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The Creepiest Thing About You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

  We all have a little weirdness inside us. We’re not talking about the cute weird quirks you have, like insisting your food not touch one another or having your clothes arranged by color. No, we’re talking about the creepy weird stuff about us, the parts of our personalities and minds that we don’t want anyone to find out – ever. It’s the dark secrets inside us and the distasteful thoughts we can’t stop from running through our brains. Everyone’s a little weird and maybe everyone’s a little crazy, but how do you explain it when, most of the time, you’re pretty normal? Looking at your zodiac could help you figure out why you are the way you are or why you think the way you do. At the very least, it gives you something to blame your weird behavior on! Are you a sign who enjoys stalking people, even though you know it’s creepy? Or are you a member of the zodiac who can’t help but imagine the grisly deaths of those around you – and how you might be the one to carry them out? Blame it on the stars, blame it on the zodiac, but these are the creepiest things about you according to your sign.  


You love to live your life, but in your creepier moments, you can’t help but think about death. In fact, you’re pretty much obsessed with it. You want to know when it’ll happen, how it’ll happen, where it’ll happen. You don’t focus so much on the deaths of those around you, but you do spend an inordinate amount of time imagining how easy it would be for you to die. On your way to work or school, you’re struck by how simple it would be to step in front of a moving vehicle, or how quickly it would all be over if you happened to jerk your wheel while on a drive and head into oncoming traffic. It’s a dark, morbid curiosity that you don’t quite understand, but it seems to creep into your head. A stubborn sign, you have no real suicidal desires or tendencies, which is why most of your death daydreams involve someone else being the culprit as opposed to dying by your own hand, but yeah, it’s still creepy.  


The Taurus is a sign that prefers the comforts of home, which is perfect for indulging your creepy habit: stalking. You have an intense sense of loyalty and feel immense betrayal if someone goes behind your back or does you wrong. You like to keep tabs on your enemies and those you once called friends (or lovers). So you check up on them regularly on social media. Because of your snooping, you know where your ex-boyfriend from three years ago last went on vacation, even though you haven’t spoken to him since your split. You often find yourself falling down the rabbit hole of Instagram, perusing all aspects of a person’s life even if you don’t know them. Your stalking behavior knows no bounds. You’ll follow people who are complete strangers as often as you’ll follow exes. Sometimes, you’re tempted to – and maybe even follow through on – “accidentally” show up where you know they’ll be so you can spy in person.


The sign of the twins gets a reputation for being two-faced, but the really creepy thing about you is that you’re a liar – and a good one, too! You’ve been lying for as long as you can remember, and sometimes there’s no good reason for it. You’ll lie about your weekend plans to sound more interesting, you’ll lie about having a fight with your SO to get more sympathy and affection, and you’ll lie about what you really think of someone in order to protect yourself. Your lies come in all shapes and sizes, and you’ve gotten so prolific in your lying that sometimes you don’t even know what the truth is anymore. Other times, you try to invent grand, impossible stories, just to see if people will believe you. Lying keeps things interesting for you and gives you social clues, which means more opportunity to talk to people. And you almost always get away with it.  


Cancers are one of the more sentimental signs who take their emotions pretty seriously. Because of that trait, you can quickly become majorly obsessive. When it comes to relationships, you’re SO becomes your entire world, and you will go to bat for them for everything, even if they were in the wrong. You have always felt like you were one half of a whole, rather than a whole person in your own right, and the fear of losing someone makes you act irrationally. Just as you love hard, you hate even harder. If a lover crosses you or betrays your trust by cheating on you or informing you that YOU were the other woman, you will stop at nothing to make them feel the same pain you do. You will use your obsessive knowledge of them to make their life hell, and feel no remorse afterwards because they were just getting what they deserved.


You like to have all eyes on you, and your thirst to be in the spotlight doesn’t stop once you die. A Leo like you often finds herself imagining her funeral, because it makes you feel important and adored. You like the satisfaction the ceremony gives you over other people and their feelings, so you fantasize about every morbid detail. Who will be there, who will speak, who will cry the loudest, and who will give the most moving speech? What will the flowers be like? The food? Your casket? Will there be a wake? You’ll probably insist on a lavishly catered event that is still somber, so that everyone can truly understand the gravity of your death and the fact that your light is now lost to the world. The idea of planning your funeral appeals to you because it lets you indulge your love of partying and luxury (even though you won’t be there), all while fulfilling your desire to be adored. Morbid, sure, but it’s your last chance to be the center of attention!


The Virgo girl gets a rep for being a boring, practical sign obsessed with neatness and order, which may be why your creepy side comes out in your fantasies. Inside your own head, things are anything but neat and tidy, and instead you find yourself imagining bizarre scenarios that become sexual in nature – and horrify you in turn. Instead of realizing that your fantasies are totally normal, you’re appalled at how descriptive, violent, and downright disturbing they are. You don’t even like putting them into words. You’re so ashamed of them.
But you’re more ashamed that they kind of turn you on. Even if you don’t find them sexually appealing, you can’t help but be titillated by some of your stranger fantasies, which you find yourself cuddling up to late at night. It grosses you out and you try to push those nasty thoughts down, but you can’t help but think about your inner creep from time to time.  


Libra is a sign that is considered to be peaceful and fair, with a sense of justice. You also discover inspiration in books and research, which is why you often find yourself searching the strangest, most horrifying articles on your laptop or watching some pretty violent imagery on Netflix. You can’t help but be fascinated by what goes on in the minds of the most disturbed people in history, and you fall into a spiral trying to figure out what makes them tick. Your Internet history looks worrisome to those who don’t know you, and you know that if the government ever got ahold of it, they’d send some special agents to check you out ASAP. But you can’t help yourself! You want to dig deep into the grittiest parts of humanity, and feel a sick interest in reading all the details of some of the most grisly crimes. You rationalize your habit by explaining that knowing the bad guys better will help you rescue the good ones, but it’s still pretty creepy.Featured Today  


You’re a sign that can be secretive and mysterious, and maybe that’s partly because the creepiest thing about you is that you can’t help toxic thoughts from popping into your head. When you’re holding a small animal, thoughts flash through your mind of how easy it would be to strangle it to death. Or when you see a child playing away from their parents in the park, you consider how simple it would be to kidnap the boy or girl. Of course, you would never do these things, and would never act out your most violent thoughts… But you can’t help but think about them. Even though you don’t want them there, even though you try to clear your mind, these nasty and creepy ideas find their way in and implant themselves in your brain, flashing a series of gross images at you. You repeat again and again that you would never do those things, that those things disturb you to. However, the creepy thoughts still linger.  


Sagittarius girls usually have the travel bug bad, and you often embrace your freedom by flitting from one place to another. You hate to be tied down, which means it might be harder for you to develop deep and meaningful relationships. So you sometimes find yourself without feelings, just completely numb. For example, you could inform a person about the death of a loved one, acknowledge their sadness, and feel only emptiness within yourself. It’s pretty sociopathic when you think about it, but sometimes you can’t help but not feel certain things because they’re too complex or emotional to deal with. Emotions make you uncomfortable, so you try to ignore them or shut them out and focus on the lighter, more fun parts of life. It can make you seem creepy and cold, but before anyone can probe too deeply into your behavior, you’re already off on another jet-setting adventure.


You’re a planner who likes to approach everything with a meticulous mind. You’re also a bit of a social climber, due to your strong ambitious streak. Those two traits together have made imagine on more than a few occasions how you would kill the people you know. Of course, you have no intention of doing your family and friends harm since you love them very much. Nevertheless, you imagine how you’d do it and get away with it. You like the idea of escaping scot-free because it proves how intelligent you really are. If some of those people’s deaths could help you get ahead, then the idea is even more appealing to you! You’re too self-preserving and ambitious to actually go through with anything (plus, obviously, loving those people you imagine offing), but you think of it as a mental exercise, a way to solve a mystery as the one who committed the crime. Doesn’t make it any less creepy, though.  


As an Aquarius woman, you’re a deep thinker and intellectual. You also enjoy helping others even if expressing your own emotions can be difficult for you. With that said, you do use those traits in a creepy way: by imagining what you would say at the funeral of a family member or friend. You’re not like a Leo who craves the spotlight, but there’s something appealing to you about showing off your creativity in giving the eulogy at a loved one’s funeral. It’s disturbing and weird, but you look at it as a way to help people in the first stages of grief. Imagining a eulogy allows you to remove yourself from the situation enough to be able to give a speech that expresses your emotion for you. This way, you don’t have to break down in front of everyone since that makes you uncomfortable. It’s not that you want these people to die, it’s that you think giving the speech would be your only way of dealing with it.  


Pisces is a compassionate sign. Pisces tend to give themselves to others in a generous way, despite the fact that they’re terrified of being hurt. That fearless generosity spills over into your weird fantasies, where you have a bit of a hero complex. You imagine yourself in terrifying scenarios that test your dedication to others. You imagine what it would be like to stand up to a killer during a school or office shooting, or how you would save the day on a hijacked plane. It’s pretty creepy that such thoughts invade your mind daily, especially when you could satisfy your need to be a hero in real life in smaller ways. But your brain refuses to stop giving you various disturbing scenarios. You keep your mouth shut about the whole thing, however, because you don’t want people to think that you’d plan such an ordeal in order to satisfy your curiosity as to whether or not you would be the hero at the end of the day.  


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