One-sentence Descriptions Of Deal-breakers In Relationships For Each Zodiac Sign

There is a little something that bothers each sign of the Zodiac.

Now, imagine your partner’s quirk (that little something) ruining your relationship because it’s too big of a deal for you to handle.

To prepare yourself for what you’re up against, check out each Zodiac sign and their deal-breakers (written in one sentence only) to save yourself from a relationship hell.

The deal-breaker is…



Being stuck in an endless routine.



Partners who don’t have confidence in them.



Acting like someone else in their presence.



Avoiding talking about feelings/emotions.



Feeling like they are pressuring you.



Avoiding admitting what is on your mind.



Preventing them from achieving their goals.



Not being there for them when they need you the most.



Boring relationship with no excitement.



Being with someone lazy.



Having monotonous/boring conversations.



Being in a relationship that stagnates.


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