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Solo Or Taken How Every Zodiac Sign Is Affected By Capricorn Season

Entering the winter season, everything seems like it’s slowly changing for the better. Similarly, the universe is shifting in a whole new direction as Capricorn season begins. It seems like the stars are finally aligning for each sign in one way or another. While it might not be a direct positive impact, the positive might be just around the corner.

In order to start off Capricorn season, it’s only right to give each sign their horoscope for the month. Everyone needs a little inspiration to keep them motivated and ready to welcome in new energy. This is especially perfect for everyone who’s feeling like the end of their 2018 just not going as planned. With the new year just around the corner, it’s totally time for a change.

Whether a star sign is solo looking for love or happily taken, things are about to change big time. Each astro sign is about to see their lives flip upside down as things begin to shift in a new direction.

Keep in mind that even though the universe is about to pull everyone’s astro energy in a certain direction, the individual still has all the power. If people are actually willing to make some huge changes, they’re going to have to put in the work to actually make it happen.

Get ready for a new chapter to begin!


24 Pisces Solo: Everything Is About To Get So Much More Fun

You’re been solo for what seems like forever and are more than ready to jump back into the swing of things. Everything is about to get a million times more fun as you finally hit it off with someone new.

While we can’t tell you whether this person is ‘the one’, they’ll definitely offer a good time!

Stop trying to overanalyze the situation and instead live in the moment. Try new things and be curious about life like you once were. There is no point in stressing over the future of your relationship when you and your new fling could live life in the present. Experience everything that life has to offer and try something new. We promise that you’ll have a blast once you let yourself get wild and live a little.

23 Pisces Taken: Past Truths Will Air

They say that the truth will finally set you free, and that might be the case this Capricorn season. There has been some high tension between you and your boo, and some overripe laundry is about to air out. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions as you try to figure out the next best step going forward in your relationship.

Not everything is going to make sense immediately. It’s time to break out some major communication between you and your lover to work things out. If you think that this person is for you, then put in the work to fix whatever issues are about to come up. If you instead don’t have the energy to deal with all of this, consider if this relationship is even worth it.

22 Aquarius Solo: Get Ready To Try Something New

Capricorn season is all about trying something new that scares you. With 2019 just around the corner, it’s time to finally face our fears in order to start the new year off with a bang.

This is exactly what everyone needs to finally feel alive and happy. 

A special someone is going to be more than attracted to your fearless behavior. While you might feel like you’re initially putting up a facade, we promise this is exactly what you need to do. There is no point in stressing over the past when you can start looking towards the future. If you feel like this person is the right one, feel free to fall head over heels in love!

21 Aquarius Taken: Is Their Heart In It?

You’re about to be hit with an array of emotions as you try to figure out whether your partner’s heart is truly in it or not. While this might be the last thing that you want to hear, we thought we should let you know what to expect.

It’s been pretty clear that for the last couple of months your partner hasn’t seemed to be putting in as much effort as usual. Even though you’ve been willing to let this slide, you won’t be able too for much longer. Get ready for a few difficult talks that are inevitably on their way this season. However, we must warn you that the last thing you want to do is make any rash decisions. Instead, take some time and talk it all out with your lover. You never know what’s really going on!

20 Leo Solo: The Heart Can Only Handle So Much

You’ve been more than stressed this past year that you can hardly handle it anymore. That’s why it’s only right that you take some time for yourself to figure everything out.

The right guy will eventually come along once you finally enter back into reality. 

The last thing you want is to start up another relationship when you’re not emotionally stable. Instead, you have to take some time and heal yourself and your heart. Only then will you finally be able to show someone your true self. Take the holidays to relax and digest everything that you’ve been through. We predict that you will finally have some much-needed realizations about what you’re doing and where you’re going. Breathe: everything will work out!

19 Leo Taken: Enjoy It While It Lasts

It seems like the Libra energy is all over the place this Capricorn season, making it difficult to pinpoint what exactly to expect. That’s why the best advice that we can give you and your partner is to simply enjoy everything you have going on.

While you might think that this person is the one for you, it might not always be the case. That’s why we recommend that you simply spend as much time together appreciating everything you have going. There is no point in stressing over the future when you can live happily in the present. We promise that if you waste your time thinking about what’s to come, there’s a chance you can ruin what you already have as you ignore it.

18 Libra Solo: True Love Is On Its Way

You should be thrilled to hear that true love is on its way! You won’t have to keep stressing over finding Prince Charming as he’s just around the corner. It’s time that you ditch all of your stresses holding you back, as everything is about to work out the way it’s supposed to.

Everything that you’ve desired will finally be more than attainable. 

It’s time that you understand that life is simply timing. Soon, you’re going to find yourself at the right place at the right time meeting the love of your life. However, this would have never happened if you didn’t focus on overcoming all of the obstacles that were standing in your way. We’re more than happy that you’ll finally get to fall for that special someone.

17 Libra Taken: Tensions Are High

You’re about to undergo some serious issues this Capricorn season as you and your partner finally begin to start figuring out your problems. You knew this day was coming and it’s about to explode right in front of your eyes. However, this doesn’t mean that your relationship is going to fall apart.

If you and your lover built a strong relationship on a foundation of love and support, then we’re sure you can get through this. If instead you’ve been taking the easy way out and putting on a front that everything is okay, get ready for that to crumble. Capricorn season is about to put your relationship to the test to see if you have what it takes to move forward to the next stage, or not.

16 Cancer Solo: Let The Universe Take Charge

It’s time to let go, and instead, let the universe take charge of what’s going on. You’ve been through chaos and are completely lost in life. At this point, all you can do is keep your mental state intact without going insane over your crazy year.

See where the world takes you when you stop stressing over everything going on. 

Focus on bettering yourself, and everything will eventually work out the way it’s supposed to. While we don’t see a new romantic prospect entering the picture any time soon, trust us when we say it’s for the best. What you really need is to spend some time alone figuring things out. If there are any loose ends that must be tied up, it’s time to do that.

15 Cancer Taken: Ignore Anything Holding Your Back

You’ve been playing it safe for way too long. It’s time to finally make some power moves and switch things up in your relationship. Capricorn season is about to throw you some major confidence as you finally feel ready to tell your boo how you really feel.

Forget about anything that might be holding you back, and instead, make it known how you really feel. The last thing that you want is to keep being in a relationship where you don’t feel like your authentic self. While the truth might shock your partner at first, it’s critical to make things known. You’ll relationship will be able to adapt to a new shift if you two truly love each other!

14 Aries Solo: Past Lovers Might Stop By

While you might be a little frightened to hear this, we think it might be for the best. Some past lovers might stop by to see if there is any chance on rekindling an old flame.

If you’re not willing to start up something new with someone old, then don’t!

Often times, there is a reason why this person is in your past. However, if you still have some strong feelings for this person, maybe it’s time to give it one last shot. You have to understand that there is no way the universe is going to give you someone new if you still haven’t gotten over someone old. Put all your past troubles in order, and only then will you find yourself happier than ever!

13 Aries Taken: Take The Next Step

You and your partner have been flying high for the last couple of months! That’s why it’s only right that you finally take the next step in your relationship and make some serious power moves. If your relationship has what it takes to withstand change, this is exactly what you need to make things a little better.

This might be going on vacation together, introducing each other to any outstanding family, or maybe even moving in together. Whether it’s big or small, Capricorn season is the perfect time to put things to the test and see where your relationship stands. If you think you can constantly stay in this honeymoon stage, think again. We promise that you’ll end up with so many answers once you put a little pressure on your relationship.

12 Capricorn Solo: Live A Little

Your internal energy is seeking some excitement this season as you let go of anything holding you back, and instead dive into something new. If there is anything that you’ve been dying to do lately, nows the time to do so!

Step out of your comfort zone to grow into the person you’re meant to become.

While it might be a little intimidating at first to finally do all the things that scare you, we promise it’ll be liberating. Sometimes the only person holding us back in life is ourselves. While it’s a tough thing to acknowledge, it’s critical in taking a hold of your life. Remember that the only thing to fear in life is fear itself. Get out into the world and we promise your energy will attract endless romantic partners seeking someone as alive as you!

11 Capricorn Taken: Everything Might Just Crumble Down

While this might be the last thing you want to hear, it’s something you should be well prepared for. Capricorn season might just make everything crumble down immediately. If you haven’t been putting in the necessary work in your relationship, all of these cracks are about to be shown.

Don’t stress out! This is simply the universe’s way of forcing you to deal with your issues rather than ignore what’s going on. Even though the last thing that you want to do is bring up the past with your lover, you might have to do so. If you instead think that ignoring issues is the key to withholding your relationship, you’re so wrong. Get ready to put in the necessary work and time to figure out these loose ends.

10 Virgo Solo: You’ll Finally Feel Love Again

Even though it’s kinda crazy to hear that you’ll once again find yourself in a romantic relationship, you know it’s time. There’s no point in waiting around to see if your heart truly heals.

Sometimes the only way to fully get over someone is to find yourself head over heels for someone new. 

Only then will you understand that the old person totally wasn’t what you needed in your life. We can’t guarantee that you’ll live happily ever after with this new someone, however, we can promise it’s exactly what you need right now. Open your heart up to the new possibility of love, we promise you won’t regret it!

Virgo Taken: Work On Issues Causing Tension

While your relationship is overall going pretty well, it could still be better. The truth is there are a few outstanding issues that you and your partner haven’t come to terms with. The universe is ready to force you to work these issues out before they keep growing into a major conflict.

We totally understand that the last thing you want is to risk a fight when everything is going so well. However, it’s a necessary step in order to move forward. Once you figure out these issues causing tension, you and your partner can move past anything holding you back. If you instead find that your relationship is slowly starting to fall apart as you brought up this issue, then it seems like everything wasn’t exactly going as you thought things were.

Gemini Solo: Everything Will Change

If there is anyone who deserves something good to happen to them, it’s totally a Gemini. You’re more than willing to do whatever it takes for life to shift in a favorable direction.

You’re more than tired of the old and need something new and inspiring.

While we don’t see any romantic prospects around the corner, we do think you’ll still find love. However, this love will be with yourself. Take some time to truly come to terms with who you are, and who you want to be. Also, what you must do in order to become the best version of yourself. Once you fall for yourself, your energy will attract endless partners falling for you!

Gemini Taken: External Influences Are Seeping In

Even though a relationship is between two people, it seems like more people are getting involved this Capricorn season. You’re about to be bombarded with endless advice from your loved ones telling you what to do. While it might be intimidating, consider giving hearing out their input.

Sometimes in a relationship, we find ourselves blind to what’s going on. Instead, we need a fresh pair of eyes to figure out that major issues at hand. This is also a great opportunity to be able to talk your issues out with someone new, prior to bringing it up with your partner. While the person you should always be actually communicating with is your partner, consider giving other people a chance to weigh in.

Taurus Solo: Is It A Fling Or Romance?

While someone new is just about in the picture, the question that remains is whether it’s a fling or something real? Prepared to be endlessly puzzled as you try to figure out what’s going on.

Even though your friends might try to convince you that it’s nothing serious, what really matters is what you want out of this relationship.

Don’t ignore your genuine feelings for this person. If you’re hoping to find yourself dating this special someone, then go for it! Make some serious power moves and prove to this person that they’re the one for you. If it really is a fling, then take some time and figure out if your heart could handle this type of arrangement. Your heart might be seeking the real deal instead of a temporary relationship.

Taurus Taken: Enjoy The Honeymoon Stage

While most of the taken astro signs are stressing out this Capricorn season as their relationships are put to the test, you and your lover are actually doing great. There is nothing in your way holding you back as you enjoy the honeymoon stage of your relationship.

Sadly, things won’t always be as fun and exciting as they are at the beginning of a relationship. Since you have no huge issues to deal with, you might as well enjoy everything you and your partner have built. Live in the present and have more fun than ever imaginable. Capricorn season is not the time to create tension and cause a fight. Instead, be grateful for what you have and throw a couple romantic gestures your partner’s way.

Scorpio Solo: Big Decisions Are On Their Way

You’re about to find yourself in a puzzling situation that seems out of this world. Let’s hope that you know what it is you actually want as it’s going to be critical in terms of figuring out this situation.

While we can’t exactly tell you what the problem will be, we can give you some advice. 

Follow your heart. There is no point in trying to convince yourself of anything other than what you truly feel. Do whatever is best for you, and no-one else. Only then will you be happy with whatever your decision may be. Life is short, so there is no point in putting yourself in an unhappy situation. Follow your heart and everything will work out the way it’s supposed to!

Scorpio Taken: Analyze The Situation

Get ready for a few minor red flags to pop up this Capricorn season. The universe is about to put you to the test to see if you can spot any cracks in your relationship that will enviably grow and cause everything to fall apart.

Since the Scorpio energy is calm this season, it’s the best time to deal with some issues. We promise that no major fights are about to break out as long as you and your partner stay calm, cool, and collected on the matter. Even though you might not feel like being problematic and bringing these issues up, it’s absolutely critical to do so. Simply take the time this season to get over any minor bumps to strengthen your relationship exponentially.

Sagittarius Solo: Live Out Your Desires

Stop stressing about finding love and instead start following your dreams. The last thing you want is to look back at your life and realize that you settled because you weren’t happy with where your life was going.

You’ll eventually meet your dream lover, so stop searching for him! 

Instead, focus on yourself and he will eventually come. Spend all of your time figuring out what it is that you truly desire. No dreams are too difficult to reach if you’re actually willing to put in the work to make them a reality. We’re positive that you have exactly what it takes to achieve all of your dreams. Only then will the right person come along. You have so much to do that the last thing you should be worrying about is settling down with someone new.

Sagittarius Taken: Don’t Be Scared To Try Something New

You and your partner have been more in love than ever, making it the perfect time to try something new in your relationship. Put your love to the test and introduce something new. This might be anything from a new hobby to traveling to a fun place.

Capricorn season is the time to take risks since the Sagittarius energy is stronger than ever. The universe is willing to protect your relationship this season as you make some serious power moves. While it might be intimidating at first to do so, it will only better things with you and your lover. Get ready to have a little fun this season as you dive into a whole new relationship with your partner!



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