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Mars Enters Scorpio November 18th: Your Intuition Will Guide You To Success

Mars is quite at home in Scorpio for Mars shares a good connection with this zodiac sign. In traditional astrology, Mars was considered to be the ruler of Scorpio, which makes it quite an excitable time to be.

With Scorpio wondering about things and trying to get to the bottom of them, it is a perfect foil for Mars that will be trying to stimulate things into action.

If nothing else, you will be tenacious for the coming months. In fact, Mars doesn’t like it if things get too easy for people. They would love to get challenged by things and surroundings. For, they believe it is going to bring out the real deal in them.

Mars In Scorpio

When Mars is in Scorpio, things will be blingy for you. It would seem as if the world was giving you a free pass and you could work through whichever way you chose.

You wouldn’t care much about differing opinions and always look to exercise what you think is right. And if someone tries to cross you, they will feel the full brunt of your anger.

We would always be looking forward to doing something with the time we have on our hands.

Also, we would have no trouble delving into the darker side of things – at the end of it all, we are simply looking forward to being transformed under the guiding light of the Universe.

And, the present astrological phenomena will allow us to introspect and bring something out for ourselves.

But there is a downer to this. With the passion that Mars in Scorpio has, it might get to a point where we would be screaming our heads off at anyone not willing to get in line with our thoughts.

The only possible way to solve this would be to find out how to channel this intensity that we have now in a positive way. Else, we would be finding it difficult to face the many hardships in our life without exploding in the first instance.

Mars’ presence in Scorpio can be considered to be a boot camp where we would be using the energy given to us to delve into our full potential.

Remember, that can only happen if you decide to let go of petty things like power struggles, grudges, vengeance, and others. Only then will you be able to substitute it with love, courage, and self- awareness.

Therefore, with the presence of Mars in Scorpio, you would really be emboldened to take steps and make something out of this period. Who knows when you get the option again?



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