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Here’s The Kind Of Man She Wants To Date (& Which She’ll Ditch) According To Her Zodiac Sign

It was love at first sight when her eyes met his across the campus. He was goofing around with his friends on his skateboard and she was impressed because she knew skills of that kind don’t come without a ton of practice. And he was so handsome…

Pause the track! This isn’t a love story in the making. This is just a passing fantasy without even a heartbreak to make it worth remembering.

Why do we say that? Because the girl was a Capricorn and the guy an Aries. And you cannot get rid of basic incompatibility like that!

But the story would have been completely different if it had been a Sagittarius girl ogling the guy. After all, like calls to like when it comes to a romance blessed by the stars.

What does that mean? Just that astrology plays a big role in the kind of man she falls for and the one who does nothing for her (apart from being good eye candy).

So here’s the man she’ll definitely date and the one she will ditch without a second glance, based on her astro sign.

Just remember: each sign is compatible with a lot more signs than the one mentioned below. It all depends on whether your personalities mix together like milk and chocolate or rub against each other like oil and water!

24 Libra Girl: Will Date The Gemini Man

When the Libra girl and Gemini guy meet each other for the first time, they hit it off immediately. She likes his wit, easy charm, and animated stories. He likes her confidence, intelligence, and her social skills.

And of course, they do! They both are air signs and so intuitively get each other.

But the best part is, Libra is a cardinal sign (she likes to lead) and Gemini is mutable (he’s flexible), which is why their pairing is a lasting one. There are no power struggles in this one!

23 Libra Girl: Will Ditch The Cancer

She will like him at first for his gentlemanly ways, the sensitivity in his eyes, and the way he can make her laugh. (Cancers are really witty.) But she’ll still ditch him eventually because their personalities would clash.

He’s a water sign and she’s air, after all. And so she’ll be turned off by his moody ways and inability to take things lightly.

Besides, Libra and Cancer are both cardinal signs, which means they both like to take the lead. And this will create a lot of conflict between the two, which neither likes to be around. Especially the Libra girl.

22 Capricorn Girl: Will Date The Cancer Man

The Capricorn girl is a sensible, sweet, and reserved kinda gal. And so is the Cancer man. That’s the spark they will find in each other.

But what will hold them together is the fact that their signs are opposites in astrology. That’s why they will clash from time to time but still understand each other at the end of the day. Enough to realize that both want the same things in life – a stable family, a respectable career, and a good name in society. Although their way of arriving at that destination might be a bit different.

21 Capricorn Girl: Will Ditch The Gemini

Nope, not happening in a million years! Why? Because the Capricorn girl is a practical and hardworking person who respects people and their time. And that’s something the Gemini guy doesn’t get at all.

That’s why he’s late almost always whenever they make plans and sometimes even forgets all about it!

So no, thank you, but she would like him to delete her number from his phone. She can’t tolerate flakes and people who are not dependable.

20 Leo Girl: Will Date The Aries Man

The Leo girl is a total diva. She likes big cars, bigger houses, and even bigger things in life. And she likes her men to be the same kind.

That’s why she instantly clicks with the Aries man when she meets him. He’s cute, determined, and chock-full of passion. And she loves the way he wooes her with elaborate gestures of desire and attraction.

It’s a fire-fire thing! They believe in living life king size. And that’s exactly how you should live too! At least, that’s what they will tell you.

19 Leo Girl: Will Ditch The Pisces

The Pisces guy is sweet and sensitive. And the Leo girl really appreciates how talented and creative he is. She’s the same, you know.

But the reason why she will still end up ditching him is because his temperament does not match hers. He’s a water sign, after all. That’s the anathema to her fiery passion.

Where she’s active, he’s passive. Where she wants to go big or go home, he wants to let life take its course. Where she wants to fix problems, he wants to brush them under the rug.

Can you see why it just won’t work between these two totally mismatched people?

18 Taurus Girl: Will Date The Capricorn Man

Name one reason why she shouldn’t. You won’t be able to. Their match is what experts talk about when they repeatedly ask you to look for compatibility before commitment.

After all, their’s is an earth-earth pair. They both believe in materialism, the finer things in life, and earning respect from society. And while both might have a slightly different way of approaching these same things, they don’t clash because their approaches complement each other perfectly.

Oh, what a wonderful thing! Plus, the Taurus girl hates conflict and drama, which she has to face rarely with the Capricorn guy. He’s too well-planned to allow known problems from becoming an issue.

17 Taurus Girl: Will Ditch The Aquarius

The Taurus girl would never give the Aquarius man a chance even if he gave her a Macy’s diamond necklace and took her on vacation to Bali. (Not that he would. He’s an Aquarius and thinks such things are too frivolous.)

But even if he did, she won’t give him a chance. Why? Because she never liked him to begin with.

She never liked the way he dismisses people as if they are all ignoramuses, the way he rarely wants to talk about himself or ask about her day (although, he’s ever ready to bore her with talks of settling down in Mars and what not), and the way he keeps telling her why rules and traditions were made to be broken.

No, thank you. She does not want to date him at all!

16 Virgo Girl: Will Date The Taurus Man

The Virgo girl is a simple girl with a practical head upon her shoulders. She doesn’t want to be wooed by Prince Charming. Nor does she want to throw caution to the wind and fall in love like there’s no tomorrow.

She would rather be with a sensible man who has his feet planted firmly on the ground. Someone who understands that money makes the world go around (it really does). Someone who is a comfort to her on the days when her hyperactive mind gets the better of her.

That’s why she would date the Taurus man in a jiffy. He ticks all the boxes on her list. And of course, he does! He’s an earth sign just like she is.

15 Virgo Girl: Will Ditch The Aries

The Virgo girl appreciates the Aries man’s drive to achieve greatness and his fearless spirit, but she really hates the fact that he has a tendency to give up on his goals right when the going gets too tough.

In fact, she absolutely cannot understand why he continues to make impulsive mistakes. After all, she knows she isn’t the only one who has cautioned him to be a bit more patient and use his head before blundering into things.

That’s why, if given the option to date or ditch him, she would choose the latter. She doesn’t think she can handle the stress of dating him!

14 Aquarius Girl: Will Date The Sagittarius Man

The Aquarius girl is fiercely independent. She speaks her mind and does not get sidetracked by people’s opinions of her when she makes up her mind to do something. Plus, she loves to philosophize and discuss the possibilities of the future.

That’s why she would date the Sagittarius man in a jiffy! He’s fiercely independent too, not clingy in the least, and loves chatting with her about all these very things.

It’s not surprising. He’s a fire sign and she’s air. And you know how well those two mix!

13 Aquarius Girl: Will Ditch The Libra

The Aquarius girl and the Libra guy are both air signs. And according to astrology that should be enough for them to hit it off. After all, aren’t they both cerebral in nature and allergic to emotions?

Hmmm, that’s one way of looking at love. But in reality, their temperaments and approach in life are not well-matched. That’s why she would ultimately choose to ditch him.

He would keep offending her when he takes the Switzerland stance in her intellectual wars with someone. Plus, she is not a big fan of his indecisive ways when it comes to the simplest things in life. After all, she’s quite set in her beliefs.

12 Sagittarius Girl: Will Date The Leo Man

Bring on the fire! Or don’t because these two have enough of their own and then some. After all, they are both fire signs and so intensely passionate, generous, and romantic.

Besides, the Sagittarius girl loves the Leo man’s motto of living life king size. She likes living it up like that too with a ton of optimism and cheerfulness thrown in the mix.

The only problem these two might face will be the Leo guy’s tendency to try to tell her what to do, which she will promptly shut down because nobody tells her what to do. But because Leo is a fixed sign and not a cardinal, he will get used to this before long.

After all, he knows he can trust her. She’s the most honest person he’s ever met!

11 Sagittarius Girl: Will Ditch The Taurus

Here’s why the Sagittarius girl will ditch the Taurus guy. She can’t stand the way he holes up in his house all year long and refuses to go on even a single vacation.

Also, she does not like the way he tries to hold her back from living her life and doing what she wants. Or the way he pretends that he has learnt enough and does not need to learn anything more. Or even the way he keeps picking at her fashion sense and all her style experimentations.

So no, she does not want to date him. He too… boring!

10 Pisces Girl: Will Date The Scorpio Man

There’s something about the Scorpio man that the Pisces girl can’t put a finger on. Something that draws her like a strong magnet. Something that guarantees she won’t be the same after she gets together with him.

It’s the draw of water to water, people! She can’t help it. And neither can he.

Plus, she’s a mutable sign, which means she’s flexible and goes wherever life takes her. And that works very well in their pairing. After all, the Scorpio guy likes being the one who calls the shots, and she doesn’t mind that at all.

Pisces Girl: Will Ditch The Virgo

They say opposites attract, but not when it’s a Pisces-Virgo pair. Because these two can’t stand each other.

How can they? She’s spiritual, he’s materialistic. She doesn’t sweat the small things in life, he believes in nitpicking everything to kingdom come. She’s accepting, he’s critical.

So no, their pair would not last the long haul. And being a Pisces, she wouldn’t really ditch him. She would turn into vapor and ghost on him one fine day. Ouch!

Gemini Girl: Will Date The Aquarius Man

The Gemini girl is a social butterfly who has friends hiding in every nook and cranny. That’s how she meets the Aquarius guy. Through one of her friends.

And they instantly hit it off. Mainly because when it comes to having a conversation, she doesn’t mind listening when the other party is telling something really interesting. And the Aquarius guy, with all his quirks and unconventional takes on life, is a refreshing change for her.

Plus, they are both air signs, and so prefer keeping things light and unemotional. In fact, she loves that he’s the non-clingy sorts. She can’t stand being joined at the hip to someone!

Gemini Girl: Will Ditch The Scorpio

Not a fan. Not a fan at all. And for good reason too because the Scorpio man can be a bit too intense for the Gemini girl’s taste.

She likes to keep things fun and flirty while he keeps trying to dig out the skeletons from her closet. Which, by the way, she doesn’t appreciate at all because it makes her feel like a bug under a microscope.

And then there’s that pesky thing about their astro signs where she’s air and he’s water. Can you imagine them getting along? She definitely can’t.

Scorpio Girl: Will Date The Virgo Man

The Scorpio girl likes to be in charge. Not because she has the skills to be a leader. It’s just her nature to want to control things.

And since Virgo is a mutable sign (read: flexible), he goes right along with whatever she wants. That’s what attracts the Scorpio girl to this man at first. But what keeps her coming back for more is the fact that they both have complementary natures.

He’s an earth sign while she’s water. And those two mix very well. In fact, what she loves the best about him is the way he can be the practical rock for her to hold on to whenever she is having an emotional crisis. Which, frankly, happens too often to keep count!

Scorpio Girl: Will Ditch The Leo

She is attracted to his light, just like everyone else is. And she really appreciates the way he can pull off the grandest romantic gestures. She’s a drama queen too and loves the attention.

But what turns her off about the Leo guy is the fact that he’s too trusting and seems to be hopelessly optimistic. Doesn’t he know life can be quite harsh if you foolishly believe it to be your friend?

It’s not her fault really. And neither is it his. They just happen to have opposing temperaments and be fixed about their ways. So no compromises here.

Cancer Girl: Will Date The Pisces Man

The Cancer girl is a gentle soul. She’s warm, cuddly, and loves her family to bits. The Pisces guy is the same.

But that’s not the real reason why she would choose to date him. The real reason is that he gives her the space to choose to come to him. He’s quite passive that way although his expressive eyes always let you know he’s interested.

She loves that! Cancer is a cardinal sign and so she prefers taking the lead and approaching him when she’s ready. And once she does, it’s homecoming! They are both water signs, after all.

Cancer Girl: Will Ditch The Sagittarius

The Sagittarius guy is friendly and trustworthy, but the Cancer girl would never choose to date him. He’s too blunt and harsh most of the time, which hits her sensitive core a bit too much.

And then there’s that pesky detail of his extreme commitmentphobia. That doesn’t sit well with her. Because only knaves want to enjoy the pleasures of being a couple without actually committing to their partner.

Not that it’s his fault really. He’s a fire sign, at the end of the day, while she’s a water sign. Their temperaments are polar opposites.

Aries Girl: Will Date The Libra Man

The Aries girl and the Libra man make an odd couple because astrologically they are opposites. Where she likes to act first and think later, he likes to think first and act later. Where she likes to boss around people, he likes to be a team player. Where she likes to compete, he likes to take everyone along for the ride.

Yet, opposites are more common than they realize they are. And this is what draws her to him and him to her. They both complete each other and balance out their flaws.

Besides, she’s fire and he’s air. And that is a good match any day!

Aries Girl: Will Ditch The Capricorn

The Aries girl likes everyone. She’s very child-like and trusting that way. And the ones she does not like, she ends up liking when they do something she likes. Yeah, it confuses others too.

That’s why she doesn’t mind the Capricorn guy when she meets him. She admires his tenacity and hardworking nature. She wishes she could be the same. It would help her conquer her goals faster.

But as a date, they would never work out. After all, he’s an earth sign and she’s fire. He’ll just keep holding her back and chastising her for her impulsive ways.

Plus, Capricorns are notorious for being allergic to romance. And a passionate soul like Aries would never thrive like that.


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