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Here’s Which Disney Villain She Becomes When She’s Mad, According To Her Zodiac Sign

No astro sign is perfect, and they all get angry from time to time. Even though they may be pleased as pie when they’re in a good mood, things change when they fly into a rage. Some signs typically spend more time being angry than others, and some have worse tantrums than others, but they all have a line that can be crossed.

And what better way to measure the anger and meanness of the signs when they’re upset than with some of the angriest and meanest characters of all time, the classic Disney villains?

Every sign has their Disney villain counterpart that perfectly embodies who they become when they sink into those bad moods. The fire signs tend to become villains with heated tempers who can’t control their fury, while the earth signs resonate with villains who are more composed but no less lethal. The air signs can turn into some of the cheekiest (and most oblivious) villains in the Disney universe, while the water signs may become those who are on the path to revenge, and will stop at nothing until they get it.

Keep reading to find out which famous Disney villain each sign becomes when she’s mad!


20 Aries: Queen Of Hearts

When Aries loses her cool, she turns into the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. We wouldn’t say that the Red Queen is bad, per se. She just gets very, very angry when things don’t go her way. And she’s totally relentless in handing out punishments.

Angry Aries is like the Queen of Hearts because her emotions take over the rest of her, and she can’t see reason, even if it’s only temporarily.

Aries is also the Queen because as the leader of the star signs, she was born to rule (even if she gets it wrong sometimes!).

19 Leo: Queen Grimhilde

The Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has this thing about being the fairest in the land. We’re not sure what happened to her in her life to give her such a complex, but she absolutely cannot handle anyone being more attractive than her. Leo has a little Queen Grimhilde in her since she definitely likes to be the star of the show. She doesn’t get quite as upset as the Queen when she’s upstaged, but she sure doesn’t like it. Leo also isn’t quite as vain as the Queen, but she does share the ambition to win.

18 Sagittarius: Yzma

Sagittarius is a friendly, optimistic sign, and doesn’t get really angry very often. But when she does lose it, she really loses it. Like a typical fire sign, she’s not cool-headed and tends to have tantrums when she’s pushed to her limit.

She has a lot in common with Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove because they both tend to feel very passionately about certain topics, but they never think things all the way through.

Yzma is always coming up with grand plans, and they backfire every time because she doesn’t spend enough time planning the small details. Both Yzma and Sagittarius are kind of scatterbrains!

17 The Fire Signs Turn Into Villains When They Lose Their Tempers

The fire signs are normally friendly and outgoing, and love when everyone’s getting along. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t go out chasing conflict. But they also don’t sit back and allow people to disrespect them. It takes very little for them to blow their lid and lose their cool, and once that happens, they turn into the worst enemies you’ll ever have. When they cool down again, they’ll usually be very apologetic and wish they could take back what they said and did. But while they’re ranting and raving, it’s best to stay out of their way.

16 Fire Signs’ Male Equivalent: Hades

The male villain equivalent of the fire signs as a group would be Hades from Hercules. This Greek god of the Underworld is the definition of a super-heated head, which is why he embodies the fire signs so well.

He can be cool and pleasant as well, but once you upset him enough, there’s nothing but flames and fireworks.

The thing about Hades, and the fire signs, is that even though they have a tendency to get really mad, most people love them anyway. They manage to be charming enough to cancel out that side to them.

15 Taurus: Aunt Sarah

If Taurus was going to turn into any Disney villain, it would be Aunt Sarah from Lady and the Tramp. Though she only plays a small role in the movie, Aunt Sarah is totally oblivious to what’s really going on and blames Lady for the mess her cats make in the house. Super unfair! Determined to control Lady, she then gets her muzzled. Taurus is similar to Aunt Sarah because they are both stubborn and find it hard to see things from new perspectives. They’re both set in their ways and seethe when they’re proven wrong.

14 Virgo: Maleficent

Virgo doesn’t get really mad too often, but when she does, she becomes Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. Like Virgo, Maleficent comes across as quite composed (when she’s not turning into a dragon).

Though she’s often thought of as one of the meanest villains of all time, she really only gets upset with Aurora and her parents in the first place because they invited everyone to the christening but her.

So even though Maleficent seems like a bad gal, she’s probably just sensitive and truly hurt. Virgo will never admit to having hurt feelings, but will sometimes lash out when she does.


13 Capricorn: Cruella De Vil

There are a few things that Capricorn has in common with Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians. Don’t worry—thirst for puppy coats is not one of them! Cruella is passionate about her sense of style, even if it’s super bad for pups, and likes to live a life of luxury. She’s happy to splash her cash on material goods, which is very similar to Capricorn. Even if Capricorn doesn’t wear fur, she tends to be into more expensive clothes and accessories. Cruella’s demeanor is also quite cold, and in the same way, Capricorn turns icy when she’s not happy.

12 The Earth Signs Become Villains When Someone Wrongs Them

Though they are modest in a way, the earth signs are quite proud. Mind you, they’re subtle about it and come across totally humbly, but they do have egos that they hide very well. They can turn into villains when those egos are hurt and someone challenges their honor.

When people make them feel threatened or commit some offense against them, the earth signs take a mental note of it.

And when a certain person crosses them enough, they can become the villains they swore they’d never be. Also, these signs don’t get over things quickly. They’re the best at holding grudges!

11 Earth Signs’ Male Equivalent: Captain Hook

The male equivalent of the earth signs would be Captain Hook from Peter Pan. It’s all about revenge for this guy—he’s permanently angry at Peter for throwing his hand to the crocodile, and makes it his life mission to get his revenge on the boy. Like we said, the earth signs tend to hold onto grudges and anger, and can totally relate to Captain Hook in that way. They all have a tendency to get quite frazzled and stressed when they’re under pressure, even though they’re the epitome of balance and poise the majority of the time.

10 Gemini: Si & Am

Gemini is represented in the astro world by the twins, and so her Disney villain counterparts are the two Siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp, Si and Am. These kitties belong to Aunt Sarah and cause a total mess in Lady’s house. They also try to attack the pet bird and fish and then try to hijack the baby’s crib and steal his milk.

We’re not sure if their behavior is actually villainous, or just feline.

But Gemini can relate to them because they get totally carried away and excited by the new place they’re in, and feel the need to explore to soothe their curiosity, oblivious to the mess they make. So Gemini!

Libra: Mother Gothel

Libra is one of the most level-headed signs in the astro world, but she’s not perfect. When she gets mad, she turns into Mother Gothel from Tangled. In the movie, Mother Gothel goes to some pretty extreme lengths to make herself appear beautiful, including carrying away the infant Rapunzel and trapping her for eighteen years while she exploits her powers. Libra probably wouldn’t do anything like that, but she does like to always look her best. She’s quite a determined sign, so you never really know what she’s capable of… Thankfully she usually uses her work ethic for good rather than bad things!

Aquarius: Madam Mim

Aquarius has a tendency to act a little crazy from time to time, especially when she’s feeling really emotional. Who better to embody her than Mad Madam Mim from The Sword in the Stone?

Aquarius and Mim both tend to think in an unconventional way, that makes them seem a little outlandish to everyone else.

But they’re happy the way they are and don’t answer to anyone! For both of these ladies, life is a big game that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Aquarius also shares Mim’s fierce competitive streak and isn’t above a little self-promotion if it means she’ll get to win.

The Air Signs Become Villains When They Get Carried Away

The air signs can get quite carried away by life. They live in the moment and don’t really plan for anything; instead, they react to everything as it comes to them, and sometimes, those reactions can be a little confronting. Typically, these signs don’t really think about what they say, and they don’t always consider the effects of their actions. The good thing, though, is that they don’t tend to hold a grudge. They can be your enemy one day and your best friend the next. It’s all about living in the present and taking life as it comes!

Air Signs’ Male Equivalent: Scar

The male equivalent of the air signs would be Scar from The Lion King. Though Scar has a serious problem with Mufasa and his family, he doesn’t vocalize it. He waits for the perfect moment to strike.

What’s similar about the air signs is that they can get along with anybody, even those they don’t like, because they’re naturally chatty and sociable.

Scar acts like the perfect uncle until he gets his opportunity to strike at Mufasa and lie to Simba (even though we all saw straight through him). The air signs might not be as calculating and conniving as Scar, but they share his ability to act pleasant.

Cancer: Zira

If Cancer had to be a Disney villain, she would be Zira from The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride. Zira is loyal to the late Scar and will stop at nothing until her cub Kovu reaches the top and usurps Simba for the throne of Pride Rock. She’s not a nice lioness, but all her passion comes from the love she has for Scar and her son. Cancer can relate because although she’s not a mean sign, she will do anything for the people (or the lions) that she loves. You don’t want to get on her bad side!

Scorpio: Lady Tremaine

The one thing that Scorpio shares in common with Lady Tremaine from Cinderella is her tendency to get jealous. Scorpio is quite possessive and gets envious pretty easily. In the same way, Lady Tremaine can’t stand the fact that her stepdaughter is more beautiful than her daughters, has a much better singing voice, and is an overall more genuine human being than the two of them combined.

She’s also extremely cunning and isn’t above manipulating any situation to get what she wants.

Scorpio does similarly have a reputation for being a bit sneaky and deceiving people when she wants to.

Pisces: Ursula

Of course, Pisces has to be a water villain. This sweet sign can turn into a shark when she’s angry, and that’s why she could probably relate to Ursula the Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid. Not only do they both feel the happiest in the water, but they both have a knack for knowing what people want and knowing how to lure them in. Very intuitive! Also, both Pisces and Ursula are creative in getting what they want. There’s also the fact that both enjoy music, even though Pisces tends to be naturally talented, while Ursula has to steal someone else’s voice to sing in key.

The Water Signs Become Villains When They Feel Hurt

The one thing that always turns the water signs into villains is hurt feelings. These signs are super sensitive and take most things to heart, even if other people don’t intend to upset them.

They can become very emotional, which is sometimes a positive thing and sometimes a negative thing.

It’s good if they’re feeling deep love or happiness, but if they are overcome with anger or sadness, there’s no telling what they’ll do. The other time that these signs turn into villains is when they’re defending someone they love. Come for their family, and they’ll come for you.

Water Signs’ Male Equivalent: Tamatoa

The male equivalent of the water signs would be Tamatoa from Moana. This ginormous coconut crab from the land of the monsters is pretty greedy and tries to take down anyone who steals his property. The water signs aren’t always greedy, but they can be possessive. If they see someone coming for their property, their first instinct is to become defensive and ask questions later. There’s also the fact that Tamatoa is a crustacean, and the water signs are, well, water signs. Both the giant crab and Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces feel the most at home in the water.



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