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Signs Your Girlfriend Is Acting Bitchy According To Her Zodiac Sign

There are a lot of people out there that really appreciate astrology. Their Zodiac sign is very important to them and when they know which one is yours they can make conclusions about you as a person. On the other hand there are people who just sometimes read the horoscope from the newspaper and just like me, they trust it only when there are some good news in it. But the truth is there are some proven facts about every Zodiac sign. You can find out which sign is romantic, classy, intelligent or even bitchy. If you want to know whether your girlfriend is acting bitchy according to her Zodiac sign, keep reading – this is going to be a hot topic!


1. Aries – If your girlfriend is born in this sign you can be pretty sure that she is the one being dominant all the time. She will be a team leader even nobody asked her to do so. It is not easy to be team player for her because she is pretty independent and she handles things alone. She will act competitive, impulsive, arrogant and bitchy. The best thing you can do is let her alone. Giving her your opinion about something will just make things worse so mind your own business and let her handle every situation alone!


2. Taurus – This sign is afraid of change. If you tell your girlfriend she can wear skirts now and then instead of jeans all the time she will act bitchy because she got used to wear jeans and that is her routine – her holy grail. So don’t you dare to touch it if you don’t want to end up bad. Taurus girlfriend is a perfectionist so it won’t be easy to handle her. If something in relationship bothers you don’t say a word to her. She will act so up tied and she won’t talk to you anymore. You just need to realize that it is very difficult to change a person like this so don’t even try to do that.


3. Gemini – This Zodiac sign is very active. Gemini is all over the place. A girl born in this sign will be a little cutie from the neighborhood that is easy to talk to but if you say something wrong she will show her real face. It is not good to fight with her because she will totally ignore you and you will feel even worse. If your girlfriend is a Gemini try to fix things with her in nice way, without strong words. The catch is Gemini is very good person but if you say something they don’t like, they won’t hesitate to attack you. So you better watch out!

4. Cancer – If your girlfriend is born in this sign it means she is emotionally unstable. If you two fight she will act like a child because she will cry in one moment and hug you in another one. The most important thing with this kind of girl is that she will not act bitchy unless you really deserve that. Cancers are 100% marriage material so go ahead and put a ring on it!


5. Leo – A girl born in this Zodiac sign will act bitchy all the time, no matter if you are her friend or lover. They are egoistic and unsecure and that feeling makes them feel moody all the time. When having a fight with a Leo the best thing to calm the situation down is to give some compliments. But you should be careful about that as well because Leo won’t buy any compliment. It has to be something from the bottom of your heart and something you really mean.


6. Virgo – This Zodiac sign is known as practical and perfect. So don’t get angry if your Virgo girlfriend corrects your spelling on Facebook so your friends can see it. That’s the way they are and they will never change, no matter who enters your life. Virgo girls have really high standards so it won’t be an easy mission to win her over. If you do something wrong she will just leave and she won’t let you say a word. She never forgives betrayal and that is what makes her special among all Zodiac signs!


7. Libra – Libra girl is all about balance. Even you want to fight with her she won’t let that happen. She always acts like an adult, even sometimes she is just a teenager. Somehow she has the feeling that she needs to handle every single problem that happens in her life. It is impossible for a Libra to get mad so even you raise your voice Libra will be calm, cool and collected all the time.


8. Scorpio – If you have a girlfriend under this Zodiac sign, you better watch out because she is a crazy bitch. She will be selfish all the time not caring for your emotions. Her ego is a priority and everything else is an option. You should always be on a high alert when being with Scorpio because you never know when she is in the mood for a fight.


9. Sagittarius – A girl born in this sign is always hungry for an adventure. If she wants to go to a gas station that is 3 kilometers away in the middle of the night, just let her go. That’s the way she is and she hates when her partner tells her what to do. She is very good friend and lover but if she sees you are fooling around with another girl she will rip out your head.


10. Capricorn – If you have a girlfriend born in this Zodiac sign you can be very satisfied because she is an ideal person. She will never act bitchy to the ones she loves but it is not a good idea to be her enemy. She is positive but on the other hand she will figure it out when someone is fooling around. Even fighting with her pays off eventually because she is a mind blowing lover.


11. Aquarius – You don’t need to have problems with Aquarius because she will come up with some of them. She always has something to say about you and your lifestyle so it is not easy to maintain a relationship with her. Even you do impossible for her, it won’t be enough. In case you don’t love her, run as fast as you can because you will never be happy with her.


12. Pisces – The most important characteristic of Pisces is that they don’t live in reality at all. They have their own pink world where everything is perfect. They never act bitchy because, you know that is not polite. They are good partners but sometimes they are not down to earth. They will tell you not to meet them with new people because they don’t feel comfortable. The only thing that can piss them off is when they see that you don’t respect them!


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