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Love and relationships can be extra challenging for certain zodiac signs. Knowing whether or not you should make the first move also adds additional panic to the mix. Making the first move can be tough. Knowing how to express your feelings without freaking the person out is always a complete conundrum. We’ve ranked the zodiac signs from the most to least likely to make that all important first move!

Reading signals and opting to make the first move when dating is completely daunting for certain zodiac signs. Let’s be honest, know no ever wants to fall flat on their face in love and feel rejected, but putting feelings out there is essential for love success. How does your zodiac sign feel about making the first move? Are you comfortable?


Zodiac ranking: Which zodiac signs make the first move?

From intense flirting, gentle caresses and even am outright ‘I’m into you’, there are hundreds of approaches to making the first move. Check out our zodiac sign ranking from the most likely to most unlikely horoscope signs to go in for the amorous kill. Which star signs are at ease with revealing how they feel and which zodiac signs always stay in the friend zone?









12) Capricorn

Capricorn is most unlikely to make the first move

The Capricorn personality will never make the first move even if they are deeply in love! Shy Capricorn fear rejection and hates the idea of being seen as vulnerable and exposed. If you are dating a Capricorn, if you want things to go anywhere, you’ll have to step

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