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Scorpio New Moon & Gemini Full Moon: The Astrological Power Couple Of November

The New Moon will happen on the 7th this month, in the watery sign of Scorpio. This sign also indicates intensity, so we can have some intense, as well as passionate and unwavering energy when we, in fact, center it on a particular thing.

We can start something that attracts our attention and comes to the core of the matter, and gets under the surface of understanding, as well as finds some solutions. The sign does not settle for the things is in the exterior, as there is always something more than what comes in front of our eyes.

Also, this energy can be used in a positive way, if you narrow it in a productive way, and you can make some progress, as well as take the needed management of things and feel stronger because of that. All that can be of great help with the planet of love, Venus, going out of the retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, as she already moved in the sign of Libra.

You can also do better with the instability which probably came with the retrograde of Venus. You can obtain some insight, as well as clarity, and you can take some action.

Scorpio, which is a watery sign, is one of the transformations, so during this period, you can also set about some new developments, optimistically with knowledge which is obtained from your own experience, so you can keep going. Scorpio also rules with the money of others, so you can experience some financial developments too, especially with other states in the world, or in some ways which will affect numerous people.

The following New Moon is, in fact, trine – positive side, four signs distant – the planet Neptune in the sign of Pisces. It will help you a lot in being more sensitive, sweet and compassionate, as well as understanding, and this is the energy that you can use from Scorpio. Additionally, you will be full of creativity, artistic, spiritual and imaginative, as well as in accordance with some precise energy which surrounds you.

On the other hand, the Full Moon will occur on 23rd of November in Gemini, the air sign. Gemini is actually the mind sign and Full Moon periods are concentrated on emotions. Because of that, the Full Moon happening on the 23rd is going to connect the minds with hearts.

During this period, you can open yourself and tell what you have on mind or heart, as well as find some ways to express what you really feel. Also, you should recognize in a stronger way with words, yours and those of other people, and you can then sense all those emotions of a specific situation. You will have to be careful too when you choose the words you utilize since they look like they have a lot of power.


Cognitive energy could be stronger than ever, but it can also be covered with some other emotions, so you will need to obtain control over your mind. Mental exists will also be helpful in avoiding undesirable arguing, as well as misunderstanding.

Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is in retrograde during the Full Moon period, so communication problems, as well as emotions connected with your expressions and words can increase. You should identify with some plans, opinions or ideas of your own, so you have to listen carefully, and more than you think is necessary.

Keep your mind open, and do not insist on being right all of the time. The planet Mercury is going to oppose the extremity of this Full Moon on the 30th of November, so plans and intentions of yours during this period will also be affected by the retrograde, and can feel powerful as November comes to an end.

The Full Moon of November also opposes the planet Jupiter, which is freshly in the sign of Sagittarius and amplifies the expression or communication problems, as well as the absence of paying attention and also being excessively protective of your beliefs.


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