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Here’s How To Turn Yourself Girls Into His Dream Girl, Based on His Zodiac Sign

Let’s be real, guys: when we fall for guys, we want the fastest and easiest way to their hearts, even if doing that doesn’t necessarily make sense. That’s because love doesn’t really make sense. We want who we want when we want them, and when the guy is really under our skin, we want to become whoever we need to in order to get them. That kind of thinking is really unhealthy, though, and it’s a great way to walk into a relationship that isn’t right for you with a person you feel like you need to put yourself in a box for. That’s why we need to be aware of our dating patterns and the people we are and are not compatible with.

That being said, if you are looking to attract a certain kind of man into your life, it’s worth examining yourself to see if your innate personality can win him over. Additionally, just because you have a personality that fits with his doesn’t mean that you’ll be his dream girl: you need to win him over in just the right way as well. Some guys require a softer touch and subtlety to win over, while other guys love a woman who’s forward. First, think about what you bring to the table, and then think about how you can capitalize on your personality so that you get your dream guy while still being yourself. Here’s how to do it with every man in Zodiac. Make sure to also check your guy’s moon sign as well!

The Aries Man’s Dream Girl – A Woman Who Doesn’t Mince Words

An Aries man wants a woman who isn’t going to play games because he himself doesn’t play games with people.

He doesn’t have time for subtlety, so he just cuts to the chase, and it’s something he wants the woman he dates to be able to do as well.

He also wants a woman who challenges him mentally and pushes him out of his comfort zone, but he also wants a woman who will allow him to be “the man” of the relationship. It’s a weird balance to maintain, which is why he almost never finds this woman.

How To Win The Aries Man Over – Be Direct, Don’t Play Games

To be the woman the Aries man wants is easy: just be upfront and assertive. However, this is far easier said than done. It’s hard being that open and honest all the time, especially if you feel like you’re going out on a limb and you don’t know how your Aries guy feels. You have to strike that balance between deference and assertiveness that’s right for your Aries man. If this is something you don’t think you can do, the Aries man might not be right for you anyway, and that’s totally fine! Honestly though, once you start being direct about your feelings, it becomes really easy and you’ll find yourself doing that more and more.

The Taurus Man’s Dream Girl – Demure, But Strong Willed And Complex

The Taurus man wants a woman who plays her position and plays to his strengths and weaknesses, but he also wants a woman who will challenge him. He wants someone who floors him with her physical beauty, but that’s less of a priority than even he thinks.

In reality, he wants a woman who he can connect with emotionally and who makes him feel strong and needed.

The Taurus man’s dream woman also lets him do things at his own glacial pace, but lights a fire under him when it’s necessary. The dream woman for Taurus inspires him and motivates him towards his goals.

How To Win The Taurus Man Over – Let Him Set The Pace

This is going to sound weird, but the thing you want to do is let him set the pace. Let him know how you feel in your own way, but after that proceed as normal and let him figure out what he wants. The problem with the Taurus’s way of doing things in relationships is that oftentimes he’s way too slow in figuring things out and by the time he decides how he feels the person in question has run out of patience and moved on. If that’s what you end up doing, that’s totally cool, but if you really care about him and want to date him, it’s worth it to stay the course because you’ll be rewarded with a wonderful relationship.

The Gemini Man’s Dream Girl – Social, Smart, And Sweet

The Gemini man is social and smart so he generally wants a woman who’s like that. However, the Gemini man’s dream woman is even more social and smarter than him. He’s not intimidated by superior intelligence if he’s a mature guy worth dating, and he understands better than most that if you want to date a quality person you must be a quality catch yourself.

More than social affability, though, the Gemini man wants a woman who’s kind to the people around her.

Little displays of kindness will go a long way with him, especially if these displays are towards strangers. To him, that’s a good display of character.

How To Win The Gemini Man Over – Use Your Conversational Skills

Winning over a Gemini man is actually pretty easy: just talk to him! Honestly, winning over a Gemini man is really that simple because good conversation means everything to him. He’s going to try and dominate the conversation at first because that’s what he’s used to but once he sees that you’re a person who can match him, he’ll see you as more than an equal. You really won’t have to do anything else because once he grows to appreciate your conversation, he’ll grow to appreciate you, and it won’t be long until he starts seeing you as a possible romantic partner.

 The Cancer Man’s Dream Girl – Loyal To A Fault, An Air Of Other worldliness

The thing about a Cancer’s dream woman is that unlike other men, he actually can pinpoint his type of woman.

The women that stand out to a Cancer man show up like a flash of lightning in his life: one minute he doesn’t know her and the next he’s in love.

The woman who appears to him that way will be different depending on who you ask, but two things will be apparent with all of them. The first is unwavering loyalty because Cancers have that and need that to feel secure. The second is the feeling that the woman comes from a whole different plane of existence.

How To Win The Cancer Man Over – Give Him Space To Express Himself

The way you win a Cancer man over is actually remarkably simple. Cancer men are looking for that air of other worldliness, but the thing that they don’t realize is that they see that quality in a woman only after they start falling for her. In reality, the first quality is the most important: loyalty. Be his friend and give him space to be himself. Make yourself kind of a no-judgment zone, and that will go a really long way towards him making himself more vulnerable and open to you. That allows him to fall for you on his emotional territory.

The Leo Man’s Dream Girl – Powerful And A Leader In Her Own Right

The Leo man’s dream woman is a woman that he thinks would be everyone’s dream woman.

He wants a woman who exudes power and is strong enough to put him in his place.

He doesn’t really think that this woman actually exists so when she does show up, that’s normally enough to get him to drop his player ways and become a one-woman man. That being said, Leo men are pretty stubborn so it might take him a while to admit to himself that he’s met his dream woman, so he might require a little patience.

How To Win The Leo Man Over – This Is A Tough One, He’ll Either Notice You Or He Won’t. Let Fate Handle This

Unfortunately, there is no tried and true way to win a Leo man over. Leo men are stubborn and they know what they want, or at least they think they do. That means that either they’re going to like you romantically or they won’t and trying to influence that in any way might just cause you a headache you don’t need. Leo guys aren’t really the type you can lead so basically you just need to be yourself and let him find you, and if he doesn’t see how great you are then it just wasn’t meant to be.

 The Virgo Man’s Dream Girl – Mature, But Also Kind Of A Mess

The thing about the Virgo man is that he is equally attracted to strong women and hot messes. His ideal woman is both mature and a mess. This is a huge issue for him in his dating life because he will initially want a relationship with a woman who is self-sufficient and independent,

but he will find himself gravitating towards women who need him and who would rely an unhealthy amount on him.

Virgos, regardless of gender, tend to fall for people who are also projects, so this is something to consider in a relationship with one.

 How To Win The Virgo Man Over – Show Him That You Have Your Life Together

If you’re trying to win over a Virgo man, show him your more mature side. Show him that you have your life together and that you don’t really need him to be happy. He’ll be attracted to your independent and strong spirit. In an ideal world, your Virgo man is done with the drama that comes with a hot mess, but if he’s not and you still want him, make it a point to come to him for advice. That will make him feel needed and that actually goes a long way towards making him more attracted to you because Virgos love to feel needed. You might say they need to be needed.

 The Libra Man’s Dream Girl – Sweet, But With A Decisively Dark Side

The Libra man is all about balance. He’s the kind of man that’s all about the line between being good and being bad, so it makes sense that he wants a woman that’s all about doing that. His dream woman is sweet and makes him laugh, who’s a person who can make the day better just by smiling at him.

However, the Libra man also dreams of a woman who has a dark side, who has baser instincts he can’t help but fall for.

Many a Libra man has gotten their heart broken by erring too far towards either side of that dichotomy.

 How To Win The Libra Man Over – Show Him That You Have More Than One Side To You

Winning the Libra man over really isn’t that hard. First, if you’re his type physically, that’s going to go a really long way. Failing that, show him that you’re a kindhearted person who treats people well is going to go even further than that. When you get to know him better, start showing him your dark side and he’ll be totally hooked. Libra men want to date women with layers that they need to work to get to know. “What you see is what you get” isn’t really something that appeals to him.

 The Scorpio Man’s Dream Girl – Mysterious And Beautiful, But Also A Drama Magnet

A Scorpio man’s dream woman is strong, mysterious, and gorgeous. He wants a woman who he can fantasize about and who is just as tortured and complicated as he is.

However, with that comes a downside that he actually relishes: drama.

Believe it or not, Scorpio men hate drama, but they also crave it in a weird way because they’re generally attracted to women who attract dramatic and messy situations. Not every Scorpio man learns how to strike that balance between strong and messy, but if he’s honest with himself, he’s cool with that.

How To Win The Scorpio Man Over – Appeal To His Baser Instincts

The Scorpio man is always indulging his baser instincts. They’re very sensual and sensory oriented, so appeal to him by using the five senses. Don’t be shy with physical contact if he seems open to it, for example. When you see him, make sure he has something to draw his eye towards you. At the same time, show him your more mysterious side and that’s often enough to keep him wanting more. Also, Scorpio men love a really dark sense of humor, so show him that you’ve got that as well.

 The Sagittarius Man’s Dream Girl – A Wandering Soul, Just Like Him

The Sagittarius man isn’t really looking for a lot of difference in his dream girl. He wants a woman that’s going to be a kindred spirit with him, not a dissonant voice. He wants an adventurer, a wandering soul who can show him things that he would never have discovered on his own.

More than that, however, the Sagittarius man wants a woman who’s just as obsessed with seeing the absolute truth of things as he is.

He wants a woman who is intelligent and free and will give him the space to be and do the same.

How To Win The Sagittarius Man Over – Show Him How Fun You Can Be While Also Making Him Think

The thing about the Sagittarius man is that he doesn’t necessarily want conversation because to him not every conversation is worth having. He values experiences and deep thinking, so that’s what you need to show him. If you can do that while also showing him that you’re really fun and adventurous, more power to you because that will go a really long way. What’s most important to the Sagittarius man in a relationship is being with someone who challenges him but is also a kindred spirit.

 The Capricorn Man’s Dream Girl – Type A Personality With More Ambition Than Him. He Thinks That Girl Doesn’t Exist

The Capricorn man is particularly difficult to win over because he genuinely doesn’t think the perfect woman for him exists.

He’s looking for a woman who is more ambitious than he is and because he’s such a go-getter and a workaholic, he doesn’t think anyone else has that particular set of values.

Not that he thinks other people don’t work hard, but his working towards his goals mean so much to him that he honestly doesn’t really care about relationships.

It would take the right woman to refocus his priorities.

How To Win The Capricorn Man Over – Show Him You Have Dreams And Aspirations That Are More Important Than Him

The thing that really wins the Capricorn man over is knowing where he stands in your life, and to be honest, if he’s the top priority in your life he’s not really going to respect that all that much. If anything, he actually wants to be lower on your list of priorities than you’d expect because while he’s going to value his relationship, he’s not going to be putting you at the top of his list of priorities either. He’s got too much going on to prize his relationship above everything else in his life, and to be honest the woman he loves will too.

The Aquarius Man’s Dream Girl – A Woman Who Also Represents A Concept

The Aquarius man generally lives on a whole other plane of existence from other guys. His dream woman doesn’t just fill a hole in his life and connect with him emotionally, intellectually and physically, all things that are important to him.

No, the Aquarius man tends to see people not just as people, but as representations of different ideas.

His dream woman will represent an idea, not necessarily in an unhealthy way, but his dream woman will have a role to play in his life and in the world.

How To Win The Aquarius Man Over – Honestly, Just Be Yourself. That Will Go Way Further Than You Think

The best way to win an Aquarius man over is simply to be yourself. THat will go way further than you think it will. The Aquarius man you’re trying to win over will admire your effortless charm and eventually, he’ll see you in your natural element and environment and eventually, he’ll be unable to think about life in general if it doesn’t have you in it. Aquarian men also really value a woman who dares to be weird, so if you show him your weird side without being fake about it, he’ll fall for you way faster than even he’s prepared for.

The Pisces Man’s Dream Girl – A Dreamer With A Dark Side

The Pisces man tends to fall for women who have a duality to them. His dream woman is sweet, but savage, or extroverted, but introspective, things like that. He loves a woman whose personality seems to contradict itself. More than anything else, however, a Pisces man loves a dreamer with her head in the clouds who also has a dark side.

If a woman is both an idealist and a nihilist, for example, he’s going to fall for her really fast.

He loves that kind of dichotomy because he feels that contradiction himself since he’s a romantic and also kind of a pessimist.

How To Win The Pisces Man Over – Keep Finding New Ways To Surprise Him

If you’re trying to win over a Pisces man, appeal to his artistic side. If you’re an artist yourself in any medium, congratulations because you’re already halfway there. Connect with him that way and that’ll go a long way. On a more general level, though, look for ways to surprise him and keep him on his toes. If he expects you to zig, go ahead and zag and watch how intrigued he becomes by you. As a disclaimer, don’t do anything out of character to win any man over. Being real means more than any tip or trick to get a guy to like you and authenticity will always win out.


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