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I Wish You Well, Only Because You Lost The Best

There is nothing more frightening than finding out that the person to whom we were prepared to give everything we could was actually the person that appreciated us the least.

Never seeing how much effort we put into the relationship, they will never be able to be there for us. They will never be able to see the true meaning that is behind every “I love you” we say to them. But it doesn’t matter anymore.

Yes, if you were wondering, I was talking about you.

You, the only person that I wanted to be in my life forever. You are now holding someone else’s hand and whispering into someone else’s ear. Nothing reminds you of me anymore.

I would really love to say that I don’t care, but I want to know how you’re doing. Just to see if everything is fine. Not that I would want it to be any other way. Please, don’t get me wrong.


I want you to be well. I want you to be happy, as much as you can be. I want you to finally find someone who is able to please you in all the ways that I wasn’t able to. But know that, even if you tried to find someone better than me, you wouldn’t be able to do so.

I don’t want to sound arrogant or anything, but rather to tell you that there is no one in this world who can love in that crazy way how I loved you. The way no one could ever love another person.

That epic kind of love. I don’t know if she will ever be able to actually be there for you when you need her the way I was. Is she going to suffer through everything together with you?

Does she know how many breakdowns you’ve been through? Does she know about the dark midnight thoughts and the fake smile in the daylight?

Sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude. I didn’t mean to give out all of your secrets. I guess you weren’t able to talk with her about any of those things.

It’s just that I can’t believe how you left our nights talking for nights in bars with her. You left forever for something temporary.

I stood there, looking at you while you were leaving and thinking that no one could love me as much as you did. Now I see that I need to thank God for that. I don’t need someone like you—someone who will half-love me and then leave the moment he sees an opportunity for fun.


Unlike you, I didn’t see our relationship like that. I thought that there was nothing in our way that could break what we had. I was so wrong. I hated myself for being so wrong.

But look at me now! Look at me and see the best thing that has ever happened to you being happy without you. You will never again hold the best in your hands. It’s forever gone because of a little, temporary pleasure like her.

But it’s fine. I won’t beg you to come back to me because I know my worth. Unfortunately, you didn’t. You didn’t see my worth. You didn’t see the effort. You didn’t see the love.

You were blind from the very beginning and it’s not my fault for trying to make you see all that.

I’m done now. The only thing I can do is wish you well when you have lost the best. There is nothing else I can say anymore.

I loved you once, so I can’t wish you something bad, but rather I want you to be happy now. Find your way and be happy. This is my last goodbye.



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