather that you are confident in yourself and have a fiesty attitude.


The zodiac signs with the most sass are Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Scorpio and here’s why.


5 Sassy zodiac signs: Don’t mess with them!

1) Aries personality

Aries is the leader of the sassy squad, which comes as no surprise because after all, Aries is a great leader. Aries people love running the show and their confidence really is one of their most remarkable traits. Naturally Aries loves being the center of attention and having a good time. The sassiness often goes into overdrive and it can at times get messy!

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2) Gemini personality

When it comes to working the sassiness, Gemini people definitely come through. Gemini’s sassy behavior comes out most when they don’t get their own way and when this happens, sparks fly! Gemini is a naturally emotional zodiac sign and often lets feelings build up and explode. Sassiness and sensitivity make for one explosive mixture!

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3) Leo personality

Leo is the regal and majestic lion of the zodiac which explains why they are so insatiably sassy. Leo people are used to getting what they want and won’t accept anything less. Being a little over the top and exuberant is totally characteristic of the Leo personality. If Leo doesn’t get what they want, you may want to run and head for shelter ASAP!

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4) Sagittarius personality

Sagittarius is a fun-loving and adventurous zodiac sign who doesn’t take life too seriously. Whilst Sagittarius appears carefree and quirky, they have another more blunt side to their personalities that doesn’t sit well with everyone. First impressions can be misleading, Sagittarius really knows how to get sassy and always adds a touch of humor to their scenes too!

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5) Scorpio personality

Although Scorpio may not like being called sassy because Scorpios love their individuality, the truth is they are completely sassy! Scorpio is very out spoken with their opinions and is very emotive. Their passionate streak only causes their sassiness to multiply.

Are you compatible in love with any of these sassy zodiac signs? Your horoscope compatibilityreveals all about your happily ever after! If you are curious about 2019, check out your horoscope 2019and Numerology 2019. 2019 is set to be a good one for each of the zodiac signs!

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