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Here’s One Thing That Will Make Love Fade A/c To Zodiac Sign

Every astrological sign has their own idiosyncrasies. There are certain gestures and attitudes that could attract another sign into wild love, and then there are those tiny habits that can completely turn your lover off, and your lover away. Some signs take their pretty little time to show their love and attraction to their woman or man, while others fall head over heals and live for the thrill of “love at first sight.” No matter what the speed of their falling may be, this in no way means you’re going to keep their love and attention for the next 20 years.

While, some signs may love a possessive lover, others are absolutely turned off by the attention and lack of freedom. Some astrological signs like to receive gifts, while others like to give. For instance, if you don’t let the cancer woman take care of you, she will feel undesirable and will find a man who she can shower with her overflowing love. Then there is the Taurus man, if you try to tie him down on a leash, he will find the sharpest object nearby to quickly release himself from your over-vigilant eye.

Keeping The Sagittarius Man At Home

The Sagittarius is a born sailor. If he’s not a sailor he’s a passenger on any craft that will take him elsewhere. He needs to feel his body in motion, see new places and faces. If his lover tries to keep him at home in her loving arms too often, his bedazzled eyes will begin looking for the fastest escape route.

The Sagittarius man does not thrive on routine and does not want to be trapped in the schedule you’ve made for the two of you.

With a Sagittarius, you should always have a bag packed, whether to travel the world with him or to move on to your next destination.

When The Sagittarius Woman Realizes He’s Lazy

The Sagittarius woman wants to be with a man she can be proud of. She wants a romantic partner who is both successful and busy. So, if your a successful gamer, or sitting on a pile of money with very little incentive to leave the house, you can forget about keeping your Sagittarius girlfriend stationed by your side. She’s not up for keeping herself busy by painting her fingernails, or writing in her diary, if this was your intention, then you’ve got the wrong girl. She’s got too much fire burning inside of her to glue herself to one spot on the couch.

When You Stop Paying Attention To A Leo Woman

If there is anyone who wants to shine all the time it’s the Leo woman. You must have known this from this first moment you met her, after all, she was probably directing all the attention on her that first night, not just from you, but from the entire crowd in her fun and confident ways. What you may not have realized was, that she wants that kind of attention all the time. If you are the kind of guy who wants to passively daydream into your own world (Pisces, we’re talking to you) she won’t stand for it.

Keep The Flame Burning With Your Leo Man

He isn’t called a fire sign for nothing. The Leo man needs a steamy relationship where the tension is always burning. This leaves very little space for getting too comfortable and dropping all your walls because he doesn’t want his girlfriend to live too predictably and dependently.

The lion wants his girl busy and active, and he wants her to look good while she does it.

Don’t think this king is as careless as showing up to a party with his girlfriend looking like she just ate a family size Lays potato chips bag, and was finally willing to get off her computer and into the scene. Leo men want their girlfriends to look as good as they do, but not better.

Never Destabilize The Aries Woman

If you’re willing to support the Aries girl she will love you for longer because she loves her things. The Aries girl likes to be treated well, she likes to be treated with respect, and she likes nice things. If you thought you only had to take her out to chic dinners in the beginning, and now you’re up for ordering in all the time, she won’t stand for it. If you’re not willing to keep her satisfied then she will quickly find someone who will, because the Aries girl has no trouble when it comes to the manhunt.

19Are You Getting More Worked Up Than Your Aries Man?

Just because your Aries man has a very short temper doesn’t make it okay for you to have frequent outbursts, or so he won’t think so. While Aries guys may have a short fuse, it’s not over all things, all the time.

In general, he is pretty easygoing and therefore, is not up for taking care of a woman’s emotions.

If you’re the type to get emotional all the time, which is alright if you are, it’s just not alright for the Aries man, he won’t be into it. If he hasn’t already been showing you all the signals that he’s not interested in your emotional needs, you may want to find someone who is.

Never Quit Charming The Libra Woman

Aries and Libra are opposite signs, and while you may have thought opposite meant, well, opposite, it actually makes them quite similar. That being said, the Libra woman, like the Aries woman, likes her things and likes her things to be high quality at that. This means, if her boyfriend is cheap, and lectures her on how to spend money, she’ll already begin stretching those nice legs of hers out the door. One of the elements that accompany charm is charming her with objects. Never, never, take away her little pleasures in life, she won’t respect you for it.

Breaking The Libra Man’s Harmony And Relaxation

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, the Libra man does not live a conventional lifestyle. This also means that he functions on his own schedule that may not coincide with the rest of the world. While he is pretty easy going with many things, he is also extremely stubborn.

If you try and change him you’ll only be wasting your own energy, because he won’t conform or deviate from his ways of doing things.

If you try hard enough, the Libra man will probably get fed up with your insistence, and slowly but surely his love will dwindle.

Have You Already Taught Everything You Know To Your Gemini Woman?

If there is any sign that needs to be constantly stimulated it’s the Gemini woman. While she may have multiple interests and talents, this doesn’t mean she expects you to slack in your creativity and resourcefulness. In romantic relationships, the Gemini girl wants her partner to teach her new things and keep up with her fast-paced mind. If you are more interested in cruising through your smartphone then don’t be surprised when the Gemini girl moves on, because she will, move on, and she will have no trouble finding her next unexpected mate.

Don’t Get Hysterical Around The Gemini Man

Gemini is an air sign, this implies, he is often disconnected and unemotional. If his girlfriend is known to get hysterical and dramatic often, he will simply leave the room and maybe accuse you of being hormonal, which is never a wise move on the man’s part. Never.

The Gemini man has wandering eyes, so don’t get worked up when you catch him checking out the girl who just walked by during your casual coffee break.

Gemini guys are confident with being alone, so if you demand too much from them they won’t have a hard time breaking it off.

Aquarius Women Grow Queasy Around Needs

Unique as the Aquarius woman gets, she wants nothing to do with drama, which may have been what attracted you to her in the first place, her easy going nature. But, as she is extremely airy, and has a peculiar way of doing things and expressing herself, don’t expect her to deal with confrontation well, because she won’t. She is stubborn and very rational and will intellectualize all the reasons why you are wrong and she is right. If you confront her too many times she will break up with you in a heartbeat, without ever looking back.

Aquarius Men Don’t Want To Be Told Who They Are

Aquarius men have a very peculiar nature. They are flirtatious and funny and hard to get to know on a personal level. They keep most people at a distance, even their loved ones.

Despite what many may believe, they actually don’t want to be understood, they want their space, and if you can’t give that to them they will resent you for it.

They want a partner who they can laugh with and have a good time with, they don’t want a partner who tries to tell them who they are, criticizes them, or makes the circumstances heavy and depressive. While they too can often get depressive, they don’t want to be with a girl who is a downer.

Never Grow Too Comfortable Around A Virgo Man

To say Virgo men strive for perfection is an understatement. Imagine, they are sandwiched right in between the Leo and the Libra, they love beauty as much as their neighbors. The Virgo man has high expectations of his girlfriend, and where she doesn’t makeup from intelligence she needs to make up in beauty. He has high expectations of himself and of his partner, and if you can’t meet him a lot more than halfway he won’t wait around until you can. The Virgo man wants an equal partner, not someone who will trail slowly behind with little ambition or drive.

Did You Dare To Disagree With The Virgo Woman?

Did you know the Virgo woman is always right? If you didn’t, then you’re probably not dating her, because she would have already left you. The Virgo woman is determined, intelligent, and hard working.

She’s not a woman who talks without knowing very well what it is that she’s talking about.

She doesn’t get over passionate and lose her head like a Scorpio might, she is refined and controlled. Now, while she may not expect her partner to be as disciplined as she is, she does expect you to take her side and avoid challenging her at all costs.

Keep The Chaos To A Minimum Around Your Capricorn Man

Capricorn men have several hobbies and interests, chaos and nervousness are not a part of them. While they may have chaos of their own, Capricorn guys like to keep their chaos organized and under control. While this may sound like a contradiction, if you know your Capricorn, you’ll know it’s exactly right. Since they are an Earth sign they are very logical and prefer to work through logic and practicality. Additionally, while they may not appear conservative, many of them truly are. This means if you cheat on a Capricorn man he will never forgive or forget. With that said, if your thoughts are wandering, better keep it in the fantasy than in the reality.

Have You Lost Your Sense Of Humor Around The Capricorn Woman?

While the Capricorn woman likes to keep things logical and practical, they also love to laugh and smile, a lot. They crave a partner who can make them laugh, if not all the time, then certainly most of the time. I

f you began the relationship by charming her with your goofy humor, then you better not give that up, because it might be the part she loves most about you.

Capricorn woman is very attractive and romantic and need their partners to keep that flame comfortably burning. If you show signs of disinterest she will get insecure and may begin looking elsewhere.


Never Cut A Taurus Man Off From His Social Life

Taurus men are highly social creatures even if they claim to love their solitude. They enjoy a comfortable balance between the two, or maybe they just like to see themselves as introverts but are complete extroverts. This means they value their home life, but they value their social life even more. If their girlfriend begins to complain too much about their absence, the Taurus will feel like he’s being controlled and will most likely go out two folds. They despise rules, whether it’s from school, their parents, or higher authorities, they will do their best to break any restrictions within their vicinity.

Leaving The Taurus Woman Home Alone One Time Too Many Times

Unlike the Taurus guy, the Taurus woman is a woman of the home. She craves to feel grounded and orderly. She isn’t a control-freak per-say, she just has her routines that comfort her with security.

While she can be just as social as the Taurus man and likes to go out, she also likes to stay home and watch a movie with her boyfriend.

If her boyfriend starts to leave her out too many times she will feel insecure in the relationship, and if she starts making trouble, then you are certainly in big trouble. She isn’t called the bull for nothing.

Don’t Grow Stale Around A Scorpio Woman

Scorpio woman is passionate and romantic. They want it intense or they don’t want it at all. They aren’t looking to keep the relationship stable and nice, they want it wild and exciting. The Scorpio woman may also have materialistic tendencies, but she is confident enough to supply those things for herself. As for her partner, she expects him to meet her in passion and she is extremely turned off by fears and visible weaknesses. She is unforgiving and will not change her mind once she is set in her ways. So, if you’ve tied yourself to a Scorpio woman, be sure you can handle her tidal wave.

The Scorpio Man Can’t Stand Superficial Tendencies

Scorpio men are quite easy going and like to have a good time. They especially need their guy time more than most guys. They expect their partner to understand and respect their needs.

They are very much about respect, they are emotional and sensitive, even when they want to appear masculine and tough.

They are strong and can handle all of the above. What they cannot handle is a partner who is too into themselves. While they especially adore attractive women, they want their partners to offer more to the relationship than just their looks.

Never Force A Pisces Woman Out Of The House

Pisces woman is quite sensitive. This not only means with their own emotions, but with the emotions of others. They can often walk into a room and feel the intense energies of others. While the Pisces woman can handle it and is extremely social when she needs to be, she doesn’t enjoy it too often. She is a woman who needs her own space to think and feel, and is overwhelmed when she is around too many people too often. If you are a social guy and need to go out often, she’s fine with that, but if you pressure her to go out more than she wants to, she will disfavor you for it.

Never Lie To A Pisces Man

Matching the Pisces woman in sensitivity is the Pisces man. He may try to cover up his sensitivity in public, but in private you know him better. The Pisces man can often be extremely intuitive and will know, whether he likes it or not, whether something is going on. He expects honesty and loyalty from his partner.

Pisces men also need a girlfriend who can leave him to his fantasy world, but not for too long.

She needs to know when to step back and when to step in. The Pisces man can get quite lethargic and won’t deal well with attention seekers.

Have You Disregarded The Cancer Woman’s Emotional Needs?

Cancer woman is loving and caring, they also have a lot of needs that they expect their partner to be able to handle. Not because they are irrational, even though they can get very emotional at times, but because they would be there for anyone who needed them no matter what, and they expect the same from their partner. They want a partner who they can give their love to, someone who they can take care of, but they also need someone who can respond to their emotional requisites. If you close yourself off from a cancer she’ll have a very hard time forgiving you, she may, but she won’t make it easy.


The Cancer Man Doesn’t Want A Role In Your Film

As all water signs go, Cancer men know emotions like the rest of them, except the Cancer man, is connected to the moon. What does this mean exactly? It means he has an emotional need that he isn’t shy or ashamed of. He needs someone who can practically nurture his needs.

He is very intelligent and independent, so he needs a curious amount of love and attention.

A Cancer guy wants his girlfriend to understand him both emotionally and intellectually. A Cancer man needs a woman who knows herself well and is secure in their relationship. Any hints of insecurity the Cancer man will feel and respond to, so be careful what you wish for.


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