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Here’s What Will Bring Each Sign Bad Luck


According to centuries of superstitions, there are certain things in this world that are sure to bring us bad luck. Some might cause misfortune in general, while others are said to wreak havoc on certain areas of your life, like your finances or your relationships. We have come a long way from those medieval times where superstition was held in higher regard than science, however, there is nothing wrong with still being cautious when you come across something long-thought to be unlucky! Even if there is no truth behind the legends, you might associate bad luck with particular objects and behaviors, which could lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s better to steer clear of these things whenever you can! And in particular, each sign of the zodiac has one symbol that they should avoid at all costs, because the misfortune it brings them will be especially severe. Here is what will bring you bad luck, based on your sign.

15 Aries Needs To Watch Out For Snakes

Snakes have to be one of the most feared creatures on the planet. They have been associated with evil and misfortune for thousands of years, thanks to their negative appearance in the Bible and other texts that have shaped the world. However, just because they’re frightening doesn’t mean you have the all-clear to kill them! Executing a snake is believed to be bad luck for many reasons. In cultures where snakes aren’t so popular, they are thought to be demons in disguise, and killing them is said to anger the demon who will then haunt the killer as revenge. That is a problem nobody needs in their life! There are other cultures that actually worship snakes, and they believe that killing what they worship is as unlucky as it would be if you killed something you worshipped, like a Labrador puppy. If you can help it, you should avoid killing snakes, but this advice is especially important for Aries. One of the bravest and strongest in the zodiac, you actually would kill a snake if it was bothering you, whereas other signs would be too afraid. We know you’re brave enough to do it, but it’s better to walk away and preserve that good luck!

14 Gemini Stay Away From Broken Mirrors

You must have heard the saying: a broken mirror brings seven years of bad luck. This is especially true if you are a Gemini! Mirrors themselves have a history of association with evil and bad luck, dating all the way back to the ancient Greek legend of Narcissus. Even children’s fairytales imply that mirrors are dark—just think of the Evil Queen from Snow White talking into her creepy mirror! Legends have emerged to suggest that there are dangers lurking within our mirrors, including the story that reciting “Bloody Mary” three times into the mirror will conjure an evil spirit. Basically, this all comes down to the fact that ancient people really believed that mirrors contained souls. It was thought that our reflection was our soul trapped in the mirror, and that there were other souls and spirits in there too, which would fly out and haunt you if you broke it. A broken mirror also signifies that your soul has departed from your body, which is bad news for Gemini in particular because you have an impassioned and bubbly soul that people love. Lose the essence of who you are, and you lose everything!


13 Gemini Better Respond To A Chain Email

We bet that you just finished going through your inbox at this moment and deleted those pesky chain emails you can’t believe people are still sending, which in this case is probably a Gemini because they do not want any bad luck! We know those chain emails that demand you to forward them on don’t really have any powers. But for someone as obsessed with the social scene as you are, the thought of bringing about social misfortune by not forwarding one of these emails will be stressful to say the least! The emails don’t have any power per se, but you’ll probably manifest your own bad luck by freaking out over the fact that you haven’t followed the instructions. Also, if there are any social gods, you wouldn’t want to upset them. Staying relevant is just too important for you!

12 Virgo Leave Your Umbrellas Outside

Being a Virgo, you really don’t like anything that doesn’t make sense. You aren’t one for buying into superstitions that carry no logic, and would rather follow traditions that actually add up to you! Considering this, if there’s one bad luck symbol that you should avoid, it’s opening an umbrella inside. Why? This action has a number of ties to curses and other supernatural things, but more importantly for you, it’s just silly. Not only is it said to cause bad luck in a mystical way, but it will also probably cause bad luck when you poke out someone’s eye or shatter something! One story comes from Ancient Rome of a woman who opened an umbrella inside mere moments before her house collapsed, and another tells of a British prince who died months after accepting umbrellas as gifts from a king. In addition to tales like these, people have traditionally been wary of umbrellas indoors because they were originally used as protection from the sun, so opening them up inside was an insult to the sun god. Other theories suggest that opening an umbrella unnecessarily is basically asking for bad luck to rain down on you. You probably don’t buy into all that as a Virgo, but it’s good to know!

11 Virgo Don’t Put New Shoes on the Table

Maybe it’s just something your mother told you, but what if there’s something more to it: can putting new shoes on a table be bad luck? There’s no scientific evidence to prove either way, so you better play it safe! Putting new shoes on the table isn’t a good idea for Virgo in particular because you’re so proud of your clean home and OTT about germs, that putting any shoes on anything in your house is essentially asking for trouble. Even if they’re new, other people have tried them on and worn them around the store and at the end of the day, you just don’t need them on your table. We can’t argue with this one. A table or any furniture is no place for shoes, no matter how new they are!

10 Libra Doesn’t Want Yellow Flowers

We know what you’re thinking—how could anything as beautiful as sunny, yellow flowers bring bad luck? According to an old wives’ tale, they so do! Golden blooms are said to signify the end of a relationship or betrayal between partners, so it is thought that gifting them can bring about those things. It is said to be especially unlucky to give yellow flowers to your partner, and might just cause the end of your relationship…Apparently, the key to a happy relationship is the right color flowers! This is something that Libra will want to consider because you are the lover of the zodiac. Relationships are very important to you, and misfortune in that area is one of the worst things that can happen to you. You also like to receive gifts from your partner, and to spoil them in return, so you’re more likely to use opulent yellow flowers than other signs. Other superstitions surround flowers too, specifically that there should always be an odd number of flowers in a bouquet, and an even amount of flowers at a funeral. That’s definitely good to know!

Aquarius Should Not Be Wearing Opals

Opals are gorgeous, stylish, and something that an Aquarius would typically wear; you set trends and constantly rock cool pieces that other people catch on to, including groovy jewelry. However, you might want to rethink wearing opals, because they are believed to bring bad luck to the wearer. This belief is anchored in the popular novel “Anne of Geierstein”, which was written in 1829 by Sir Walter Scott. In the book, a character called Lady Hermione dies after a drop of holy water falls onto her opal jewelry and causes it to change color. Later, Lady Hermione is falsely accused of being a demon, so it didn’t end up going too well for her! After the book was released, the price of opals declined 50% because the demand for them dropped so low. Referred to as the Stone of Tears by some, it is better to just avoid crossing paths with this gemstone! If you’re absolutely obsessed with them, you can get around the curse they carry by making sure you buy them yourself rather than receiving them as gifts, or by pairing them with diamonds, which are said to have dominion over them.

Pisces Watch Out For The Black Cats

From Ancient Egypt until today, cats have been worshipped and revered. With their little noses, twitchy whiskers, and playful pouncing, how can you not love a kitty? Well, although they have been loved for thousands of years, there have been periods in history where they were hated thanks to their perceived association with witchcraft. In medieval times, it was thought that any older woman who kept black cats was a witch, and the cats were her animal familiars. Because they’re so quiet and sneaky, cats were thought to be the perfect animals to go out and retrieve ingredients for witches’ potions. Some even believed that the witches themselves would turn into black cats. So from all these stories comes the superstition that when a black cat crosses your path, it brings with it the bad luck of the witch. In particular, if you cross a black cat on your way to do something, it is said that whatever you were setting out to achieve will fail miserably. Being spiritual and sensitive, Pisces usually attract animals to them. You attract many lucky animals too, but watch out for black cats who might be witches in disguise!

Aries Shouldn’t Gift A Sharp Object

Okay, giving a pocket knife as a gift isn’t exactly the norm. But if anybody’s going to do it, it’s Aries! However, try to resist the urge to give this bold gift, since it’s said by many to be a bad omen. You won’t bring bad luck to yourself by doing this, but you will bring bad luck to the person you’re giving it to. And we know that since you love all your family and friends dearly, you would never want to do that to them! To stay safe, stick to scented candles and chocolates when you don’t know what to give somebody for a present. This one is one of the weirder ones. We can’t even decide if it’s the gift or the fact that an Aries (or anyone for that matter) can possibly do such a thing.

Sagittarius Don’t Go Under Ladders

There are endless reasons why ladders are considered to be bad luck. For starters, they resemble the gallows and so bring up all sorts of horrible images in people’s minds. Interestingly enough, before the gallows were used to execute people, criminals were hung from the tops of ladders. That’s creepy enough as it is, but it was believed back then that their spirits lingered beneath the ladders afterwards, so if you walked underneath you were essentially colliding into a spirit, and a spirit of a criminal no less. Not the kind of spirit you want to have pissed off at you! Another reason for all the importance surrounding ladders is that the Ancient Egyptians believed that triangles represented pyramids (which were thought to be of paramount significance), and a ladder leaning against a wall formed the shape of a triangle. Naturally, walking beneath this destroyed the flow and power of the pyramid and invited bad luck. It’s never good luck to walk under a ladder, but Sagittarius should be particularly careful because being a natural traveler and wanderer, you’re more likely to casually stroll under a ladder without thinking than others are. You’re also more likely to encounter them on your travels!

Taurus Knows That The Number 13 Isn’t Luck

The number 13 has been believed to be unlucky for hundreds of years. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that there were 13 people at the Last Supper and many speculate that the Crucifixion of Jesus took place on Friday the 13th. Other Biblical references suggest that 13 is a troublesome number too, implying that the 13th psalm concerns wickedness and the circumcision of Israel occurred in the 13thyear. There were also said to be 13 steps leading up to the gallows and 13 witches per standard coven, and anybody who has 13 letters in their name is thought to be unlucky and cursed (think Jack the Ripper, Charles Manson, and Theodore Bundy). People hate the number 13 so much that some buildings don’t have an official 13th floor, and some even avoid leaving the house on Friday the 13th. 13 is unlucky for everybody, but why should Taurus watch out for this number in particular? Anything to do with numbers really resonates with you, and they seem to have more power over you than they do other people.

Cancer Throw It Over Your Shoulder

Salt in itself is said to bring good luck. At one point in time, it was an extremely rare good and was even believed to have magical powers. We can see today that salt has a number of practical uses that go beyond flavoring our food, including helping the body to heal. Given that salt itself is so adored (and it was even more so in past times), it’s considered pretty bad luck to spill it. Some even believe that the only reason anybody would actually spill something as important as salt is because the devil is behind them causing mischief. So how do you remedy all this misfortune? It’s pretty simple! To ward off bad luck that comes from spilling the salt, all you have to do is throw a pinch over your shoulder—some think that this ends up flying in the devil’s face, which has got to be a good thing! Spilling salt is especially unlucky for Cancer because it is said to bring not general misfortune, but bad luck to the family specifically. You live for your family and nearly fall apart when any harm comes to those under your protection, so remember to be extra-careful around those salt shakers!

Leo Don’t Dare To Wish Someone Happy Birthday Too Early

In German and Russian culture, it is considered very bad luck to wish someone happy birthday before the actual date. Celebrating the birthday is the same, and if you can’t do it on the actual date, then you should always do it afterwards. This superstition is rooted so deeply in some European cultures that it’s now considered plain rude to wish someone a happy birthday before the real date, which will end up being unlucky anyway if they choose to retaliate! This is something that Leo should watch out for because being one of the most social and outgoing signs, you probably do it all the time. Leo typically has an endless list of friends and gets invited to unlimited parties, so there are many reasons why you might send birthday wishes early. You might get confused between all your friends and all their birthdays, or you might be unable to attend a celebration because you have another one on the same day, so you wish them well early to compensate. Whatever happens, remember that this brings bad luck so if need be, always celebrate after the birthday!

Scorpio Is Scared Of The Number 666

Amongst Christians, three sixes in a row—666—is about as unlucky as it gets. In the Book of Revelation, found in the Bible, it is written that 666 is the mark of the beast, and many interpret this as a sign that Satan is near and so is the end of the world. Movies like The Omen reintroduced this concept into mainstream culture, evoking fear within all people, not just Christians. There is some evidence to suggest that there isn’t actually anything to be scared of with this number—one theory states that the writer of the Book of Revelation was writing in code to reach persecuted Christians, and that 666 today is probably the equivalent of the Hebrew letters for the Roman Emperor Nero, who was out to get all Christians. Whether you believe that 666 is really the mark of the beast of not, it’s still an eerie number thanks to all our negative associations with it! As a Scorpio, you in particular should avoid having anything to do with this number because being eternally curious, you are more likely to believe that the number is evil, and thanks to the self-fulfilling prophecy, might just attract some bad luck to yourself when you see it!


Capricorn Hold In That Sneeze Before You Go Out

There isn’t much you can do to stop a sneeze, unfortunately. But it is useful to know that sneezing is considered to be bad luck, and there are ways to rectify that! It all comes down to the widespread ancient belief that when a person sneezed, their soul escaped from their body. It was also thought that at the same time, an evil spirit could enter the body and possess the sneezer. Nowadays we’re a little more concerned with getting our germs everywhere and not being able to find a tissue, but it’s still not a nice thought that your soul might be getting away from you! Without a soul, you aren’t able to produce anything worthwhile or successful, which is a Capricorn’s worst nightmare. Sneezing before you go out is said to ruin your productivity for the day, so as a highly ambitious and dedicated Capricorn who’s always striving to achieve your goals, you should try and ward off some of that misfortune when you do sneeze before leaving the house. Sneezing four times is believed to be able to break the curse, so try and sneeze another few times until you get to four. A few fake ones should do the trick!



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