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Maybe God Moved Your Heart Away From Him For A Reason

When you lost your ex, you saw it as a disaster and your worst nightmare.

All of your dreams and hopes were crushed, and you saw no way out of this misery that struck you out of nowhere.

This was the man you were looking to spend the rest of your life next to, and him betraying and abandoning you broke your heart in a million pieces, to say the least.

You were hurt, humiliated, and you all of your trust in men and people in general was gone overnight.

You were devastated and sure that this is the blow you’ll never be able to recover from and convinced that he succeeded in emotionally damaging you beyond repair.

After this man left, you thought you’d miss him forever, that you’d never move on with your life, and that he was your only chance for happily ever after.

And each one of these emotions you experienced is perfectly normal.

After all, you’re just a human being, and it would be weird if losing someone you thought was the love of your life left you completely indifferent.


However, the worst part is that you had to figure out how to keep on living without someone you considered to be your other half and your soulmate.

You had to find a way to pick up the shattered pieces of your heart and dignity and heal these open wounds he left on your soul.

The hardest part was trying to believe in love once again.

After everything that had happened, you started thinking that this was it: that you aren’t meant to be loved and that your only chance of happiness vanished together with your ex. 

Nevertheless, I’m here to beg you to start looking at things from a different point of view.

No, I won’t ask you to have faith in love just like that: I’m here to ask you to have faith in God!

Here to help you realize that He was the one who moved this man away from you for a bigger reason you can’t be aware of right now.

To ask you to wipe off your tears and to start being a little more optimistic.

You see, if this man was meant to be yours and if you two were destined to end up together, he would have never left your side.


If he was your match made in heaven, you two would have grown old next to each other, and you would have never felt his absence and the pain you’re experiencing.

When you lost this man, you thought you lost yourself as well. However, what you didn’t see was how much you gained.

You saw his departure as your biggest curse instead of realizing it was one of the blessings Heaven sent to you.

You thought of this breakup as God’s punishment, when it was actually His reward and a sign of His mercy toward you. 

Instead of seeing it as a misery, it is actually a chance for your happiness.

Instead of seeing this break up as the end of the world, you should start perceiving it as a new beginning.

When your ex walked away on you, you thought it was the worst thing that could ever happen to you, when it was actually the best. And I’ll have time as my witness to prove me right.

Trust me when I tell you this: when God moved his heart from yours, He did it for a reason.

He did it to save you from a guy who never deserved everything you gave him and who obviously never loved you enough.


You don’t see it now, but you actually dodged a bullet when you got rid of someone who was ready to walk away from you, without thinking of the consequences of his actions and of someone who would abandon you at the first sign of inconvenience in the blink of an eye.

The truth is that this man had a purpose in your life, which he fulfilled. He appeared in your life with a reason, but now, his mission is over. 

Maybe he was there to teach you a lesson about love or to help you learn some things about yourself you didn’t know.

Maybe he came into your life to make you see how strong you actually are, to teach you to be more careful about the people you let in, to show you that not everyone is kindhearted like you, and to help you realize that you don’t need anyone to be happy.

Either way, the fact is that this guy leaving, opened up some new doors for you, and he cleared space for the guy who is really meant to be yours until death do you apart.

You see, if he had stuck around, you would have never had the chance of meeting your forever person.

When your perfect man finally comes, everything will become clear, and you’ll finally trust my words.

Most importantly, when he appears, all of a sudden, you’ll realize why it could have never worked out with anyone else.



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