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What you continuously fail to see is that you have an extraordinary girl by your side. A girl who loves you at your worst and a girl who is ready to move mountains for your sake. That you were lucky enough to meet a once-in-a-lifetime kind of girl.

Nevertheless, it’s like you are the only one who doesn’t notice it. Instead of being grateful for having someone as special as her, you take her for granted. You treat her like a second choice, without ever giving her the place she deserves.

I assume you think that this girl will stay in your life forever. That she’ll always put up with all of your crap and that there is nothing you could do for her to stop loving you.

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Well, let me give you a piece of advice—think again because you couldn’t be more wrong. Even though this girl loves you with all of her heart, trust me about one thingshe is strong enough to walk away from you and to never look back. Strong enough to tell you her final goodbye and to leave you in the past, where you belong.

No, she won’t beg for your love or undivided attention. She won’t try hard to change you and to make you understand her true value. This girl won’t try to make you love her but she will definitely make you miss her.

Once she leaves you, that is when you’ll understand everything she’s been giving to you without getting anything in return. That is when you’ll see how precious she actually was and that letting her go was the mistake of your life.

You’ll miss someone to love you the way she did. You’ll miss having someone to put your needs in front of their own, someone to take care of you and someone to look after you at all times.

When this girl walks away from you, you’ll even miss the parts of her you didn’t like – how she was jealous and how she was always calling you out on your actions. How she was difficult to handle and how you used to think she was hard to love.

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You’ll miss all of her good morning and late-night double texts which annoyed the hell out of you. All of the times she fought with you just because she wanted to make a difference in your life. All of the times she didn’t allow you to give up on yourself and all of the times she pushed you to your limits.

You’ll miss the way she cuddled and kissed you after sex, even though you pretended you never liked it. The way she was always grabbing your hand and hugging you in public, showing how proud she was to have you.

Once she leaves, you’ll miss having a girl who was your lover and your best friend. Having someone you could always go to, someone to count on and rely on. Someone you could have trusted with your life and someone who never turned their back on you.

You’ll miss having a girl who always patiently waited for you to come back when everyone else abandoned you. A girl who saw something good in you and who never lost her faith that you’d become a better man.

Once she leaves, you’ll even miss her tiny insecurities and imperfections and you’ll regret not giving her the validation she needed. You’ll regret ever comparing her to other girls because you’ll understand that she is one of a kind.

When you start missing her, tears will fill your eyes every time you hear a song on the radio that reminds you of her. You’ll get your heart broken all over again every time you hear a woman who laughs or looks just like her.

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When that happens, you’ll try to look for her. You’ll expect her to show up at your doorstep, telling you that she missed you as well. Every time an unknown number calls you, you’ll hope it’s her, trying to send you a signal, trying to remind you that she is still near you.

You’ll expect her to be right there where you left hereagerly waiting for your great comeback. Nevertheless, she’ll be long gone and you won’t be able to do anything about it.


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