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25 Signs He’s A Total Stage 5 Clinger & She Should Run For The Hills

Remember Eddie in Friends who was a total creep and Chandler’s roommate for a short amount of time? Well, if you have a man like him on your hands, we suggest you ditch him ASAP.

While some of us have troubles getting a text back from a man, others have a man who just texts way TOO much ― and we all know how annoying that could be. Did you swipe right? Did he slide into your DMs? And have you not met yet and he acts way too into you? You may just have a stage 5 clinger on your hands. You may even be dating this person, and if you are, and it is the beginning, we’re going to point you to all the signs.

Usually the stage 5 clinger just cannot catch a hint; he will keep on messaging you despite your best efforts at ignoring him or letting him know that you’re not interested. And, if you’re dating a stage 5 clinger, he will repeatedly look for reassurance that they’re important to you ― and who wants to always have to tell a person they love them every minute of everyday?

The problem here, is that we do not always recognize these clingers from the start, especially those we start dating. If this guy is coo-coo for you, though, at some point, you will see it, and it will be the worst dating experience ever, so we highly suggest you cut the chord. How to tell when to make a run for it? Discover the tell-tale signs below. Also, watching Netflix’s You, will help you figure out the signs.

25He Can’t Get His Eyes Off You

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Have you watched You? If so, this sign may seem familiar.

You’re out at a bar with the girls for drinks, or out at a restaurant with work friends, and the guy who gives you 50 Instagram notifications “coincidentally” happens to be there. Now, is this guy lurking from across the bar? ― he literally cannot take his eyes off you as if he is a detective, we smell a creepy clinger. Why is he wasting his time just staring at you instead of enjoying his night?

24You Start Getting Those Requests

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If Facebook existed at the that time Friends did, Eddie without a doubt would do this next one.

So, you have gone on just one date with this guy, and he starts sending out friend requests to your besties and your family? Oh no no, run away while you can. Or, better yet (clingier yet), his family and friends start sending you requests and messages. That may be sweet and normal when you are a dating a guy, but certainly not after one date. Just do not go with it for your sake.


23He Insists On Knowing Where You Are

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Clinginess is the most unattractive quality in the world, especially in the beginning when you’re getting to know someone. Another sign you need to dip out fast, is if he insists on always checking up on you ― like that type of guy that would meet you once and want you on Find Friends on his iPhone.

A real clinger, after just one date, will always want to find out where you are by asking you what you are doing and who you are with. If you’re in a long-term relationship, and he always questions you, that is also a stage 5 clinger red flag.

22He Wants A Title

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If it is your SO that is a clinger, you’ll end up feeling anxious, and if you’re not even dating yet, we have a whole other problem on our hands. Another sign you may want to skip out of town, is if he is pushing for a title ― like after just one date.

Do we even need to tell you that that is way too much? You don’t even know the guy and he is asking you what you two are already ― you have got quite the weirdo clinger Eddie on your hands.


21He Gets Fired Up

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None of us want to be ignored, especially by the guy we have a crush. However, what if you’re “ignoring” the guy who is way too into you? Does that make it right?

You may not have the same eagerness he does if he is a clinger, which is normal. What is not normal is if you do not answer the guy and he literally goes bonkers ― he has a legit melt down and lets you know about it. If he feels entitled to your time after day 1, and gets angry if you do not respond, cut the line.

20The Texting Is Like Constant Fireworks

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Talking about texting, as adults we’re all busy; not everyone has the time to be on their phone all day texting, except the stage 5 clinger of course. So, what happens? Your phone goes off all the time, you feel constant vibration in your pockets, and so you casually take time to answer during your lunch break. When you finally do, he blasts you with neediness ― rapid fire neediness. That is not cool and is not normal behaviour after a date or three, especially if you’re not on the same page.


19He Pushes To See You

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Just play it cool guys ― no lady wants a desperate man.

However, if you come across that guy who is extremely desperate after the first date, do not hold the line. What will he do? He’ll be pushing for a second date to no end; he won’t even accept you saying no. Does he not have a life and a busy schedule? He probably does but he is obsessed with you already so, you know what we’re going to say. This guy has a fear of you saying no, but also won’t accept it.

18He Goes Where You Go

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Do you just see this guy creeping in wherever you are? Sounds like Gossip Girl50 Shades and You, but the reality is, IRL, this does occur. Whether it is a guy you just met, or one that you just started a relationship with, if he is showing up to a place you’re at without an actual invite, don’t just scratch your head and think about it.

Just because you told him where you are, it does not mean it is an open invite, remember that. If he is just showing up, on more than one occasion, it is not cute, and he is not just “surprising” you.


17He Is An Instigator

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Nothing in life is easy, but it could be ― some just like to complicate things. Prime example would be that guy who picks fights with a chick that he just started talking to ―and the relationship did not start yet ― odd.

If you just started dating or are just casually talking and he is starting beef with you for no absolute reason, it is a sign that he is a needy fellow.

The next-level clinger will argue with you if it means getting your unsolicited attention. Is that normal? No. Should you drop him like a pin? Yes.

16He Is Way Too Romantic

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You finished your first date, and the next day, he is outside your window throwing rocks and singing a song for you?

Only the movies romanticize such gestures, because IRL it would be awkwardly weird.

These over the top gestures that happen early on, like after the first date or a couple, are a sign that he is the king of stage 5 clingers. If he wants to buy you off, by buying you lavish gifts constantly, don’t fall for it, even if it is a gorgeous handbag.


15He Stalks Your Social Media


Social media is huge nowadays. We all share our lives on these platforms ― we share what we’re doing, where we are, post vacation pictures and let people in on our personal lives ― kind of weird, but it is what it is.

Now, you went on a date with a guy, or you just started seeing a guy, and he is the first one to like all your posts and dashing photos, he is the first to comment, and he also blasts you with 70 Instagram notifications because he starts liking all your photos from the beginning. He is pretty much hounding you on your social media like an awkward clinger.

14He Doesn’t Like When You’re With Friends

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No man should make you feel guilty for doing you; for having a girls night out, or loafing home with the family or for doing work. If he does, because he is selfish and wants you all to himself, you got a stage 5 clinger on your hands ― or a grenade like the guys from Jersey Shore would say.

After three dates, not man should push your limits by making you feel guilty that you’re with your friends and not him. It is not the end of the world, but if he acts like it is, tell him arrivederci!


13He Acts Like A Copycat

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The stage 5 clinger will do just about anything to show you that you two are meant to be and to show you that you’re his missing puzzle piece. Sadly, with our phones and social media, it becomes quite the easy task for a needy man to fulfill.

We’re talking about that guy that is always sending you over useless Snapchats of his food, or time at the gym ― and trust us, he is probably only sending you those to match what you do. If you’re eating a salad, he’ll make sure you know that he is munching on one too, especially with the caption “I’m having a salad too!”

12He Doesn’t Like Your Besties

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Is he the type of guy that questions your squad and insults your friends? It is the first date and he needs to know every intimate detail about your besties?

Even if he is your boyfriend, if he is clingy, you’ll notice that he will not be too fond of your girls, because, well, he wants you all for himself. This is in no way standard conduct or sane, so make sure you make it besties before fellas because this guy probably won’t turn it down a couple notches.


11He Sends Questionable Pictures

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Ladies remember that there is a difference between a man being clingy and a man who puts effort. Like, sending you X-rated pictures is not a man putting effort ― just in case you weren’t aware.

This screams thirst and desperation unfortunately. If you’re not answering his texts, he’ll probably try to send you those unwanted photos to get you to react. But no, that is not what you want, you certainly do not want those unimpressive pictures. If he needs to go to that extent to keep you interested, tell him “next.”

10He Devotes All Of His Time To You

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We all want that good guy, the Prince Charming, but often end up skipping out because we get enticed by the bad guy. However, not every sweet gesture or personality trait a guy has necessarily means he is grade A.

You may find it sweet at first if he is always accommodating to you, but as time goes on, if he’s always at your beck and call, do not get it confused, he is needy. If every time he is willing to come see you, or you ask him for favours, and he always replies yes like he has nothing else to do, he’s already hooked up on you big time.

9He Talks About Marriage, A Lot

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So, you went out to shake it on the dance floor one night, a guy approached you, you exchanged numbers (because why not), you went on a date, or four, and he is already making comments about marrying you.

Though you may be flattered, do not be too naive, only a stage 5 clinger will talk about “your” future together so early on. In his mind, you two are already an item, even thought you’re not, which shows complete desperation on his end. He does not even know you yet, so think twice.

8Your Face Is On His Phone

via Us Weekly

You’re on the third date together, and he proudly takes out his phone to show the picture or pictures he saved of you on his camera roll ― you may want to get running FAST.

He is exhibiting unrealistic behaviour, and it is totally creepy. Even if you just started dating or seeing each other, and he has a bunch of photos of you, only you, you should immediately notice that something is up. And if anyone asked you how he is, you’d have to answer: clingy, clingy and clingy.


7He’s Tries To Reach You In Every Way Possible

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He goes through extreme lengths to reach you; if it was the 1990s, he’d be that guy who looked for your home number in the phonebook.

Sadly, in today’s day and age, with social media, there are many ways to reach out to a person besides texting, like Facebook Messenger, e-mail, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram ― oh, and calling.

So, you did not answer his last couple texts, and suddenly, your phone gets bombarded with messages from him on numerous platforms, and he even calls your work. Unless it is an emergency, run forest, run.

6He Leaves Stuff With You

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Maybe on your third date, you decided to invite him to your place, which is cool. However, what is not cool is him purposely and “accidentally” leaving something of his at your place, or just plain out leaving stuff at your place.

In the stage 5 clinger’s mind, you two are already going to date or are dating, so he thinks it’s alright to leave stuff there, but what if you don’t want to see him again?

The other worse clingy case scenario: he intentionally leaves things there to see you again.


5He Needs To Always Be With You

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No one wants a clingy mess ― NO ONE ― you heard that ladies? Clingy does not look good on any man, and it could be quite the disaster. Basically, you feel like his mother.

Now that you have gone on two dates, or just started dating, he shows you that without you he is lost. He is no longer his own person because he has made you his life and wants to constantly be cheek-to-cheek with you. You must hold his hand and drag him wherever you go ― we don’t need a man that is a child #sorrynotsorry.

4He Does Not Trust You

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If you miss a call from a stage 5 clinger, this is exactly how it will go: he will start imagining numerous scenarios of you canoodling with another man. And let us also add, whenever he gets a hold of you, he does not keep calm and shows off his anxiety. Why such behaviour? Because a man who is needy always has the idea in the back of his mind that you’d drop him, which, let’s be honest, you probably should. Save yourself before he keeps losing it on you for the missed calls since he has #notrust.


3He Doesn’t Really Have Any Friends

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You may think you got a sweet man at first, but beware of the ultimate clingy signs, like this one. Plain and simple, he has no friends, none ― well none that you know of.

Whether you went on one date or started a relationship with him, if his protocol is always being with you, and he shoos his friends aside, there is a problem. He needs to spend every hour of his life with you when he is not tending to his priorities like school or work. Dare to ask him about his friends, and if he ignores it, walk…away…slowly.

2He Interrupts When A Guy Flirts With You

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We tend to ignore some of the early signs of a stage 5 clinger, which is probably why we should have the Jersey Show guidos on speed dial. But since we don’t, we have a secret for you and want you to keep this one like its written on your forehead.

If you’re not dating this guy, but you end up going out with a bunch of friends for drinks at a restaurant or at a club, and another guy approaches you, watch how he reacts. Does he show up as quickly as a jaguar to fend for you? You know what you got on your fingertips.


1He Chills In Your Hood, All The Time

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You just had a second date with this guy, and the next thing you know, he is sending you Snapchats with the picture of YOUR neighbourhood, explicitly telling you that he is in your area. Cute, right? Not one bit, especially if you did not inform of your home’s whereabouts.

This may be a sweet gesture if you started dating, but if you just met him, and he knows where you live when you never gave him your address, run or move, or something.




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