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Ranked How Problematic Each Zodiac Sign Is In A Relationship

We might all like to think we’re seasoned pros at relationships, however, that’s probably not the case. We all have some excess baggage that we carry into new relationships, whether we like to admit it or not. While we might like to pretend that we’re not the problematic one in a relationship, others beg to differ.

Each sign has an internal fire pushes their words and actions in a certain direction. That’s why even though the last thing that we might want is to come off problematic, it’s simply out of our control. Instead, we might find ourselves saying some pretty questionable things in order to get a rise out of someone. Don’t sweat it, it might be in your nature to stir up a little trouble here and there.

That’s why we decided to call up our astrology experts and rank the least to most problematic signs when it comes to love. We’re positive that this will make everything a little clearer as we figure out how problematic we are. While we might not exactly like our placement on the list, we’re positive everything will completely make sense when we re-access your past relationships.

We’ll also make sure to throw in a couple of tips for the more problematic astro signs on our list. Just because we might have a burning desire to stir up some trouble, doesn’t mean that we can’t change our ways!


24 Virgo Woman: The Least Problematic Of Them All

Congrats on ranking as the least problematic astro sign of them all! While this might come as no surprise, it’s still pretty nice to hear that you’re the last person looking to stir up some trouble.

Instead, it seems like your boyfriends are way more problematic than you. 

You’re constantly calm, cool, and collected when it comes to love. You don’t feel threatened by other people entering the picture as you know that any relationship you’ve built is strong. We adore the positive spirit that keeps you from wanting to stir up any problems. Most of all, your lovers adore you for this!

23 Virgo Man: There Is No Point In Complaining

Even if things aren’t going as you’ve hoped they would, there is no point in complaining about it. Instead, simply taking things out might be the best call. The last thing that you’re about to do is start a problem out of something small.

Similar to your female Virgo counterpart, you’re the least problematic astro sign of them all. The last thing you wants is for a conflict to arise and cause for you and your partner to fight. You know that it’s much better to simply talk things through instead of blowing it out of proportion. Luckily for you, this chill energy is sure to attract an astro sign with a similar vibe.

22 Gemini Woman: All That Matters Is Love

You’re not about to stir up any issues in a relationship when you don’t have to. If everything is going well, it’s best to simply keep things going that way!

That’s why when it comes to love, you’re one of the least problematic people ever.

You know how to pick your battles wisely. Unless it’s something that has to be addressed ASAP, you’re not about to annoy your partner about it. Instead of bringing up every tiny issue, you make sure to only focus on the big ones. This has kept all of your relationships from crumbling. Keep up this chill attitude and you’ll find yourself happier than ever when it comes to love!

21 Gemini Man: Communication Is Key

As a Taurus, you strongly believe that your words are the key to solving any issues. Don’t get us wrong, you’re not about to keep your emotions to yourself if you aren’t happy. However, you’re not about to create a problem out of a situation that you and your partner could simply talk through instead.

Communication is the key to making any relationship work. Instead of complaining or throwing the blame on your partner, you’re more than willing to talk things out. This is one of your best assets when it comes to love. If there is anything keeping your relationships afloat, it’s totally this skill!

20 Taurus Woman: There Is No Point In Fighting

The last thing you’re about to do is start a fight with your man. If everything is going great, why ruin it? Unless the issue is something huge, you’re more than willing to let it slide.

As long as everything is awesome in your relationship, there is no point in getting in the way of that. 

You understand that a lot of people stir up trouble when it comes to love if they’re not happy. You often find yourself head over heels obsessed for your lover that you have no desire to do that whatsoever. You haven’t been one to start trouble, and you don’t plan on it any time soon!

19 Taurus Man: Problems Are The Last Thing Anyone Wants

As a Taurus, the last thing that you want is to start a problem out of something that isn’t that serious. Issues will always come and go, so there is no point stressing over them. Instead, talk to your partner about what is going on as it’s the key to making things work.

You don’t need any advice whatsoever as you know what to do when it comes to a problem arising. Discussing how you feel and getting your partner’s input is so much better than trying to create an issue. While you might’ve been a little more problematic back in the day, you’re so much more mature now when it comes to love.

18 Scorpio Woman: Honesty Will Get Everyone Through It

While you might have a tad of problematic behavior in you, you’re overall a pretty chill person. You’re not about to start a problem with your lover when you can simply talk it through.

You strongly believe that honesty is the best policy and you couldn’t be more right.

Endless relationships forget that communication is key to keeping things alive. You, on the other hand, know that in order for conflict to not arise, you and your partner must be completely on the same page. Your honesty is the key to not being seen as problematic.

17 Scorpio Man: There Are Bigger Issues To Deal With

As a Scorpio, your mind is constantly juggling a million things at once. That’s why the last thing that you have time for is starting a problem out of nothing. You have way more serious issues to deal with rather than something small and insignificant.

Unless there is something totally stressing you out, you’re not going to bring it up. Minor problems eventually will eventually pass so there is no point in worrying about it. If they don’t, then it’s time to bring it up with your partner. Keep up this perspective as it’s the backbone to keeping your relationships strong and intact.

16 Sagittarius Woman: Why Be Problematic?

While you might at times come off as a little problematic, that’s the last thing you want. You’re actually incredibly understanding when it comes to conflict and aren’t about to blow it out of proportion.

The truth of the matter is why be in a relationship if you’re going to be problematic. 

You more than anyone understand that problematic people simply aren’t happy with how things are going in a relationship. If you’re more than obsessed with your partner, you’ll have no reason to complain. However, you sometimes find yourself getting under your man’s skin when things are falling apart.

15 Sagittarius Man: Relationships Are Always Work

Even though relationships are always hard work, you prefer to look to the future. There is no point in stressing out over things that aren’t in your control. You’re not the type of person to start problems out of tiny insignificant things.

However, your chill vibe seems to attract completely opposite people. You’ve definitely found yourself in a few relationships with signs that were way more problematic than yours. In this case, you’ve found that relationships could be major work. Even though you’re pretty down to earth and not problematic, you’re still guaranteed to find yourself in hot water from your partners.

14 Pisces Woman: Last Thing Anyone Wants Are Conflicts

The last thing you want is to start relationship issues between you and your boo. However, if it’s the only way to get things done, so be it. You’re not about to sit around waiting for your lover to come around and realize what they’ve done.

Instead, you’re not scared to tell your man what’s on your mind and what they’re doing wrong.

While so many people are terrified to speak their mind when it comes to love, you’re ready to be heard. While the last thing you want is a problem, you’re not scared to be a little problematic when you have to be. We love your attitude and advise not to change it whatsoever!

13 Pisces Man: Deal With It Or Don’t

You’re not scared to tell your partner how you truly feel and expect the same. While you’re not trying to be problematic, it seems to be coming off this way. Instead, you simply focus on telling the truth and expressing how you feel.

Since communication is one of the most important aspects of any relationship, we completely understand where you’re coming from. There is no point in stressing over things when you can express how you feel on the matter. Even though this might stir up some conflicts, you view it as a necessary step to figuring out issues.

12 Aquarius Woman: Other People Seems To Always Get Involved

The last thing that you want to come across as is problematic. That totally isn’t what’s going on, even though it’s the vibe you’re giving off.

You’ve found that people just seem to be getting involved in your business, and you’re not okay with it. 

You’re willing to put your foot down when the people around you are crossing the line. Even though this might make you come off as problematic, that totally isn’t the case. Instead, you’re simply doing your thing and making sure that no-one gets involved in your love life. We’re sure your partner will understand that your protective behavior sometimes just gets in the way.

11 Aquarius Man: A Few Issues Are Guaranteed

As an Aquarius, it’s pretty natural for you to be a little problematic from time to time. When things aren’t going your way you often aren’t scared to make it known that you aren’t happy. This totally stresses your partner out and uprises some serious issues.

While this isn’t what you want to hear, it’s the truth. It’s time that you reconsider if bringing up all of these problems is really worth it. We have a feeling that your lovers aren’t exactly able to handle all of this conflict. They need a rock to depend on, rather than someone constantly looking for a bone to pick.

10 Libra Woman: Not Surprised To Hear This

Let’s just say, you’re kinda problematic. While you don’t mean to do it on purpose, it just seems to happen. You’re so used to being the center of attention that when you aren’t, you’re not scared to find a way to get the spotlight back on you.

If your partner thinks they can ignore you even for a second, think again.

You’re ready to put your boo back in his place if he’s acting unusual. Even though this makes you come off as problematic, you’re not even worried about it. If things aren’t going your way, you’ll always figure out how to switch things up. Keep on fighting for what you want and not settling for anything less than you deserve.

Libra Man: Things Are About To Get Crazy

You’ve seen your problematic side uprise some serious issues in the past, but get ready for it to get 100 times worse. If you keep bringing up endless conflicts and issues, they’re about to explode your relationship into pieces.

While your partner may have been willing to put up with your problematic side, it won’t be like this forever. Instead, consider if it’s time for you to keep some of your emotions to yourself, rather them yelling them for the whole world to see. We have a feeling that your relationship simply doesn’t have what it takes to deal with any more issues. Unless you want things to fall apart, it’s time to be a little more understanding.

Leo Woman: Maybe They Simply Aren’t The One

You’re completely confused as to why you’re ranking close to the bottom of our list. The absolute last thing that you want to come off as is problematic, especially when it comes to your love life.

Often times, people are extra problematic when they aren’t happy with what’s going on. 

We have a feeling that you weren’t that thrilled in your old or current relationships, pushing you to act out a little. Whether you’re single or still dating someone, it’s time to re- assess if your behavior was based on the person rather than the situation. It’s totally fine to put yourself first, even when it comes to love.

Leo Man: A Disconnect With Oneself Is The Real Issue

The real issue isn’t you being problematic in relationships, it’s all your internal conflicts. You’re not actually mad regarding these situations, instead, you’re simply not happy. Often times it’s not with the person you’re dating, but rather yourself.

You have to take some time and figure out exactly what it is you want. We promise that uprising issues in your relationship won’t make you feel any better. It’s time that you also consider if you’re simply dating the wrong person. They may not be offering what it is you need exactly. While this might not be what you want to hear, you need to come to some serious realizations.

Cancer Woman: Jealously Isn’t Pretty

You’ve been known to stir up a problem or two when things weren’t going your way. However, the key reason that you might be coming off as majorly problematic is based on jealousy.

The last thing you’re about to let slide is another person entering the picture. 

However, there is a difference between being jealous for legit reasons, and others not as much. Let’s just say that jealousy isn’t pretty. There’s no reason that you should be stirring up conflicts just because your jealous of another female in your lover’s life. While you might argue that it shows that you care, your partner may think differently.

Cancer Man: Inevitable Conflict

It seems like at this point you’ll always find a way to stir up a fight. It’s as if you enjoy it as you’re able to see to what length your partner will go to declare their love for you. While it might bring some short-term happiness, it’s going to eventually ruin everything that you’ve worked for.

Take it from us, it’s time to leave the issues behind. Instead of bickering over every little thing that you might come across, you’ll have to move past thing. Instead, take some time to come to terms with what’s really going on and what you want. The last thing your partner deserves is someone looking to get something out of a conflict other than a resolution.

Aries Woman: It’s Simply In Her Nature

You’re not about to apologize for being problematic as it’s simply in your nature. You’ll always find a way to stir up some issues, whether it’s justified or not.

If your man isn’t willing to put up with your behavior, you’ll simply find someone else who will. 

The truth is you’re not scared to get what you want. Even if that means causing some major conflict in order to get your way. You’re so used to the cards falling in your favor that you expect your love life to as well. While we don’t exactly agree with these actions, it seems to be working out in your favor.

Aries Man: The Past Seems To Follow

It seems as if every relationship you find yourself in, you’re able to constantly start problems. It’s as if you’re carrying a negative energy with your from one lover to another. You’re not even surprised to hear this as you’ve been holding onto these bad vibes for what seems like forever.

It’s time that you figure out what it is holding you back. There is no reason that you should be starting conflicts in relationships. You’re simply not happy and it’s time to make a change. Even though it’s immensely scary, it’s something you have to do. Ditch your old ways and work on coming to terms with the past and anything holding you back.

Capricorn Woman: Always Looking To Start An Issues

If anything is less than perfect, you’re not about to let it slide. Instead, you’re ready to tell the world exactly how you feel. Your lovers are so used to your problematic behavior that it’s basically part of your personality.

If there is anyone who could find something to complain about, it’s totally you.

While you might’ve gotten away with it in your past relationships, it’s time to spot. We have a feeling that the next person you’ll meet is Mr.Right, and we won’t be willing to put up with your behavior. It’s time to leave your old self behind and work on becoming a little more understanding. While you should totally strive for what you deserve, don’t start up conflicts just for the fun of it!

Capricorn Man: They Might Want To Run Away While They Still Can

We’re kidding! Well, kind of. While we don’t actually recommend that your lover runs away, we’re not surprised if they did. You are the most problematic astro sign of them all as you’ll always find a way to turn any small issue into a complete tornado.

Your lovers are so over your behavior and aren’t willing to deal with it any longer. That’s why it’s critical that you change your ways before everything you’ve once loved falls apart. Also, take some time to figure out why exactly you adore stirring up trouble. While it might be partly your internal energy naturally causing chaos, we have a feeling it’s something much stronger, that you haven’t come to terms with.



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