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Will Your Relationship Last Or Will It Fall With The Leaves?: A Zodiac Investigation



Astrology and our romantic lives, they seemingly go hand in hand. It is finally that time of year again. When Pumpkin Spice anything is devoured every day, the leaves start falling, we reach into our closet for sweaters, and our love lives begin to change. As if we didn’t already know, as the seasons change, the cosmos continually move around, altering what happens in our lives. This magical universe that we live in can provide with some valuable insight about the future of our romantic relationships. Whether you happen to be happily single or in a relationship that has you questioning everything, there is so much that we can all learn directly by looking to the stars for some guidance towards what the future of our romantic relationships seems.


Most of our answers are all written in the stars. In fact, you may just be surprised as to what could happen during this magical fall season. Because you might just find your soulmate or you could finally realize that the guy you’ve been with since high school isn’t the person you are meant to be with for the long haul. If you are anything like me, then reaching into the vortex that is astrology can put your life into perspective.

24 The Single Sagittarius Man Will Most Probably Meet Someone New

Sagittarius guys adore having their freedom. In fact, while some Sagittarius men can respect the beauty of being in a committed relationship, being single is sometimes the more attractive option to a Sagittarius guy. This fall, being the notorious commitment-phobe may finally come to an end. With the planet of commitment- aka Saturn- staying in your sign this fall, there is definitely some potential for a real relationship to blossom. If you are in a relationship, then the stars seem to help the good vibes continue. Regardless of your relationship status, having time to be your creative self is essential. Every Sagittarius guy should work on giving their partners the space they need so that each person can release any co-dependent tendencies and come together to be the best couple ever!


23 The Quirky Sagittarius Female Will Continue To Make Her Partner Laugh

Are you a Sagittarius woman looking for love this fall? Afraid of making a wrong decision in the romance department? Sagittarius women are not ones to hide the truth from their partners. In fact, when they are in relationships they like to spend time with their partners. This fall, Sagittarius women may stray from their usual desire to chase after unavailable men and actually find someone that they can be in a long-term committed relationship with. There is no one funnier than the Sagittarius women who knows exactly what to say and when. As a result, there are some romantic moments in-store as the seasons start to change for all the Sagittarius ladies out there! So, get out there and see who you find, it might just be the one!

22 The Emotional Capricorn Man Will Go Through A Roller-Coaster Ride But Will Most Likely End Up In The Right Relationship

Are you happily single Capricorn guy right now? Do you happen to feel a nagging feeling like something good is headed your way? But still feel like things just are not quite right? This fall, you’ll want to go easy on yourself. Life will want to throw a bunch of curveballs your way. It may be a challenging time for many Capricorn guys, single or in committed relationships. But once the storm passes, you will be stronger and wiser in the end. As soon as you stop focusing on other people and begin to focus on yourself, the right people will swiftly come into your life. Therefore, give yourself a break, stop beating yourself up, and do the things that bring you genuine happiness, fulfillment, and joy!

21 The Capricorn Female Is Going To Have Many Demons She Will Have To Battle On Her Own

The one person that might not look forward to the new season is the Capricorn woman! If there is one woman in the entire zodiac that is entirely okay being alone, it’s definitely the Capricorn female. And this fall, it seems as though she might be better off spending some time focusing on herself than trying to find a partner. In fact, as the leaves begin to fall, the Capricorn woman will undoubtedly have to deal with some personal issues that she has kept hidden for far too long. Whether it’s an eating disorder that just cannot continue or past hurt she has been holding from a previous relationship, there are a variety of internal struggles that need to be straightened out before this phenomenal Capricorn woman is ready to play the field in the game of love.

20 The Aquarius Guy Will Be A Supporting Player In His Romantic Relationship

If you are looking to find a healthy relationship this fall, dear Aquarius man, you may just get what you’ve wished for. In fact, there’s a significant chance that you might meet your soulmate in the next few weeks. If you find yourself cozying up to the girl that you regularly see on the subway, now is your time to strike up a conversation and ask her out! Don’t be afraid of rejection. This is finally your time to shine in the spotlight, so take advantage of it! While your love interest may be the main character in this love affair, your supporting role is still important, Aquarius. Without you having the guts to take her on your first date, there would be no relationship to talk about.

19 The Aquarius Female Is Likely To End Up Going Back To Her Toxic Ex

Aquarian women can often be the ones that all the guys want. And yet, they continue to keep going back to the guy that broke their heart in the first place. Being so wildly eccentric it can often come as a surprise about how deeply insecure Aquarius women really are, especially when it comes to their love lives. Being in a relationship, no matter how toxic, is something a lot of Aquarian females find themselves in. And this fall is no different. In fact, that one ex you had a long and arduous relationship with might just come back into your life. While this is a relationship that will inevitably end in disaster. There is hope that you will eventually be able to find someone new and have a healthy romantic relationship once and for all!

18 The Pisces Guy Will Be Enjoying His Alone Time

As a Pisces guy, you are not very focused on being in a romantic relationship. In fact, you relish the time you have to yourself. You prefer to focus on the one thing that truly matters- your wellbeing. As a result, while it’s super easy for a Pisces guy to find someone to fulfill them. This fall, they will prefer to take some time out for themselves. Whether it’s going on a solo trip across the world or just going to the park with your dog, Pisces guys will be avoiding the ladies this fall because of their inner need to be their best selves. Taking some much-needed time to understand what they truly want out of life is something that aa Pisces guy yearns for daily.


17 The Pisces Female Will Probably Fall In Love With The Wrong Person

The super-sweet Pisces female is something to adore. In fact, she is the person who can come off as naive, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. Falling for the wrong guy is nothing new to the Pisces girl. And this fall, as the seasons change, our Pisces girls will continue falling for all the crazy guys. It can be so easy to seek comfort in the first guy who opens his arms for a cuddle-sesh, but Pisces ladies need to be wary of guys’ motives. There are plenty of dudes who prey on the naivete of a Pisces female and lure her into unhealthy romantic relationships. Therefore, if you just so happen to be a Pisces female, it might be best to steer clear of jerks or any guys for that matter once the leaves start changing colors!

16 If You’re An Aries Guy, You May Have To Defend Your Actions

There is absolutely no one who is infallible. In fact, when it comes to making mistakes, Aries men are notorious for always messing things up, every single chance that they get. As a result, being in a romantic relationship with an Aries guy can be challenging. However, they will always put up a fight and defend their actions. This is particularly the case this fall. It seems like the stars are going to align for some epic throw-downs for the Aries guy who finds himself in a relationship having to reassure his partner that he isn’t cheating on her. In the end, it looks like this fall, every Aries man should get their alibis straight when it comes to their love lives. Otherwise, they may end up being single this winter.


15 The Aries Lady Might Impulsively Leave The Love Of Her Life For A Distracting Fling

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. As such, Aries women tend to be on the impulsive side. In fact, they are usually the life of the party. But when it comes to relationships, they tend to be really bad at keeping the good ones to last for a long time. Due to their unbridled impulsivity for everything, including men, Aries women are quite often the ones to be the first to cheat on their partners. As a result, if we take a look at the stars, it seems as though this fall, Aries women will choose the hot fling over her reliable and dependable companion. In the end, the Aries women are merely attracted to the fireworks that this new fling brings to her.

14 The Taurus Man May Need To Seek Relationship Counseling This Fall

The stubborn Taurus man is not someone who gives up on his romantic relationships easily or without giving it his all. He will try and try, hoping to make it work. Sometimes things are not going so well in our romantic relationships. This is going to be the case for the Taurus man. In fact, he may have so much trouble with his partner that he will seek out the help of a professional to help the relationship get back on course. It can be tough to be in a relationship when both parties refuse to communicate with one another. In truth, most relationship problems occur because of some sort of communication issue. And it looks like the stars are aligning to cause troubles with communicating for the Taurus guy as the leaves begin to fall.


13 A Taurus Woman Will Most Probably Scare Off Her Partner Through A Jealous Rage

Jealously can be healthy in romantic relationships, it’s only when it becomes extreme can it damage the whole thing! Taurus women may appear calm and collected, but deep down they are a raging bull waiting to be unleashed. In fact, while they are typically found as the source of comfort for their partners, the cosmos converge this fall making the usually centered and calm Taurus women a vile, jealous girlfriend. If you happen to be a Taurus lady in a somewhat healthy relationship, you may want to steer clear of becoming overly jealous over the littlest of things. It is entirely okay to love your partner unconditionally, but it is a whole other thing to get enraged with jealousy at the thought of him hanging out with his female boss at a work event.


12 The Gemini Guy May Be Manipulated By His Love Interest

What exactly happens when the Gemini man falls in love? Well, things can tend to get a little complicated depending on who he is with at the time. For the majority of Gemini guys, falling in love is no easy feat. Therefore, when he does end up finding the girl to tame his heart, he is like putty in her hands. As a result, she has the incredible power to manipulate him if she chooses. Unfortunately, this fall, the stars seem to align that way for Gemini men out there. In fact, while Gemini guys can turn on their partners in a heartbeat, this fall, it looks like they may be the ones having to cope with a manipulative partner, instead of the other way around.

11 The Gemini Female’s Fear Of Commitment Will Likely Ruin Her Love Life And Leave Her All Alone

Being a Gemini lady in love can be tough. Being in love with a Gemini lady can also be complicated. Gemini ladies, it is your crippling fear of commitment that ends up ruining your relationship this fall. In fact, before anything romantic can even get off the ground it is doomed because of how you tend to approach the situation in general. It’s not just your fear of commitment that ends up sabotaging your relationships, it’s also your naivety when it comes to matters of the heart. As a result, you are often taken advantage of by guys who may just want to use you for their pleasure and then just toss you aside. So instead, this fall, stand up, get some self-esteem and do things that actually make your soul happy.


10 The Cancer Man Will Have His Heart Swell And Grow

Cancer men, notoriously know as some of the most sensitive guys in the entire zodiac. As leaves start falling this year, Cancer men everywhere will find themselves adding some members to their family. Now, don’t get too concerned, this doesn’t necessarily mean that every Cancer man will be procreating this fall. It could be that you adopt a pet or make things official with your current significant other. In fact, when its all said and done a Cancer guy wants to expand his family because he loves to love. However, any anxiety around your finances may have a direct effect on the relationships you have with family members that rely on you. Ideally, if you happen to be a Cancer man, take time out to enjoy the people and animals in your life instead of trying to be the best regularly.

The Cancer Woman Will Most Likely Smother Her Partner

As a Cancer woman, I understand our character flaws all too well. It’s safe to say that Cancer women are notorious for having protective qualities. They are known for having a knack for their baking and cooking skills as well as their penchant for all things antique. However, they can quickly turn into smothering partners if given the opportunity. In fact, this fall, Cancer women are bound to push their partners away due to loving them just a little too much. Being so loving towards any one person can be difficult for the recipient to understand unless they are a Cancer guy. However, learning this fatal lesson now may allow Cancer women to learn some restraint when it comes to their romantic relationships in the future.


The Leo Man Might Find Himself Disappointed With His Partner

Are you a passionate Leo man who happens to be in a relationship? Unfortunately, the romance may not last through the fall. Being in intimate romantic relationships is typically not that difficult for Leo men. In fact, they are always on the search for someone who can easily handle their dramatic behavior and love for themselves. However, this fall, it seems as though coupled Leo men may find themselves letting go of their partners. Whenever someone deceives a Leo guy, there is no coming back from that. They have zero patience when it comes to betraying their trust. As a result, struggling to find your center may turn into a challenge this fall. Hopefully, the winter will bring you some much-needed comfort as you get over the heartbreak.

The Leo Woman May Be Constantly Looking For Someone Better, Driving Her Current Partner Away

Oh, Leo, you are one feisty lady! As one of the more powerful signs in the entire zodiac, you are smart and energetic. In fact, it’s that feisty energy that attracts people into your life. However, this fall, you may be the reason things end up falling apart in your romantic life. Since you consider yourself the most amazing creature, you never want to settle for anything less than you think you deserve. As a result, you may start questioning your current relationship situation and finding comfort in the arms of someone else. In the end, while your romantic relationships may hit a bump in the road this fall, there is no stopping a Leo woman from being the very best version of herself that she can be!

Virgo Men Might Get Some Surprising News This Fall From A Lover

Being with a Virgo man is a beautiful experience. This fall, Virgo men will likely get some incredible news regarding their love lives. In fact, this could come in the form of having the person that they have been interested want to take things to the next level, making an almost-relationship official or even having your lady say yes to a proposal. The Virgo man is notorious for wanting to feel a connection with his partner, and this fall, he finally gets what he wants! Having a fantastic spiritual, emotional, and physical relationship with the love of his life is something the Virgo man has in store as the leaves begin to change colors and fall finally! In the end, the Virgo man wants to be in love all the time.


Every Virgo Woman Is Obsessed With Cleanliness Resulting In Some Tension In Her Romantic Relationship

Are you a color-coordinated Virgo female who can’t leave the house if there is a dirty fork in the sink? Virgo females have some incredible personality traits. In fact, they are known for being impeccably idealistic, extraordinarily stylish, and highly organized. However, they can also attract messy relationships into their lives. In fact, while their homes are usually spotless, their love lives remain an unruly mess that even the immaculate Virgo lady can’t clean up. This fall, there is nothing different for the Virgo female. It can be very irritating for the messy dude always to feel like he has to have his pillows fluffed every morning or else he has to get into an argument with the extremely polished Virgo female. As a result, this need to always be tidy is what keeps guys away from the Virgo female this fall!


The Libra Man Will Get To Work On His Romantic Relationship With The Love Of His Life

Libra men are known for their insane ability to put up a fight, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. This fall Libra, your relationship will get tested. It is likely to be something that causes tension between you and your partner. In fact, being pulled in two different directions is something that will eventually make the Libra man need his own space. However, this doesn;t mean that you need to call the break-up police. All it means is that giving yourself the time and space you need to be your genuine and authentic self is vital for your own mental sanity. As a result, while there will be some testy waters this fall, if you are able to make it through, the relationship will only be stronger than it ever was.


The Libra Female May End Up Having An Emotional Affair With Someone

Are you a passionate and honest Libra woman who gets bored in romantic relationships very easily? Libra women are notorious for jumping from relationship to relationship because of boredom! Libra women just love to be in love. Having an emotional connection with someone gives them goosebumps and gets them excited about life. In fact, it is this exact desire that gets them in trouble this fall in their romantic relationships. As a result, when Libra women fall in love, they fall fast. But this also translates into having emotional affairs with other people that are not necessarily their current significant other. Since Libra women get bored easily having a passionate affair is something almost every Libra women will have to experience at least once in her life.


The Scorpio Male May Have Some Squabbles But Ultimately Will Stay With His Partner

Are you a single Scorpio? This fall, you may just be lucky in love and finally meet someone new. However, if you are sitting secure in a relationship, then you, my Scorpio man friend will undergo some obstacles before realizing that this romantic partnership may just be the one. If you have an excellent relationship, Scorpio men are not likely to end things abruptly. In fact, while they may storm off in a fit of rage, they never unleash their fury on those that they genuinely love and care about. As a result, if this person is meant to be your soulmate, they will be able to handle you even at your worst. This is when you know you have found your forever person! In the end, this fall brings some changes to the love life of Scorpio men everywhere.


The Scorpio Female Might Cheat On Her Current Partner

Debauchery is something a Scorpio lady knows all too well. Beware of the passionate and extremely affectionate Scorpio female. This fall, as her birthday rolls around, she is likely to get all sorts of drunk and make out with strangers. In fact, if she is currently in a relationship, her birthday might just be the day that her beau ends things with her once and for all. With the flirtatious vibes that Scorpio women give off on the regular, this season could be the tipping point for any boyfriend that has had enough of your shenanigans. As a result, you may find yourself hungover, crying into a pint of ice cream the day after your birthday if you don’t take precautions before going crazy at your birthday celebration!



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