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Here’s The Kind Of Amazing Father He Will Be Based On His Zodiac Sign

Sometimes the stars can tell you a lot about your life or your partner’s life if you study hard enough. The practice of looking to the stars for answers is something that has been going on for thousands of years. And it’s always been interesting how you can match personality traits based on the day that you were born.

These days, astrology is more popular than ever. People are out there trying to discover where their life is going or who they should be with based on their sign.

When you are dating a guy, it’s normal for you to start thinking about getting married and having kids. You may even wonder what type of father that he’ll be.

But you can actually find a pretty good indication of how he’ll be based on his sign. Guys are usually more delayed in parenting because they don’t have a person inside of them for nine months the way women do, so even his behavior during your pregnancy may not reflect how he really is with kids.

If you have always wondered what personality traits make the best fathers, then you have come to the right place. Take a look into your partner’s astrological future and see what you come up with. Here’s what kind of dad he’ll be based on his horoscope.

Aquarius: Your Kid Will Probably Be A Genius

If you have ever seen an “offbeat” dad who seems to be all over the place with crazy ideas, then this is the kind of dad that an Aquarius would be.

He’s laid back and totally into doing fun and brainy things with his tot.

“The mad scientist or the wacky inventor, the Aquarius father is offbeat and bohemian,” Angel Idealism, longtime astrologer and a veritable institution in New York City’s East Village says. “But he’s reliable—he always shows up on time. So he’s not a deadbeat dad, just an offbeat dad.” The bonus is, “He brings those genius IQ genes into the mix [for your children]!”

Aquarius: They Want Their Children To Be Independent

These dads are the ones that want their children to follow their own path in life, but they might start the kids a bit young. These fathers will have tons of stories about the music festivals and camping trips they went on as well as the volunteer work they were involved in. They will also encourage their children to get involved with volunteer enterprises as well. These dads love to communicate about things that interest them, but they also lack empathy, which potentially can hurt a parent-child relationship. Because these guys are such individuals, they can often have trouble finding common ground with their children.

Pisces: He’s An Artist

Pisces fathers are compassionate and sensitive men, and they likely have an interest in art. Of course, this is a great quality for a dad, because kids love a parent who isn’t afraid to get messy and unpredictable with them.

The downfall to this personality type is that they can be unreliable.

“Ah, the classic musician!” Angel laughs. “Pisces bring compassion to the mix. They’re sensitive; they’re artistic. Just based on their sun sign, they’re not famous for their reliability. But they’re interesting, creative and artistic dads. You may just want a nanny or manny on hand to help with more down-to-Earth matters.”

Pisces: These Dads Are Dreamers

Pisces guys are also the dads that will teach their kids to be dreamers because they have spent their own childhoods and adult lives dreaming. These dads definitely don’t stress out easily, and they are so laid back that they can be mistaken for being lazy instead. They are easygoing, though, which is great for kids because you don’t have to worry about him losing his patience with them. A Pisces guy might make a good dad for your future offspring if you’re more tightly wound; after all, parenting takes both personality types!

Aries: They Are The Sports Dads

These dads love sports: they watch them, they play them, and they will probably want their kids involved in sports.

The downside is they are not very patient, so teaching the kids may not be so much fun.

“Aries men like to be the manly men. They like to be in charge, and they love, love, love sports,” says Angel. “They take their kids to the ballpark, hiking; they motivate them to be the best they can be, to be number one.” But, she adds, they’re not very patient. “You’ll want someone around who is more calm and patient for balance,” she says. “But in terms of being exciting and dashing? That’s Aries.”

Aries: Dads Are Ambitious And Competitive

Aries men are ambitious which means that when they become a parent, they will push their children to be their best. These are the dads you see at the baseball games cheering on their children, getting a bit too loud sometimes. The downfall is that they may push their kids too hard, especially when it comes to perfection in the sport. The fact that they push their kids comes from a place of a desire for them to succeed, though. They can be impatient as well, which can make teaching their children difficult.

Taurus: A Steady Father

You never have to worry about these dads leaving their children because they are a sign that is very stable.

They can also be stubborn, however, but they make great fathers because of their dependability.

“Stable and steady, Taurus is the tortoise that wins the race,” Angel explains. “They’re calm and patient, so I would say that they make very good fathers. It’s one of the most stable signs. They are stubborn to a fault, for sure—it’s kind of their way. But they’re a “fixed earth” sign, so they’re very grounded. Not the most exciting, but very reliable.”

Taurus: They Are Strong Fathers

Taurus dads will do anything for their kids and are reliable parents. They have ample patience and stability and will do whatever they can for their kids. These dads will take time to make sure that their kids have as much quality time with them as possible. The downsides to this are that a Taurus dad can end up spoiling their kids because as authority figures, they are always giving in and just handing the kids whatever they want. Taurus dads are also prone to fighting so arguments can be frequent within the household.

Gemini: Are Trivia Masters

If your child loves games, they will love playing with daddy because he will have all the useless facts necessary to win any trivia game.

“Gemini are the information supernova highway,” Angel says.

“If your kid has a trivia game, the Gemini dad is going to jump right in. They know a whole lot about things nobody cares about— extraneous details are their stock-in-trade. So if your kid needs help with a crossword puzzle or an algebra equation, he’s your guy. They’re solution-oriented problem solvers.” Sounds ideal for women who are less than stellar with math and other similar activities!

Gemini: Are Kids At Heart

Those Gemini dads are lots of fun because they are still kids at heart themselves. The danger here is that they could likely become friends with their children instead of authority figures. They will be up for lots of adventures, so they are dads that like to have fun all the time. The Gemini dad has great communication with his kids and is thoughtful in that regard, which can help take some of the pressure off mom. Kids are also more likely to approach him to talk about tough issues because he is easy to talk to.

Cancer: Dads Can Be Pushy

They may be pushy, but these dads can be one of the best caregivers out there. They have no problem with staying at home with his kids and being part of their lives.

“Cancer dads are pushy about emotional issues,” Angel says. “But I would say that they make the best dads because they’re actually very nurturing.”

She continues; “They’re moody, but they’re loving. They love to stay home, but they’re also good in the business world, so they can support their family. Cancer men can be very passive until someone is threatening their family—then they’ll pull out all the stops.”

Cancer: He Will Be Nurturing

Cancer dads are ruled by emotion and they are so connected to their children that they may even cry if they see their kids in pain. They are caring and nurturing parents. There will be nothing more important to a Cancer guy than his kids. Cancers feel emotions more deeply than other parents, though, and that can lead to anxiety and worry over their children. This constant worry can be suffocating for the children involved and that’s one downfall. If it’s possible to smother a child with love, then Cancer dads will be the ones to do it.

Leo: These Dads Are Great With Kids

Leo dads are fun-loving and worry-free. These dads are kids themselves which will be great for your children.

The downside to these guys is that they can also be arrogant at times, even when facing off with their kids.

“The kid often has to calm them down from a temper tantrum!” Angel jokes. “But they love kids and kids love them because they are children at heart. Playfulness is the key adjective. They do have it in them to be very arrogant, but when it comes to kids, they love getting to relive their childhood.”

Leo: They Will Have Endless Fun

Leo parents are all about fun but don’t worry, they also discipline their kids, too. These dads have no problem playing with their kids for hours on end. Leo dads are also fiercely loyal, so they stand by their kids no matter what. But at the same time, they can also be aggressive and competitive with their own children. It goes back to a lion wanting to reassert his territory at times. The stubbornness that they have in them is what makes it possible for these fun-loving parents to discipline their kids when it’s needed.

Virgo: Dads Can Be Picky

If you have ever known a Virgo, you know that they are sticklers.

So Virgo dads run a tight ship and love the world of organization.

“Virgo dads can be a bit picky and fussy—they’re kind of control freaks—but they love having children. And they’re often very fertile,” Angel says. “They like discipline and organization—their kids have all their ducks in a row. They have good communication skills because their ruling planet is Mercury, so they tend to be very intelligent and good with business. They cluck and they fuss over you, which may come across as criticism, but that’s actually how they show they care.”

Virgo: He’s A Hard-Working Dad

Virgos have a hard time not being perfect and that’s why they work so hard. Of course, that means their children will definitely be disciplined and will have to get used to doing chores. It’s important for these dads to want to instill responsibility and hard work into their children. These fathers aren’t all work, though; they are also curious and selfless parents. They will listen to their children’s opinions, but they are also out to get “Dad of the Year” awards. One downfall is that they may need to be reminded that kids make mistakes and aren’t perfect themselves.

Libra: Fair-Minded Dads

Dads that are also Libras are fair-minded, which means that they won’t be too harsh on their kids if they mess up.

These dads also love looking at the beautiful things in life.

“Libras are often attractive and affluent because their ruling planet is Venus. They’re the best in relationships and very intellectual,” Angel says. That said, she notes, “They have trouble making up their mind, which is classic Libra—indecision is their downfall. But they’re very fair-minded. They’re the least egotistical of the signs because they like to err on the side of good taste and manners. He’ll definitely take the kids to see something artistic or musical—Libras tend to be musical as well.”

Libra: He’s A Well-Balanced Dad

Libra dads are all about being reasonable and fair. That means when disputes have to be resolved in the household, you can bet this dad is going to try and see the issue from all sides.

The Libra dad is not quick to anger and he will always use kind words when it comes to talking to his kids.

They listen to their kids and are not seen as authoritarians. These guys are super smart and they want the best education possible for their kids. Because he is fair with his offspring, they have no problem coming to him when there is a problem.

Scorpio: They Take Their Roles As Fathers Seriously

A Scorpio dad takes his job as a father very seriously and he makes sure that his kids know how to stand up for themselves. “They’re very loyal, they’re very intense, they’re very all-or-nothing people, so if they take on the role of father, they tend to take it very seriously,” Angel says. “They’re very definite in their emotions. They teach their kids to stand up for themselves, and they also teach their kids to be observant. They can be a little paranoid, so they’ll be the ones who are hovering around all the time, making sure their kids are secure.”

Scorpio: He Keeps Secrets

You can bet you can go to a Scorpio dad and tell him something because he’s going to keep it a secret. He believes in tough love, but he also loves his kids fiercely. These dads want to know everything about their kids.

They want to be involved in their lives, so you don’t have to worry about abandonment with Scorpio dads.

They can get too involved in their parenthood, though, which could mean the kids feel like he is pestering them with his constant hovering. Of course, he only wants the best for them, but it may not always feel that way.

Sagittarius: Doesn’t Commit Well

Sagittarius dads can have difficulty committing, whether it’s to a relationship or deciding to have kids in the first place. That can be troublesome, especially if you want them to settle down and have children with you. “If they do decide to be a dad, they’re going to be a fun dad. They love to take their kids camping and hiking and traveling.” She adds, “They’re ruled by Jupiter, which has to do with higher education”—so going to school is a must. “They tell their children to pursue their dreams, their ideals, to be ponderers and wanderers.” Hopefully, they won’t wander off.

Sagittarius: They Are Spontaneous

Sagittarius dads are spontaneous, and they love having a good time, so they will make great fathers. They are the father figure that would be a cheerful addition in your child’s life. They will likely pass along a love of travel to their kids because they like new experiences.

This dad is also going to teach his kids to think out of the box and to follow their own dreams.

The downside is that they can be flighty at times. They can become restless and agitated which isn’t the best combination for someone who is committed with children.

Capricorn: Are Very Serious Dads

Capricorn dads aren’t teaching their kids to be dreamers. They like to have fun, sure, but the primary focus is on what their kids can achieve if they put their minds to it. These dads can be “very serious people. They’re cardinal earth, so they’re very practical. They teach their children to be good with money, to be ambitious, to work hard. And they do not spoil their children. They’re definitely disciplinarians. Capricorn is a success sign, but the kind of success you earn, so they teach their children that life isn’t easy. But they also provide their kids the skills to go out and succeed.”

Capricorn: He Likes A Plan

Capricorn men like to have a solid plan in place and they would prefer it if the family followed said plan. Of course, he’ll soon learn that kids don’t always follow the rules.

He wants his kids to be successful and he likely has a plan to make that happen, too.

He’s dedicated and hardworking and he will lead his children to success by his own example. He’s not going to raise his voice to his children, which is good for them. The downside is likely that they may take life a little too seriously thanks to dad’s super serious influence.


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