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The Love Of A Lifetime Usually Comes After The Mistake Of A Lifetime.

The love of a lifetime usually comes after the mistake of a lifetime. Then when you’re ready! But what if this is the best thing that could happen to you? You might never have left a toxic relationship if you hadn’t been pushed out of it.

Sometimes we become so stubborn, so insistent in holding on to what we think is love, that it only ends up hurting us.

Maybe there was no other way. It was the push you needed to move away from something that wasn’t meant for you. Perhaps you needed to be broken so that your puzzles could be put together—just in a different way.

Perhaps you needed to find yourself first for the right person to find you. And your failures are an opportunity to learn; so that you can learn what love shouldn’t be.

Love is always two. Love shouldn’t ask. The one who wants to be in your life will find both the time and the opportunity to be there.

Love shouldn’t be cold. You should be warm, regardless of the time of year. You should never miss hugs and kisses.

Love should not be deaf to your problems. You should always have someone who will be there for you, who will at least listen, even if they cannot help. You shouldn’t feel alone in a relationship.

Love shouldn’t be torture. It shouldn’t make you cry more than it makes you smile. Love cannot live in violence. You will feel that you belong to another person, but at the same time, you are free. Free to be yourself.

Be grateful for the mistake of your life. She prepared you for what is yet to come. It prepared you for real life. She prepared you for the love of your life.

Your mistake will teach you to recognize your man when he comes. And you will recognize him – there is no doubt about it. You will feel the inner peace you have been looking for for so long because you will finally be with someone who cares about you as much as you care about them.

The rapport and chemistry that will arise between you will be magnetic.

She will pull you closer and closer to each other. It will be easy to make plans and spend time together because he will want to see you as much as you do.

You will be reciprocated and you will feel it. At the same time, this love will pacify you.

She will make you feel safe. You will feel that you have finally found your home, and you will not have any doubts about it. For the first time in your life, you will be confident.

All this will happen thanks to the mistake of your life. Because of your mistake, you took the pieces of your heart and put them back together in your unique style that will attract the love of your life to you.


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