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I Have To Forgive Myself For Thinking I Need You

I want to move on. I don’t want to waste my time on regrets. I know that if I don’t forgive myself for all the mistakes I made when I was with him, I won’t be able to continue with my life.

I have to let go of the past and I am starting by asking myself for forgiveness.

I am asking myself for forgiveness because I bought all his lame excuses.

I let him into my life more times than I should have. I was too naive. I should have never given him a second chance to begin with.

I am sorry I gave him countless chances; I just gave him countless opportunities to hurt me.


I am asking myself for forgiveness because I didn’t know better.

I didn’t know and I refused to listen to other people when they told me he was just a manipulative psychopath.

I thought I knew better. I thought he had something inside of himself that only I could see. I was wrong.

I am asking myself for forgiveness because I wasted my precious time.
I wasted all my energy on trying to fix him, fix us.

I am sorry I didn’t fix myself. I could’ve accomplished so many things if I had just focused on my goals.

I could have created a better future for me. I promise, I am working on it now.

I am asking myself for forgiveness because I put his needs in front of my own. I should’ve never done that.

He made time for all his needs, while I was the one waiting at home to see if he would find time for me.


I am asking myself for forgiveness because I was supposed to be in a relationship but I was lonely.

I was always there to listen, to understand and to offer advice. I could never rely on him to do the same for me.

When I had a problem I had to deal with it myself. He was never there to support me but he always expected me to be there for him.

I am asking myself for forgiveness because I let him make me feel unworthy.

He made me feel undeserving of love and respect. He made me feel like I should have been grateful to have him in my life, like I’d won the lottery or something.

I am sorry I thought I wasn’t enough. I should have realized sooner that he wasn’t good enough for me.


I am asking myself for forgiveness because I thought that I needed to be perfect so he would love me.

I realize now, what I already knew – nobody’s perfect. We are all only humans, full of flaws and strong points.

That’s what perfection really is. That’s what love is really about – loving someone just the way they are.

I am asking myself for forgiveness because it took me so much time to realize how amazing I am.

To realize I am self-sufficient. To know my self-worth. I am competent. I can do anything I put my mind to.

I am loveable. I am smart. I am strong. I am sorry I ever thought I wasn’t.


I am asking myself for forgiveness because I loved him more than life itself. It was too much.

I should have loved myself that way. If I had, I would never have felt so much pain. I am now learning how to do that, how to love myself more.

I am asking myself for forgiveness because I didn’t let him go sooner.

It was completely unnecessary to have him in my life for so long. I thought I needed him, I thought I couldn’t live without him.

I thought life would end when he was no longer part of it. It seems I was wrong. Life has just started and it’s so much better now.



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