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Here’s Which Superhero Is Our Spirit Animal, According To Zodiac Sign

Move aside lions, scorpions, and rams. For it’s time to see which superhero’s personality matches us at our core.

After all, it’s kinda tough to compare our personality to that of a fish (the symbol of Pisces) or even that of a centaur (the symbol of Sagittarius). What does that even mean?

So here are our superhero spirit animals, based on our astro sign. Because when it comes to superheroes, we have seen them fail just like a human being, get back up just like a human being, and then save the world just as we all secretly want to do.


Plus, wouldn’t it be awesome if we found out that Wonder Woman has the same sun sign traits as us? It would totally make our day.

Or, imagine that our personality matches that of Iron Man’s? Yup, we would dig that too!

So if you have always felt an extra special bond with a certain superhero onscreen, here’s your chance to find out if you actually might be more closely related to them than you thought before.

Have fun! And don’t forget to share this so your friends can find out too.

20 Cancer: Once A Soldier, Always A Soldier

Cancer, your spirit animal is Captain America because, like him, you too were underestimated gravely in your younger years. In fact, your emotional state might still resemble Steve Rogers’ outer appearance before he was recruited by the Strategic Scientific Reserve of the military for the super-soldier program.

But Rogers soon shed that fragile state to become a powerful superhero who would do everything in his power to protect his country. And Cancerians tend to do the same with age – come into their power in the world by amassing a terrific amount of wealth and earning society’s respect in their field.

19 Scorpio: The True Heir Of Atlantis

To be honest, we didn’t peg Aquaman to be your spirit animal just because he’s the king of the seven seas and can command the legion of the ocean. That’s there, of course, because as a Scorpio you love feeling powerful more than anything else in the world.

The real reason why he’s your spirit animal is because of his backstory and his animal intensity. Just look into those eyes! That gruff nature hides a lot of secrets. And as a Scorpio, you just love hoarding secrets.

Plus, haven’t you always felt like you were born for greatness? Well, Arthur Curry was too even if he had humble beginnings.

18 Pisces: Spiderman? More Like Spiderboy

Pisces, your spirit animal is Spiderman because like him you have the tendency to flake on people quite often. And you always have a very good reason why you just couldn’t be there!

Spiderman is an extremely intelligent and geeky person, which is why he remains isolated in school and doesn’t have many friends. Plus, after becoming Spiderman, he’s quite reluctant to use his powers at first…until tragedy befalls his uncle and his anger drives him to fight the bad guys.

All this remind you of someone, Pisces? It’s a carbon copy of your passive nature but big drive to help people who are in need.

17 Water Signs: Deadpool Is Their Collective Spirit Animal

Deadpool is totally a water sign. He’s smart, funny, and wouldn’t stop talking if his life depended on it. But that’s the thing! He does it because it distracts the bad guys into goofing up.

But the biggest reason why we say he’s the collective spirit animal of all water signs is because of the way he masks his vengeful nature and ruthless spirit behind his goofiness and dark slapstick humor. After all, water signs are masters at hiding their true natures behind whatever mask people expect them to wear because they don’t want to expose their secrets.

16 Bonus: Catwoman Has A Scorpionic Vibe About Her

She’s a wildcard, just like a Scorpio. That’s why she sometimes dons the cape of the villain and other times decides to chip in on the side of the superheroes.

Plus, the sizzling attraction between her and Batman is a point of contention for her because it’s symbolic of her internal battle to choose between good and evil. All because life dealt her a bad hand, which is something most Scorpios deal with too.

But the real reason why Catwoman is distinctly scorpionic is that she is very clever, determined, and thirsts for power.

15 Gemini: The Fastest Guy Who Is Always Late

He has a tendency to talk too much. And he can’t stop fidgeting if his life depended on it. And he’s never on time.

Well, Gemini, is it really surprising that Flash is your spirit animal? You are just as agile of mind as he is. And just as friendly and witty.

Besides, you have always loved Flash the best. What’s not to like? The guy is so fast that even a bullet can’t pierce through him! And it’s the best superpower to prank people with, which the Flash loves to do too.

14 Libra: Star-Lord Who?

Libra, your spirit animal is Peter Quill, a.k.a Star-Lord, the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Or at least, that’s what he believes he is, although Gamora would beg to differ and Rocket would outright boo it off the table.

But isn’t that how you are too? The unofficial leader of your pack in your mind even though others don’t necessarily think you are that?

Plus, Quill is a funny guy with the ability to talk his way out of trouble. At least, when it’s possible. And that’s an ability you have too!

13 Aquarius: The One Who Is Always Underestimated

She likes to keep things close to her chest and run under the radar of suspicion, which is how she ends up flattening all the bad guys who come at her thinking she is the weakest link among the Avengers. And oh, are they wrong!

That’s why Black Widow is your spirit animal, Aquarius. It’s because you are grossly underestimated by people too and sometimes laughed at outright for having eccentric ideas about the world. And then those very people have to eat their words when you end up bringing your “weird ideas” to life and changing the world (at least, in your field).

12 Air Signs: Mystique Is Their Collective Spirit Animal

You thought she was one of the villains of X-Men, and then she changed your mind in X-Men: First Class. Well, that’s Mystique for you. The mutant girl who can be anyone and anything in the blink of an eye. (Or rather, the turning of her scales.)

That’s why she is the collective spirit animal of all air signs. It’s because they are just as changeable as she is and just as likely to switch from hero to villain in the blink of an eye.

After all, the difference between the two is just a matter of what they believe in and whose side the people are on!

11 Bonus: Doctor Strange Has The Trendsetting Spirit Of An Aquarius

Doctor Strange’s personality traits are distinctly Aquarian in nature. Here’s why.

First of all, he believes he’s better than anyone else in the world. (Don’t deny this, Aquarius!) And so behaves in a condescending, know-it-all manner, which turns off people immediately.

Secondly, he is not a big fan of rules and would rather do what makes sense now than what used to make sense ten or fifty or even a hundred years back.

And lastly, he has the ability to absorb knowledge like a sponge and then utilize it like a true genius, which is something most Aquarians can do too!

10 Aries: “I Am Tony Stark”

He knows he’s a big deal and acts like it. And that’s why he’s your spirit animal, Aries. You are just as self-assured and confident as he is.

Plus, Iron Man doesn’t like to sit on his hands or twiddle his thumbs when there’s a problem. He likes to jump right in and fix it with whatever skills he has and whatever tools he can reach. And that’s your motto in life too – take action!

But the biggest reason why he’s your spirit animal is because, unlike other superheroes, Tony Stark announced outright that he was Iron Man. Why shouldn’t he? He isn’t afraid of anyone. And that impulsive and overconfident attitude almost ended up costing him his life.

Leo: It’s A Bird. It’s A Plane. It’s Superman!

Name one superhero who is more powerful than Superman. We know you can’t. Even Wonder Woman wasn’t powerful enough to stop him!

That’s why he’s your spirit animal, Leo. After all, with the Sun as the ruler of your astro sign, you too are guaranteed major victories in life. And isn’t that the secret behind Superman’s super abilities? The weakness of our gravity and the youth of our Sun compared to the conditions on Krypton?

Plus, Superman is the hero of the people who is willing to sacrifice everything to keep the planet safe. And that’s a very Leo thing since you too are extremely loyal to your tribe and those who look up to you.

Sagittarius: “I Will Fight — For Those Who Cannot Fight For Themselves”

Wonder Woman might have said those words, but you believe in them too, Sagittarius. That’s why you are so outspoken. You believe that silence has harmed more people than the truth ever has.

Besides, your righteousness stems from your belief that there is a right way to live life. A good way that benefits everyone and every being. And Wonder Woman echoes the same sentiments.

After all, wasn’t she the only one willing to wade across a dead zone just so she could save a handful of villagers who their own countrymen had forsaken as collateral damage? That’s why she’s your spirit animal.

Fire Signs: Wolverine Is Their Collective Spirit Animal

No one can deny that Wolverine is a passionate guy. He has sacrificed more for love than any of the other superheroes ever have. And he has suffered for it too.

That’s why he’s the collective spirit animal of all fire signs. You cannot hide firepower like that without oozing it from your personality and your pores. And neither can you hide passion.

Plus, fire signs tend to have a short fuse, which Logan is known for too. But he doesn’t hold on to grudges…unless it’s something absolutely unforgivable. Then it’s an outright war.

Bonus: Thor Has The Spirit Of A Leo

There’s no way he is anything else but a Leo. He’s the mighty Thor, after all. The god of thunder and the heir to the throne of Asgaard.

Besides, only a Leo would still love their sibling even after the upstart tried to nix them. But then again, what’s a little sibling rivalry to the mighty Thor? Mischief doesn’t change who the king is.

Also, Thor is a passionate guy with a generous heart and a love for extravagances. See yourself in him now, Leo? We sure do.

Taurus: The Protector of Gotham City

Taurus, your spirit animal is Batman. Why? Because he’s the only superhero who prefers local over global.

Just think about it. Have you ever seen Batman put the well-being of the world above that of Gotham City? Not really. He doesn’t even think that far. And neither would you.

After all, to you, home is the most important place in the world. And that includes your hometown. That’s why you would do anything to protect it and your family.

But if they aren’t your people, you could care less about their problems. Because why poke your nose in other’s business?

Virgo: Sometimes Too Small, Sometimes Too Big

It’s no secret that Scott Lang never wanted to be a superhero. He was a petty criminal and didn’t want to get involved with law enforcement when he was offered the chance to be Ant-Man. But he dons the suit eventually when his good-guy nature wins out.

That’s why he’s your spirit animal, Virgo. He is just as indecisive as you are. And just as intelligent.

Besides, you don’t like to bask in the limelight and prefer working behind the scenes, much like Ant-Man and his tinkerings once he has shrunken himself down.

Capricorn: Wakanda Forever!

Capricorn, your spirit animal is Black Panther because he’s a king who would do everything to protect his people, their traditions, and their source of power. That’s why, unlike other superheroes, he does not challenge the status quo and continues to hide Wakanda and their source of Vibranium.

Nevertheless, he isn’t shy of using his powers as the Black Panther to bring bad guys to justice. Powers that he earned with the sweat of his brow and by proving himself.

And you, Capricorn, are the same. You believe in working hard to achieve great power and then being the one who makes the rules.

Earth Signs: The Hulk Is Their Collective Spirit Animal

Not because he’s green. That would be really lame of us.

We say so because all earth signs are like Bruce Banner. Calm, collected, and without big airs. They prefer working hard and keeping the nose out of other people’s business. And would rather you left them alone to do their own thing and choose the people they want to interact with.

That is until you piss them off. That’s when the Hulk within them comes out. The monster who is unwilling to compromise, negotiate, or take any prisoners.

It’s my way or the highway taken to outer space and then some! And there’s no hope for the one who ticked them off.

Bonus: Gamora Is As Stubborn As A Taurus

Is it a coincidence that both the green superheroes have been assigned to the earth signs? Yup, it is. Stop thinking like a conspiracy theorist!

Gamora could have just as easily been red like Drax or blue like Mystique. But she would still have given off serious Taurus vibes because that’s how stubborn she is!

Besides, Taureans are not just stubborn. They are incredibly industrious too. And loyal. Both of which are traits exhibited by Gamora.

Remember how she would always win the duels between her and Nebula? And how she was loyal to her sister even though Nebula was on the bad guy’s team?


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