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Here’s The Male Celebrity Crush She’ll Marry, Friendzone & Ditch According To Her Zodiac Sign

He’s dashing. He’s dynamic. He’s our dream man!

But what if he isn’t? What if he’s just good looks and not much beyond that? Or worse, what if the character he plays onscreen is vastly different from how he is in real life? (Well, that’s what acting is all about, but we digress.)

To be honest, the reason why we like someone and don’t like others has a lot to do with our sun sign. After all, a watery Cancer would be stressed to the max if she was paired with an on-the-fly Sagittarius who cared more about speaking the truth than protecting someone’s feelings, while a dynamic Aries would love the challenge brought on by the same Sag.

Well, the same applies to our celeb crushes. So here’s the male celeb crush she’ll marry, friendzone, and ditch, based on her astro sign.

Because yes, he might look as fine as a slice of rich chocolate cake, but if the signs don’t match, you would be happier giving him the wide berth in reality, just like all his co-stars who realized much later that they liked the character he played more than him!

36 Scorpio Girl Will Marry Henry Cavill

He’s a Taurus, she’s a Scorpio and BAM! Sparks everywhere!

Because that’s what you get when you put together this water-earth combo, and then throw in a healthy dose of Superman good looks in the mix. Because he is Superman. He will always be Superman.

And the best part is Henry Cavill is a well-bred English gentleman who is very cautious about his privacy. Traits which score big on our Scorpio girl’s checklist. So of course, she’ll marry him!

35 Scorpio Girl Will Friendzone Jaden Smith

He’s cute. She’ll give him that. And she likes his eccentric and cool style, which pushes her to go beyond her comfort zone. But in the end, the Scorpio girl will still friendzone Jaden Smith.

He’s too fearless for her taste. Or rather, too impulsive and unpredictable, in her lingo. After all, she’s a Scorpio, and she likes her lovers to be cut from the traditional cloth.

But because he’s a Cancer, the two will still manage to remain good friends. It’s a water-water thing!

34 Scorpio Girl Will Ditch Ben Affleck

Oh, Ben! You box of conundrums! One minute you are a diva and the next you go into hiding. It’s too much for the Scorpio girl.

But to ditch him, she needs to spark with him first. And that she will because he’s a dynamite. You can’t expect anything less from a Leo.

Plus, you may not know this but Ben Affleck’s moon sign is Scorpio. So the two will definitely hit it off at first…and then realize that destiny is dragging them in two different ways. One towards the spotlight and the other underground.

33 Aries Girl Will Marry Jason Momoa

You cannot watch Jason Momoa in action and not feel an intense energy flood your system. Cheeeehoooo!

And the Aries girl will love him for that. She’s just the same – a human energy bar. Down for anything and everything whenever life comes calling.

Plus, she’s an androgynous kinda gal with a strong, confident, nothing-stops-me attitude. That’s why she always falls for the guy who is so confident in his masculinity that he would never feel emasculated in her presence.

And that’s Jason Momoa for you!

32 Aries Girl Will Friendzone Matt Damon

Oh, she likes him well enough. Especially the roles he chooses to play, like Jason Bourne and Mark Watney in The Martian. They are spunky roles and she loves herself some spunk.

But in real life, the Aries girl would totally friendzone Matt Damon. He’s a Libra, after all. And she often finds these men a bit too socially-conscious for her taste.

Give her a strong man any day who would set the trend everyone would follow. That’s her kinda guy.

31 Aries Girl Will Ditch Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is good looking. No doubt about that. And the Aries girl is famous for going after the pretty boys. So she will date him in a jiffy.

But then she would ditch him for someone else. Just because he’s a Capricorn and neither would understand what drives the other.

It’s a fire-earth thing. Where one wants to run, the other wants to stall. Where one quits at the first sign of trouble, the other refuses to budge once they have made up their mind.

So nope. She would ditch him alright.

30 Pisces Girl Will Marry Ryan Gosling

Did you just say who wouldn’t? Don’t be so sure. Because he might be handsome, and suave, and intense (gosh, he’s intense!), but he’s a Scorpio at the end of the day. And so more up the alley of water girls like the Pisces, than say, air girls like the Aquarius.

Anyhoo, the two would love each other to bits. Mainly because both have a tendency to fall for characters rather than real people. Just ask Ryan’s co-stars!

29 Pisces Girl Will Friendzone Scott Eastwood

She would like him as a friend for sure (it’s hard not to like Aries people) and would totally dig his handsome face (oh, yes!), but as a potential lover? No, thank you.

The Pisces girl would rather choose someone with a softer temperament, like a Cancer or a Scorpio guy. Or, someone who would help anchor her to reality like the earth guys.

So, tough luck, Scott Eastwood! But this girl would rather just be friends.

28 Pisces Girl Will Ditch Chris Pine

Pisces and Virgo are like fire and water. They don’t mix usually. But when they do, the combustion can rock your socks off!

So yes, our Pisces girl would totally dig Chris Pine at first. Because what’s not to like? He’s handsome. He’s smart. He’s handsome. (Yup, that needed repeating.) But in the end, it just won’t work out between these two.

After all, they are opposites. And sometimes it’s best when opposites don’t mix.

27 Taurus Girl Will Marry Eddie Redmayne

There’s something really comforting about Eddie Redmayne. It might be his British accent or his unassuming, down-to-earth personality. But whatever it is, the Taurus girl wants it for life. And she wants it now!

And you can’t expect a lesser reaction when you are talking about an earth-earth potential pair. The two would understand each other so well that sometimes it would feel like they share a telepathic bond!

26 Taurus Girl Will Friendzone Kanye West


He’s a Gemini. She’s a Taurus. So, no. She’s not interested in him that way, though she loves his music a lot and would definitely be good friends with him.

It’s got to do with Kanye’s changeable nature and his love for controversies. That doesn’t mix so well with the Taurus girl’s love for peace and stability.

But then again, he’s a Gemini and so not rigid in his ways. And the Taurus girl loves that because she likes calling the shots in her friendships anyway.

25 Taurus Girl Will Ditch Christian Bale

She loved him as Batman. That was so masculine it made her toes curl in pleasure. But she did not like him in The Machinist because he looked scary with his ribs visible under his skin like that.

So while the Taurus girl might love him at first for his discipline and dedication towards his craft, she would still ditch him sooner or later because he’s just too eccentric for her. He’s an Aquarius after all.

And just like Gemini, his too is an air sign.

24 Aquarius Girl Will Marry Chris Hemsworth

The Aquarius girl hates following the crowd. She’s totally allergic to herd mentality. But not when it’s a dashing Leo like Chris Hemsworth.

Because who doesn’t like Thor? And if you don’t, the Aquarius would like you to shut up at once.

It’s an air-fire thing where one’s passions will spark the other’s imagination. Plus, they are opposites astrologically and so have one thing in common – a big need to stand out from the crowd.

23 Aquarius Girl Will Friendzone Pharell Williams

The Aquarius girl loves hanging out with trendsetters. And Pharell Williams fits that bill.

But though she would love talking up a storm with him and exercising her mind, she would not choose him as a romantic partner. He’s an Aries after all, and so too immature for her taste.

What else can you expect when one is the baby of astrology while the other a grandma (in soul years).

22 Aquarius Girl Will Ditch Channing Tatum

Ouch! But not because she thinks he is obnoxious. He isn’t. No Taurus is. They are the epitome of chivalry and she loves that about him…at least, at first.

But sooner or later, the Aquarius gal will ditch Mr. Tatum for someone airier in their temperament (or even someone with fire running through the veins). After all, Taurus people don’t like change and Aquarius people live for it just so society can hit a bigger milestone.

21 Capricorn Girl Will Marry Travis Scott

Of course, she would! Because he’s Travis Scott and he has proved his worth to the world, and then some. Those are the kinda men she likes – the rich and the successful.

And though she usually prefers her men to have a more conservative style, for him she’ll make an exception. Because she knows that diamond-studded teeth and tattoo-covered skin is the norm among rappers. And so if he was to dress like Bob, the office guy, he would look out of character in his profession.

20 Capricorn Girl Will Friendzone Ryan Reynolds

She is not a big fan of his sense of humor. It’s all fine and dandy for entertainment purposes, but she prefers her mates to maintain some decorum in public.

It’s an image thing! And Capricorns live for success and big images.

Nevertheless, she would still be good friends with him since he’s a Scorpio – a water sign – and that type gels well with her conservative earthy nature. Also, he’s great eye candy. So yeah.

19 Capricorn Girl Will Ditch Richard Madden

Anyone else thinks that Richard Madden was born to be a Prince? Those good looks and that polished charm fits the bill perfectly. And our Capricorn girl thinks so too.

That’s why she would date him in a jiffy. She has always dreamt of marrying into royalty, after all.

But this merry match would soon become too much for her when she realizes that Richard, a true Gemini, will never be the predictable sort. And so she will ditch him for someone more earthy in nature.

18 Gemini Girl Will Marry Brad Pitt

She’s changeable. So is he. She loves talking to people from all walks of life. So does he. She doesn’t believe in rigid rules. Neither does he.

That’s why the Gemini girl would hop and skip all the way to the altar if she had the chance to marry Brad Pitt. And it won’t just be for his good looks and his charming smile.

The man’s a Sagittarius! And with him, she would never have to live a single boring day.

17 Gemini Girl Will Friendzone Nick Jonas

He was her favorite Jonas Brother. And she digs his musical evolution from a Disney boy to an intense popstar. But she would still friendzone him quick.

He’s a Virgo, after all. And though she and he both share the same astrological ruler – Mercury, the planet of mischief mongering and tall tales – they won’t gel well as partners since one is a flighty air sign while the other is a more grounded earth sign.

16 Gemini Girl Will Ditch John Cena

She would fall for his charming smile and his gentle ways. (Yes, John Cena is a gentleman in real life.) And she totally loves the way he smacks down in the arena.

But she’ll still ditch him in the end because he’s a Taurus and she wouldn’t understand his disciplined and routine-loving ways. She’s the opposite of that!

But that’s okay. She’s a Gemini and so likes to dip her fingers in as many pies as she can before finally choosing her favorite. *wink* *wink*

15 Leo Girl Will Marry Michael Fassbender

She’s a drama queen and loves a man with many layers. That’s why she would marry Michael Fassbender at the drop of a hat.

He’s not a one trick Hollywood pony and she loves that about him. After all, actors who do the same role over and over again bore her to death. Give her a versatile man any day!

And the best part is that he’s an Aries, which makes it a fire-fire combo. So fireworks abound!

14 Leo Girl Will Friendzone Tom Cruise

She thinks he’s drop-dead gorgeous. And she can relate to his control-freak ways. But it’s the latter that would make her friendzone him.

After all, she’s a Leo, and nobody tells her what to do or how to live her life. Not even someone who looks like a Greek god incarnate.

Nevertheless, the two can still be good friends since he’s a Cancer and understand the value of loyalty. Just as she does.

13 Leo Girl Will Ditch Ashton Kutcher

She couldn’t believe how much she liked him when she first set her eyes on him. He’s Ashton Kutcher, after all. The stealer of hearts and the king of romantic comedies.

Nevertheless, he’s an Aquarius, and so she will ditch him sooner or later. The two would butt heads constantly because they both are stubborn to the bone.

Also, he seems to coast too much on his good looks. And she isn’t a big fan of that.

12 Sagittarius Girl Will Marry Shawn Mendes

The Sagittarius girl has a thing for the creative types. They are passionate, youthful, and above all, not boring.

That’s why she would marry Shawn Mendes in a jiffy! She loves the way he sings, and also his big, humble heart.

Also, he’s a Leo. And these warm, cuddly lions always bring out the best in her. So of course, she wants one for life. It’s a fire-fire thing that never stops the sparks from flying.

11 Sagittarius Girl Will Friendzone Michael B. Jordan

The Sagittarius girl loved Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger in Black Panther. He kept her on the edge of her seat the whole time. Plus, he wasn’t bad to look at either.

Nevertheless, this fire girl would still friendzone him because she likes the heroes more than the villains. And since he’s an Aquarius, the two would bond better intellectually than passionately.

Don’t you know that the Sagittarius-Aquarius pair is a famous BFF pair in astrology?

10 Sagittarius Girl Will Ditch Jim Carrey

He made her laugh. He made us all laugh. And then he pulled a disappearing act, starring in odd roles here and there. Maybe that’s why the Sagittarius girl lost interest in him.

Because mind you, she was interested. She is not the kind to hem and haw over anyone’s age. Or their gender. Or even their cultural background.

But she would still ditch Jim Carrey because he’s a Capricorn, and at the end of the day, his conservative ways in real life would become a big party pooper for her.

Virgo Girl Will Marry LeBron James

The star of all stars. LeBron James caught the Virgo girl’s eye not because he was good looking (he’s average in that department), but because his skills wowed her out of her seat!

She’s a Virgo, after all, and so fond of perfection in all its forms.

Plus, he’s a Capricorn. So the two would bond over shared values of dedication, discipline, and being practical in life.

Virgo Girl Will Friendzone Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd confuses the Virgo girl. His demeanor is that of a supporting actor, but his skills always land him the lead role where he tends to play characters who often get overshadowed by the other cast members. It’s weird.

Besides, he’s an Aries. And so the two would never work well as a couple anyway so she would definitely friendzone him.

Nevertheless, they would be good friends since she’s not rigid in her ways and his Aries charm would make her laugh all the time.

Virgo Girl Will Ditch Adam Levine

He sparked her passion when he hit notes most men would never manage to hit. And she loved his unpredictability (except for the high notes). But in the end, the Virgo girl would still ditch Adam Levine.

He hogs the spotlight a bit too much. So much that most people don’t even know the names of the rest of his band members. And she isn’t a fan of that at all.

Besides, he’s a Pisces. Her diametrical opposite in the astro wheel, and so not really her type.

Libra Girl Will Marry Ewan McGregor

The Libra girl is fond of men with good manners and masculine confidence. And Ewan McGregor exudes that from his pores.

So of course, she’ll marry him! Plus, she’s a big fan of his body of work. They are versatile and make her emote.

And then again, he’s an Aries, and so the two will hit it off quite well together. It’s a Mar-Venus thing. (She’s Venus and he’s Mars.)

Libra Girl Will Friendzone Justin Bieber

She is a belieber. But she will still friendzone him in real life. No offense!

It’s a basic case of incompatibility where one is an air sign (our Libra girl) and the other a water (Piscean Justin Bieber). They won’t understand each other well enough to take their friendship to the next level.

Nevertheless, they will bond well as friends since both are party animals and love hitting it up on the weekends. (Or whenever.)

Libra Girl Will Ditch Conor McGregor

She might fall for his masculine good looks (she loves her men with full beards and mustaches), but in the end, the Libra girl will still ditch Connor McGregor.

After all, this genteel creature isn’t fond of the rowdy types. Or for that matter, watery people since they emote a bit too much for her taste. (She’s a cerebral girl, you know?)

But while it lasts, it will still be a great ride. She’s the commitment queen, after all, and doesn’t give up so easily.

Cancer Girl Will Marry Leonardo DiCaprio

This water girl is the happiest when in the company of other water folks, like Leo DiCaprio, who is a bonafide Scorpio in all his glory.

That’s why she would marry him.

The two would understand each other so well that after a point they wouldn’t even need to speak out loud. It would be all telepathic. Plus, Scorpios understand the beauty of emotions and loyalty. And this will bind the two even more.

Cancer Girl Will Friendzone Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal is a Sagittarius through-and-through. Right from his choice of movie roles to his weird girlfriend choices over the years.

That’s why the Cancer girl would hit it off quite well with him. But only as friends because she isn’t fond of the Sagittarian sharp tongue that often bites into her soft underbelly.

But since she knows those barbs of truth come from a guileless heart, she would still manage to stay friends with him.

Cancer Girl Will Ditch Robert Downey Jr.

She’s a fan of his sense of humor. Hers is just as dry and sarcastic. And she loves the way he takes up all the space on screen with his magnanimous presence.

Well, that’s RDJ for you. What else can you expect from this powerful Aries chap?

Nevertheless, the Cancer girl will ditch him in the end for someone with a softer temperament because while she finds his personality amazing, as a partner it would be a bit too much for her after some time.


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