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Who Is Our Celebrity Alter-Ego According To Your Zodiac Sign

Many people turn to the stars when they need advice on what the future holds for them. And some have a tough time believing that a bunch of constellations in the sky can predict their future. But for major believers, star signs can do so much more than that.

One’s sign actually speaks volumes about their personality traits. Many would be fascinated to learn that a lot of the good and bad traits that Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces have can be ridiculously accurate. They might even leave a few skeptics speechless!

Now, it’s known that there are a lot of stars out there who have a look-a-like double. So, regular people may wonder if perhaps, there’s a celebrity whose personality matches each sign. And it’s not true that the following celebs are actually Cancers, Libras, or Virgos. But some of these stars have some oddly specific personality traits that 100% match each star sign.

It sounds far-fetched, but it’s true, and just about anyone can find their celeb doppelganger in the astro world. Think Lili Reinhart from Riverdale goes with the flow like Pisces do? Or is she more of a Libra girl? Grab a crystal ball and get ready to see what everyone’s favorite celebs have in common with these astro signs.


24 Aries Girls Are Carefree As Long As They Have The Last Word

Aries girls love to take charge of things, especially when it comes to their public image. There’s nothing they dislike more than not being in control of that or having someone try to take it from them. They’re like the alphas of their pack, too.

So, don’t bother trying to argue with them, because they’re going to win and you’re going to lose.

Even if they’re wrong and you’re right. It’s just the way it is. They’re eager, enthusiastic, and oh-so defensive, and they’ll always have the last word… even if they have to stand there all night in order to get it. But it’s that determination and assertiveness that makes them so alluring.

23 Aries Alter Ego: Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne has gained a huge number of followers on social media. But while she welcomes the love from her fans, she could care less about the critics. Being a celebrity, she’s prone to hearing or reading things about herself that aren’t very nice, and when she does, she’ll bring it up and clap back at the naysayers. She’s the type of gal who knows how to defend herself. Now, a part of her knows that she shouldn’t let people get to her, but she would much rather lay all the cards on the table and deal with it head on than ignore a problem and risk it getting a whole lot worse.

22 Libra Girls Are Gentle Souls But They Can Lose Their Cool *Real* Quick

Watch out for Libras! They can be your best friends or your very worst enemies. But for the most part, Libras are gentle and kind and they love to bond with people. That’s actually a pretty big deal to them. They want friendships that last a lifetime.

But they’re also serious instigators who will create conflict and lose their cool at the drop of a hat.

But then they’ll try to fix things with diplomacy and come out smelling like roses. If they happen to see an injustice, they’ll speak up and do whatever it takes to make things right again.

21 Libra Alter-Ego: Ariana Grande

If there’s one thing that Ariana Grande abhors it’s misogynistic internet trolls. From her perspective, we’re all trying our best to keep on living the best way we possibly can. So, there’s really no need for people to be mean. She doesn’t like people poking around in her personal life either. This is something Ryan Seacrest learned when she called him out for allegedly trying to dig deep and ask Ari to spill the beans on her personal life. So clearly, she’s a justice seeker and she knows how to stand up for herself. But there’s also a softer side to Ari. She’s pretty compassionate, a fact that she proved when she reached out to her ex Peter Davidson after he made some worrisome comments about his health and future.

20 Taurus Girls Are The Perfect Girlfriend, But It Comes With A Price

You might as well start thinking about a future with her because Taurus girls are loyal to the bone. They’ll do whatever it takes to make their significant others happy, even if it means sacrificing their own happiness in order to do it.

There’s probably no truer love than the one that a committed Taurus girl.

So, get ready to be pampered because Taurus girls love taking care of their bae. They also love to wrap themselves in love as if it were a cozy blanket. But the animal associated with this sign is a bull, so they can be extremely stubborn with a touch of craziness, too. But hey! That does keep things interesting, don’t you agree?

19 Taurus Alter-Ego: Barbara Palvin

When it comes to relationships, model Barbara Palvin isn’t sure what the future holds for her. The stunning model could end up having a husband, a few kids, and have her own business. Or she could ditch it all to become a full-time actress and marry the love of her life, but have no children. Barbara loves being in a relationship, but she’s mostly focused on her work at the moment. And if you asked her what role she would love to play in a movie, she’s admitted that she would like to play a psychopath. Yup! That sounds like a Taurus. In all seriousness, Barbara would make one unsuspecting villain because the girl’s just too adorable for words. Her beauty makes the perfect cover for someone who’s totally deranged.

18 Scorpio Girls Are Fearless Leaders, But They Also Have Trust Issues

Scorpio girls are natural born leaders who rely on themselves and their own powers and resources. They don’t follow a path, they make one. So, imagine how they would feel if someone tried to control their lives. Chances are, it wouldn’t go well.

But to be a good leader, you have to trust, and unfortunately, Scorpios have some major trust issues.

They don’t even have faith in their own shadow let alone someone else’s potentially good intentions. But trying to convince them that no one’s out to get them is tough, especially when you’re a part of a major TV reality family. Did you guess which celeb’s got all the traits of a Scorpio?

17 Scorpio Alter Ego: Kylie Jenner

Scorpios are born to create their own business and live life by their own rules. They’re fearless and super passionate, which coincidentally describes the youngest member of the Kar-Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner. She’s known for inspiring some major beauty trends like her uber coveted Kylie lips. But we’re willing to bet she’s not even aware of how much influence she has on her fans. It’s like the girl doesn’t understand her true power. But that definitely sounds like a natural born leader to us, and she’s proven it by going from an entrepreneur, to mommy, and potential billionaire in only a few short years. This girl’s got the power to influence and change the world, one trend at a time.

16 Gemini Girls Are Passion-Fueled People But They Can Get Bored Easily

Gemini girls are witty, expressive, and oh-so passionate, but they also have what might be considered a dual personality. They can be extremely sociable, interactive, and a lot of fun one minute. Then they’ll flip a switch and get restless, reserved, and serious the next. They also get bored at the drop of a hat.

So, something that really got them excited yesterday, might make them yawn today.

But while their fascination is piqued, the world can seem like a curious place to be in. They want to explore and experience everything. But sadly, a Gemini girl’s emotions have an expiration date on the proverbial package.

15 Gemini Alter-Ego: Camila Cabello

The Cuban-American singer has two personalities. One is obviously Camila, and the other one is one she calls Karla. Camila is more of the performer side of herself. She’s the one that goes to award ceremonies or confidently walks on stage to perform. But Karla is the very essence of who she is and who she was as a child. This side of her tends to be introverted, especially when she’s around boys. And unlike Camila, Karla would much rather stay stuck in a fantasy world than go out. So, if you’re one of the privileged few who knows this powerful songstress, then you’re really probably in for a ride.

14 Sagittarius Girls Are Irresistible, But They Can Be VERY Blunt

Hanging out with a Sagittarius girl can get a bit dangerous because they’re very blunt, and they don’t really care who they hurt. They’re honest. That’s just part of who they are. They’re also kind of impatient and lack any tact when it comes to dealing with people.

It’s very important to a Sagittarius to get their point of view across.

Otherwise, it’ll get stuck in their subconscious and won’t let them go about their day. But as insensitive as they might come off at times, they’re actually very happy go-lucky people who see the real world in a positive way. They just feel like sugarcoating things isn’t doing anyone a favor. They are joyful and fun-loving, and rarely get angry when things don’t go their way, and that’s just simply adorable.

13 Sagittarius Alter Ego: Dove Cameron

Actress Dove Cameron is so adorbs, hence why Disney had her on the teen sitcom Liv and Maddie. But she’s also full of energy, which makes her the type of girl who’s bubbly and totally magnetic. Naturally, everyone assumes that there’s no way that someone could be that peppy all the time, so people think that her upbeat attitude could be just a facade. But it’s definitely all natural, baby! She’ll be the first one to tell you that she’s always been very intense when it comes to her emotions. But this is something that clearly no one would understand, except of course, a Sagittarius, who seems to have very similar personality traits to Dove.

12 Virgo Girls Are Perfectionists & Loyal But They Don’t Waste Time With Commitment-Phobes

Virgo girls will do everything in their power to improve and enhance the skills and personality traits they dislike about themselves. They might even extend the courtesy to their partners. But they won’t necessarily do it with a smile, and their SO will have to put in a lot of effort too.

There’s nothing that Virgos dislike more than people who waste their time.

So, they tend to be a little too critical with their loved ones. Then again, they are critical of themselves, too. And if that wasn’t difficult enough, they’re also huge commitment-phobes. So, looking for a happily ever after with a Virgo might not always be a walk in the park.

11 Virgo Girls Alter-Ego: Kendall Jenner

As part of the Kar-Jenner family, Kendall knows what hard work looks like. She also understands that to get ahead you have to be ready to give it your best and become a perfectionist in the process. She’s extremely determined to succeed and doesn’t like the thought of actually losing focus on her professional life. In fact, she would much rather pull all of her resources and turn a job project into a success, and she won’t back down until it’s done. As far as commitment issues goes… let’s see. She’s been connected to Harry Styles, A$AP Rocky, and Blake Griffin to name a few. So, you figure it out.

10 Pisces Girls Are #BFF Goals But They Can Get Stuck In La-La Land A Lot

Pisces girls are the ultimate dreamers, so don’t expect them to stay tethered to reality for very long. It’s just not their thing. Unfortunately, this also blinds them to what’s really going on in life. So, when something bad goes down, they focus too much on self-pitying, which can take an emotional toll on them.

However, you might not ever catch them crying because they would rather hide behind a smile.

Fake it til you make it, right? Pisces girls keep their chin up, especially when they feel that they need to share their wisdom and experience to help a friend in need.

Pisces Alter Ego: Selena Gomez

Singer and actress Selena Gomez may come off as though she’s pretty self-assured and strong, but she’s only human. Sure, she’s a pretty tough cookie. She’s had to endure many things that would break most of us. She had a pretty rocky relationship with her ex, Justin Bieber, and her work didn’t help either. Don’t get her wrong. She loves being a singer, but touring can be a lonely experience. In fact, she’s often experienced anxiety and depression during these times, and even panic attacks before performing onstage. So, when things get tough, she likes to take a break from reality and focus on a fantasy world where everything is going to be okay. And in the end, it ends up working marvels for her!

Capricorn Girls Are So Obsessed With Work That Loneliness Really Gets Them

Make no mistake! Capricorn girls will put their work before anything and anyone else. They’re very productive, and tend to grow when they’re in a challenging work environment. If they’re not multi-tasking, they can go a little nuts. Don’t expect them to rub elbows with a lot of co-workers either.

Capricorns will put their professional ambitions first above anything and everything and that includes work friendships.

But that doesn’t mean that they’re not capable of being a good friend. They are very close to a few people, and you can count on them to be trustworthy and reliable. But they get lonely, too, which is why they love long-term goals and are very family-oriented.

Capricorn Alter-Ego: Gigi Hadid

Model Gigi Hadid travels to a lot of exotic places, many of which are in different parts of the world. This presents a problem because at night she can find herself all alone in the lavish hotel room in a foreign country and have no one to talk to. Ironically, her work ethic and expectations tend to override all other reasoning. In fact, if you asked her, she’d tell you that she has her entire life compartmentalized into groups like work, family, and relationships. So, she finds it refreshing that the people she knows understand that and remind her that it’s okay to be a lone wolf once in a while.

Aquarius Girls Own Up To Who They Are, Both Good And Bad

Aquarius girls are usually smart, funny, and adventurous. They’re also exciting and friendly people to be around. To top that off, they don’t conform to anyone’s standards. They would much rather be comfortable in their own skin rather than go with the flow. They own up to who they are, even if they’ve made a mistake.

From their perspective, those hiccups were a learning experience that helped to shape the person they are today.

So, when you meet an Aquarius girl, expect her to be open about the good and the bad aspects of their personality.

Aquarius Alter-Ego: Lucy Hale

Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale is on a journey of self-discovery, and she’s not too shy to admit that she’s still trying to figure things out. She’s made some tough choices and a couple of mature ones, like avoiding drinking. Now, she has made it her personal mission to include good people in her life and hopefully become the best possible version of herself. She also knows that being the good girl who’s ultimately flawed isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But she doesn’t want to meet anyone’s expectations other than her own. She’s just not that type of girl, and she’s certainly not afraid to own up to that.

Leo Girls Are Total Social Butterflies But They Can Also Be Super Unpredictable

If there’s one thing that Leo girls love it’s attention. They bask in the spotlight the way a beachgoer bathes in the sunlight. They love to celebrate their accomplishments as if they were getting a promotion every single day.

They’re extreme optimists who don’t accept a lack of success as an option.

And as they mature, they discover a well of inner courage that help them succeed and become fierce social butterflies. But they can be very unpredictable too. They would much rather focus on all the good they’ve accomplished rather than listening to what their friends have done.

Leo Alter-Ego: Hailee Steinfeld

Bumblebee star Hailee Steinfeld wants to experience life in all of its glory, and she doesn’t even care if she gets burned in the process. She’s worked hard to get to where she is now. The singer/actress has even been nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe. This level of accomplishment was obviously achieved through determination, talent, and the help and encouragement of everyone around her. But her ability to not let all this fame and fortune get to her head comes from her parents. It’s allowed her to use her voice to go out and see what she can accomplish both as a human being and an artist.

Cancer Girls May Get Emotional But Nothing Can Stop These Go-Getters

Cancer girls might be moody, but they’re as soft as they are tough. They’re the kind of people you definitely want to have on your side because their loyalty knows no bounds. They’re very easy going, too, so dating a Cancer girl is seriously one of the easiest relationships you could ask for.

But don’t assume they’re total pushovers just because they’re total sweethearts!

They have no problem lashing out and calling people out when they feel like they’re being mistreated. Now, some people might see this is a major handicap. But their overly emotional personalities will not stop them from being go-getters and excelling in relationships, work, school, and other personal interests. Clearly, these girls are a force to be reckoned with.

Cancer Alter-Ego: Lili Reinhart

If there’s one thing you can say about Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart, it’s that she’s very candid about mental health and her personal struggles. She’s had to deal with body dysmorphia, sadness, and even embarrassment over having acne, which made her want to hide herself. Lili feels like she’s being hit with waves of depression from time to time, but she’s handled it like a boss, even when she was going through mood swings that gave her mom quite a fright. But she’s one tough cookie who’s not afraid to speak her mind, and when critics tried to put her down on social media, she clapped back. She’s got the personality of a Cancer sign and the fire to put trolls in their place!




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