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Looking At A Woman, You Understand What Kind Of Man She Loves

Looking at a woman, you understand what kind of man she loves.
“A woman is a mirror that reflects the man who is with her. If he is brilliant, then at some point she becomes brilliant, if he is stupid and boring, then how stupid and boring she is! I’m talking about women who love because these are the women who are the Mirror.”

Looking at a woman, you understand what kind of man she loves

It just seems to us that other people do not influence us. However, with each new acquaintance, we transform, we partially adopt habits and traits. We partly become those who live next to us, who live in our souls and hearts.

The writer and TV presenter concluded that every new relationship reflects the previous one, and if you were treated poorly in it, then you will carry your resentment into the future:

Writer Ayn Rand, author of the book “Atlas Shrugged,” noted that a man chooses a woman by his philosophy of life, and if he is drawn to infantile persons, then that is how he evaluates himself.

A man with a strong position in life, with a huge inner world, with brilliant prospects will never connect his fate with a playgirl; he will shun her, and wince at the thought of how ineptly she manages her time.

But people are not divided into exclusively good and bad, smart and stupid, we all a huge set of qualities, tons of experience, and a unique outlook on life. As we get closer, we fall under the invisible waves of another person’s influence, and we don’t notice how much we become like him.

A woman who is loved is beautiful with a completely different beauty than the one who “plows” for hours in the gym. Her beauty is soft, and comes from self-confidence, which is fueled by a man.

A disdainful attitude towards a woman forms a hunted look, full of distrust and anger, hunched shoulders, and an uncertain gait.

The man reads from non-verbal signals that this woman was treated like a thing, not worth a penny. And concludes that she may not deserve to be treated differently.

So, girls, think about who you are going to reflect!


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