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12 Turn Offs For Guys According To Your Zodiac Sign

  Women are always trying to find out what guys like and don’t like. Whether you just like him or you’re actually dating him, you want to find out what are his turn-ons and turn-offs. Well, we just made it easier for you to come get a gist of what they really want. We rounded up all your weaknesses based on your Zodiac sign and determined which traits may be turn-offs for guys. We also included the signs you’re not compatible with and you should definitely not go for based on your weaknesses. However, on the bright side, some of those turn-offs might be compatible with other signs, so don’t get all discouraged when you find out what your weaker parts are. We all want that compatible relationship, so there’s plenty of fish in the sea. Going back to those turn-offs, though, they can include everything from your emotional side to your sexual side. So for this article, we’re going to jot down the traits that would possibly turn him off and make you chase him away. But don’t worry because as I said before, you might be going after the wrong guy based on your sign’s strengths and weaknesses. Without further ado, here’s a list of unattractive characteristics based on your zodiac sign:.

Taurus – Stubborn

Taureans are very trustworthy but they can be really stubborn when it comes to conversation and confrontations. You know how much guys make fun of how it’s so hard to talk to a girl because she always thinks she’s right and doesn’t see where he stands? Well, Taurus better be mindful of this trait because conversations can easily burst into heated arguments. They don’t like to be rushed and they like to take their time when making up their minds. So the last thing a Taurus wants is someone who is impatient and also just as stubborn, like an Aries or an Aquarius. What the Taurus needs is someone who is open minded and takes their time. If you happen to be a person that falls under the Taurus Sign, then you’d be happy in a working relationship with a Cancer because of their passionate side or a Virgo because they are patient.  

Aries – Selfish

Obviously, no one likes selfish people in general. However, women usually get the boot for always thinking about themselves and being selfish. And Aries are notoriously known for being self-centered. It’s kind of hard to name anyone who wants someone who is selfish, but the best compatible signs for you, if you’re an Aries, is a Gemini because both signs like trying new things. Another compatible sign is Libra, because you’ll feel loved and want to become better. So even though you’re self-centered, there is a possibility for someone to be right for you, especially when you base it on the good traits of an Aries. However, you need to watch out for that selfish side of yours. When you catch yourself only thinking or talking about yourself, tone it down for your partner. Like I said before, no one likes someone selfish.

Gemini – Emotionless

As for being restless, Geminis like adventure and are always on the go. They have no time to relax and take life easy. Some people like their significant other to be up and running, but the down side of being a Gemini is there’s also a lack of emotional stability. Because you tend to be assertive, quick, and lively, you have no time to be emotional. You prefer to have your space and the time for yourself. The signs you definitely shouldn’t go for because of your weaknesses are Taurus, Cancer, and Scorpio. They will just find your emotionlessness such a turn-off, especially when they usually like something stable and long-term, which consists of a good emotional partner. Geminis need someone who is just as adventurous as they are, such as a Libra (because they are also social) and Sagittarius (because of their free spirited way of living). The best thing to do is to learn to express your emotions as best as you can, otherwise, it’s always going to be a turn-off for some guys.  

Cancer – Moody

Cancer is overall a great partner to have, but there’s one thing that guys will just not deal with and we all know it’s true. Cancers are known to be moody and sensitive. Guys have been open about not being fans of this trait in the past. Being moody can ultimately turn off a guy because he can’t handle the constant ups and downs. They can’t even handle a regular conversation, so when their partner is moody, they becomes speechless. Because Cancer requires a really loving relationship, they can sometimes get a little out of hand when they’re not getting nurtured. If you happen to fall under this sign, then you know how it feels to be ignored and neglected. Your Debbie down attitude won’t change until you receive the sincere apology you’re looking for. The worst signs you can go for (because your moodiness will turn them off) are Aries, Libra, and Sagittarius.

Leo – Demanding

Although Leos carry great traits, such as reliability and dignity, they can also become really demanding because they know what they want. Guys hate it when a girl is so demanding and doesn’t leave room for him to make a decision. Not only are they demanding, but they can also be over-protective of their relationship. In other words, Leos like to be in control. We know guys are not a fan of controlling girlfriends. So as a result, it’s best to stay away from the signs of a Taurus and Aquarius. Leos will their ego deflated which is a big no-no for them. Instead, it’s better to date the signs of a Cancer because Leos can adjust to their moodiness or even another Leo because of their enthusiasm. However, make sure to tone down the demanding side if you’re a Leo because it can be a turn-off for everyone in general to always want to be in control of everything.  

Virgo – Critical

No one likes to feel like they can’t be themselves in a relationship. The best thing is to be happy with yourself around the person you love the most. So if you’re a Virgo, being super critical can possibly make you chase away the right one for you. You can be quick to judge and sometimes, you don’t even know it yourself. It’s just a part of your personality. Virgos should go for Capricorns as they are both hardworking on the positive side. But on the negative side, you’d be lucky to find someone who is open to be judged by you. With that being said, it’s definitely impossible to get along with a Pisces because of their really emotional side. They will come out and express everything to you when they’re feeling belittled by you. So stay away from the emotional ones. Keep a lookout for Geminis, as well, because they are good communicators and will be able to confront you about getting hurt without lashing out and blowing it into a big argument  

Libra – Manipulative

It’s hard to be in a relationship with a Libra because of their high standards and most of all, because of their suspicious ways. Although they are charming and stay loyal, Libras are known to be aggressive and manipulative, which can turn against them. They tend to want to make things work for them when nothing is going their way. So it’s best to find someone who is open but at the same time stand their ground. The worst type of partner you can be with as a Libra is someone who is weak and easy to walk all over. So try to find yourself a Virgo as you cope well with their criticisms and in fact love their bluntness. In the end, stay away from Cancers because their moodiness and your indecisiveness will lead to confrontations. Libras also hate being tied down whereas Cancers loves stability and clarity.   

Scorpio – Jealous

The ultimate turn-off for any guy is unfortunately the most present trait in a Scorpio. Jealousy is your biggest weakness. You take your time to decide if you really want to be with this person because you want to feel secured and loved by them. If they don’t make you feel like you’re special and the only one for them, you get suspicious, and as a result, you get jealous. Scorpios will jump to conclusions and begin to think something is up. The whole world knows how guys hate it with a passion when girls assume things that aren’t true. To make things as peaceful as possible, don’t think about dating an Aries since you’re both indecisive and will eventually clash. It’s also best if you stay away from a Gemini as they embrace their freedom and you want them all to yourself. Cancers are also not a good match for you because your protectiveness makes them insecure. As a Scorpio, try to find yourself another Scorpio because you both will be over-protective of each other, creating a trusting bond.

Sagittarius – Restless

Sagittarius tend to be restless and like to try new things, but sometimes these characteristics can get overwhelming for the other party. People with this sign don’t like being stable or consistent and rather have a spontaneous journey with their partner than a regular relationship. If you are a Sagittarius, don’t try going after a Taurus since they love their traditional relationships. It’ll be a turn off for a Taurus guy to find himself with someone who doesn’t want to settle down with him. As a Sagittarius, you live for the moment and sometimes too much. It can create a big problem financially when it comes to saving for the future. Leos are your go-to partners because they are just as free and extroverted as you are. There won’t be any jealousy going around because you both share the same personality traits of being outgoing and meeting new people. If you want to continue to explore, find someone who’s on the same page.  

Capricorn – Aloof

One of the most undesired traits in relationships is being emotionless and aloof. Capricorn’s biggest weakness is that they are aloof. There are no gestures or body language coming out of Capricorn, and it can be really irritating for someone who’s emotional. Although you’re really appreciative, you don’t exactly show it, which can create some tension for your significant other. Taurus is a good match for you since you appreciate traditions and the steadiness of this sign. But don’t think about dating an Aquarius since they’re more on the free-spirited side as opposed to you. You like it when things are organized and clear. There’s no room for questioning. But that’s why it’s important to work on that aloofness in order to express your feelings of disappointment. It only makes sense for you to go for someone who’s just like you, so with that being said, you’ll be good to go with another Capricorn.

Aquarius – Careless

Sometimes, things can go wrong because as an Aquarius, you just don’t have time to care for things. You like to do stuff spontaneously, which not everyone is a fan of. It can easily turn off a guy when he’s getting mixed signals and doesn’t know where he stands. He will start feeling resentment for you and your careless attitude. You can be really passionate, though, despite being more on the extroverted side. With that being said, you can’t be with someone like a Taurus or a Cancer since they like things clear-cut. You need to be with someone who is just as free and careless as you are, such as a Libra or Sagittarius. Finding another Aquarius is also considered to be a good match because of common interests and being able to understand. So if you find yourself not getting along with your partner, it’s probably because you want your freedom to do whatever you want while they are more of a committed type of person.  

 Pisces – Confusing

Pisces are known to be sensitive and spiritual, but they can often be confusing to the other person. It’s hard to warm up to you because you tend to change your personality often. But it’s not your fault, that’s just how you were made. You are pretty much emotionally complex and very hard to understand. Guys can be clueless and can miss a lot of obvious things. So if you’re not easy to read, guys will no doubt have a hard time interpreting who you are as person, and the relationship will just be unproductive for the both of you. However, what makes him want to stay is your strength as a great lover. It’s best to not date an Aries (because of their aggressiveness) and an Aquarius (because of their love of freedom). Pisces is best matched with someone under the signs of a Taurus, Cancer, or of course the same sign as them.


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