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Engagement Ring She ACTUALLY Wants, Based On Her Sign

We all have dreamt of the day when our boo would get down on one knee and pop us the sacred question: Will you marry me?

Would it happen during breakfast on the roof of a Grecian villa by the sea? At the poshest restaurant in town with a special guitar solo just for us? Or at our shared home with cozy fairy lights strung up everywhere and the scent of a hundred roses filling the air?

But the bigger question is: what would our engagement ring look like?

If you have been contemplating ring designs for a while now but haven’t gotten anywhere (even though your Pinterest board is overflowing with inspiration), this list is going to put your mind at ease. Why? Because a woman’s sun sign can tell you a lot about her temperament and tastes. And ring makers agree on that!

So here’s the engagement ring she actually wants, based on her astrological sign, including a bonus tip for each of the elements.

Just remember: a woman’s sun sign won’t tell you everything about her. A quick look at the rest of her birth chart would though. So let’s keep that in mind and dive in!

20Aries Woman: Bold Does It

“Go big or go home.” That’s the motto those born under the sign of Aries abide by. After all, it’s no coincidence that they happen to be the first sign in Astrology!

And the engagement ring that would win this lady’s yes has to match that conquering “me first” spirit of hers.

So bold. And big. And bold (it bore repeating).

And since this hyper, on-the-go boss lady has an androgynous aura about her, she wouldn’t mind a multi-carat diamond biggie with sharp edges and a bold band either. Just remember to ask for bold (yup, we aren’t kidding).

19Leo Woman: The Bigger, The Better

What else were you expecting us to say? That the drama queen and people’s favorite Leo woman secretly hopes for an almost-not-there metal band with a sesame-seed-sized diamond set on it? Not happening in a million years!

This lady wants a big ring. The bigger, the better. And she wants it to sparkle so blindingly (read: have as many carats as your three-months salary can pay for) that people can’t help but ask about her stone when she’s out.

It’s statement or nothing for this woman. And you better bring your A-game with you when you drop down on your knees. Otherwise, she just might stamp her foot down haughtily, stick her nose in the air, and leave you with a big, fat no.

18Sagittarius Woman: Just A Wee Band

Sagittarius women like to keep thing casual and cool. And a big, fat ring sitting uncomfortably on their finger won’t cut it with that aesthetic (unless your lady happens to have a lot of earth and water planets in her birth chart!).

But if you really want to surprise her in a good way, get her a ring that no one else has.

Like something that looks simple from far but shocks you with its intricacy when you get close. Or one with a diamond the color red.

Just make sure she’s comfortable wearing the ring. Otherwise, she will say yes and then stash it away in a safe locker somewhere!

17BONUS: Sagittarius Women Love Non-Diamond Engagement Rings

Sagittarius women are so authentic that you sometimes have to warn them not to blab too much. But then again, people fall in love with them just because of their honest and independent nature, so it’s all good.

That’s why these women tend to give more weight to the depth of your feelings than the size of the ring you propose with. And that includes non-diamond rings if that’s all you can afford.

In fact, if you let your Sag woman choose a ring for herself, she will either gravitate towards the unconventional pieces in the showroom or ask you to present them with a ring that tells a story of love. Maybe set with a stone you two found one lucky day while strolling down a riverside.

16Fire Signs: Care More About How You Propose Than The Ring

This is so obvious that you have to be a dunce to actually mess up the proposal. After all, fire signs are all about the romance. And any guy who fails to amp up the background drama because they were too busy choosing the perfect ring obviously isn’t the right guy for these over-the-top fiery ladies.

So hire out those violinists (or an entire orchestra if you are stocked with cash) and set up a romantic dinner for two at a candlelit gazebo before you drop down on your knee.

Or better still, take her to Venice and pop the question while you cruise down the waterways in your personal gondola.

15Gemini Woman: Something Interesting To Talk About

She’s Gabby Gabsworth. So make sure the ring you present to this lady when you drop down on one knee is something that makes her go speechless for a moment. Because any ring that has that effect on her will double as an instant show-stopper at any party or event she attends henceforth. And nothing makes this woman happier than when people mill around her and beg her to tell a story!

So keep it interesting and intricate, and maybe right outta your family’s heirloom box if you can. She will appreciate it greatly.

Just remember: Gemini is an air sign. So while she likes to gab, she isn’t into statement rings like the Leo woman. She would rather it went well with all her outfits.

14Libra Woman: Two Better Than One


Before your heart stops in your chest at that statement, here’s what we mean. A Libra lady is all about the ultimate union. So while she would love a super-romantic proposal with a big, fat engagement ring, that’s not all.

What she wants more than anything else is the second ring you will present her when it’s time to say “I do.”

But since we are discussing engagement rings right now, here are some handy tips when it comes to selecting the right one for your Libra woman. In three words–classy, curvy, and romantic. Just don’t forget about the all-important band, either.

13Aquarius Woman: Always Unconventional


The Aquarius woman is fiercely independent with a good dash of eccentricity thrown in the mix. In short, not your average woman.

So don’t insult her with just a regular diamond ring (however many carats it might have). Get her one that stops her in the tracks because it’s nothing like anything she’s ever seen before. Like an infinity ring, or a triple-band ring, or one set with a royal sapphire.

The more unconventional, the better… unless she has a lot of Earth planets in her birth chart. In that case, get her something a bit more conventional. She would prefer that.

12BONUS: Gemini Women Prefer Diamond Rings

Best Brilliance

Who said diamond rings are not good conversation starters? Besides, they go with everything (colorless and all, duh!).

So when choosing an engagement ring for your Gemini lady, get her a diamond one.

Preferably a pear cut stone since it’s romantic, whimsical, and a class apart from the round stones flying off the shelves. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And the Gemini would be the first one to tell you so (she likes to go with the popular opinion usually).

Just remember to make the proposal news-worthy too. Because this gossip queen wouldn’t forgive you if she had to tell her friends that it happened over a carton of orange chicken in your dingy apartment’s living room!

11Air Signs: Are Never Sure Whether They Want A Conventional Ring Or Something Out Of The Box


Air is changeable. And so are these airy ladies. So when shopping for an engagement ring for these beauties, it’s best if you can trick her into picking one up for herself. You could rely on hints, of course, and she just might be throwing them around.

Or maybe you can wow her with a private (and romantic) proposal and then take her ring shopping! After all, you will be stuck in an awkward fix if you discover later on that she doesn’t like how the ring clashes with her work clothes or how it looks… cheap, although she knows it isn’t.

10Cancer Woman: A Ring Passed Down Through The Generations

Cancer is the sign of family and traditions, which is why a Cancer woman would never marry you in a million years if she figures she won’t fit in well with your family (or you with hers), or that family is not one of your top priorities in life.

So if you made the cut, hurray. She really, really (really) loves you. And secretly dreams of starting a family with you.

Knowing this, and her love for family traditions, you’ve got an in.

Nothing would send her to the moon and back more than being proposed with a ring that once belonged to your great-grandmother or is traditionally passed down to the would-be bride by his mother.

9Scorpio Woman: One With A Subtle Aura Of Power

The sign of Scorpio is ruled by two planets–Mars and Pluto. And both happen to be war-like, power-hungry planets. That’s why all Scorpios (men and women alike) dream about dominating the world one day (or at least, their professional field).

Thus, you should never take a proposal lightly when it comes to this woman. And that includes the ring you choose for her, which should feel powerful when she slips it onto her finger.

Just remember: Scorpios are intensely private individuals. So pair the ring with a smashing proposal in a private setting. Because she would get upset with you if people around her poked their noses in her personal business by prodding her to say yes.

8Pisces Woman: A Whimsical Stone

Pisces women love romantic overtures, whimsical days out, and anything to do with water. Also, they are super feminine and like the gentler things in life.

So the perfect engagement ring for this woman is one that has a touch of whimsy and a magical aura about it.

The more intricate the better. And if it comes attached with a beautiful story, there wouldn’t be a happier woman than her on the planet.

Want a tip? Set up the proposal next to a body of water. The currents tend to do something magical to her soul, which just might help your cause!

7BONUS: Cancer Women Secretly Want A Ring That Holds Special Significance

Cancer women are the kindest and warmest souls once they let you inside their tough crab shells. And if you happen to be their special someone, they will want to merge themselves with you, body and soul.

Is it so hard to understand now why she would cry tears of joy if you proposed to her with a ring that holds a special significance in your life? Perhaps a ring that once belonged to your mother, or even great-grandmother when she was alive.

A ring of that kind would make her feel closer to you. Plus, it would tell her how deeply you love and cherish her. And that’s the perfect recipe for a yes!


6Water Signs: Love Sentimental Rings


Water is an element of emotions and the psyche.

That’s why water women–Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces–always love engagement rings that are loaded with sentimental value.

Whether it’s been passed down through the generations or whether it has been crafted with a stone (or stones) procured from the country where you spent your first vacation together as a couple, the sentimental value will grab her and not let her go.

The sheer love attached to the ring sends tears flowing down their cheeks. And before you know it, she has said yes and given you a hug that will warm your heart for years to come.

5Taurus Woman: It’s All About Class


Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love and sensuality, just like Libra. But because it is an Earth sign, Taurus women prefer romantic declarations and proposals of marriage to be done the right way. The traditional way.

And the ring that accompanies this fateful day needs to be right too. Something classy and respectful that would look better on the hand of a wife and a mother than a girlfriend. Getting the drift?

Also, make sure there are no hard lines in the ring you choose. This lady is very feminine and does not like the androgynous kinds of rings.

4Virgo Woman: Simple And Unassuming


The Virgo woman is a classic Earth girl–practical and humble. That’s why she would be embarrassed if you proposed to her in front of a million people, putting her under the spotlight like that (unless she has a lot of fire and air planets in her birth chart).

Plus, the anxiety of knowing you spent a ton of money on such a simple thing would fry her nerves.

And the same applies to the engagement ring you get for her. She would prefer it to be a simple, round cut diamond set in a simple band because that would be the most practical to wear every day and wouldn’t draw any unnecessary attention.

3Capricorn Woman: Diamonds Are Forever


The Capricorn woman desires respect and recognition from her peers and society-at-large. That’s why she isn’t the kind to entertain casual flings. She would rather date the guy who will marry her eventually.

So when you finally pop her the question, make sure you do it in a respectable manner that increases her value in the eyes of society. And that includes the ring you propose with.

Make it a diamond ring. And go for a traditional cut over the more modern styles. Also, she would prefer it if you stuck to the rule of splurging an entire three months’ worth of pay on the ring.

2BONUS: Taurus Women Want An Expensive Ring Like It’s Nobody’s Business

It’s not about the three month’s pay with this one. She wants you to splurge on the ring like nobody’s business. Because that would increase its value in the market. Not that she plans on selling it ever.

It would just give her bragging rights in her circle of friends.

She’s a Taurus, after all. The sign that’s known for its savvy business sense and ability to grow the money tree in their backyard. So splurge as much as you can to show her how truly special she is. That would make her a really happy camper, and she’ll always treasure the value of your love (and the ring).

1Earth Signs: Always Prefer Traditional Styles

Earth is a stable element. It remains firm underfoot and sticks to reality. Therefore, those ladies born under earth signs–Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn–would always prefer a traditional ring over a more-flashy modern one.

Plus, they love it even more when you buy it from a well-established and much-loved shop. Like Tiffany’s or Cartier. The name comes with social cred too, you know, and that’s even more important than its looks.

Just make sure you don’t cut corners when it comes to ring shopping. These ladies can sniff out misers like a shark in bloody waters. And that just does not cut it with them!


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