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Here’s Your Weakness When It’s About Love A/c Zodiac Sign

We all wish we were made of steel and could handle any obstacle that comes our way. Sadly, we’re incredibly sensitive and are blind-sided by people’s lies. Most of all, we usually find ourselves falling for someone due to our own psychological weakness that has us head over heels by our new lover.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we’re incredibly susceptible in our love lives. Each Zodiac sign has a certain trait that sometimes gets them in a little bit of trouble. We all have that one weakness that we always seem to fall for, whether we like it or not.

That’s why we compiled a list of each Zodiac sign’s physiological weakness that always manages to get them into more trouble than they bargained for. Keep on reading to figure out what one thing you always seem to fall for in any relationship you find yourself in. We definitely have to warn you that it won’t exactly be glamorous, and instead is the raw truth.

In order to work on the one thing ruining your relationships, you have to become aware of it. Only then can you make a plan as to how you’re going to overcome it. We completely believe in you and know you’ll be able to overcome this psychological weakness that seems to always keep you struggling with true love.

Libra Woman: You’re Not So Great At Communicating

While the Libra is always a confident and social being, they’re not exactly the best at expressing themselves in a relationship. You always find yourself keeping the truth of how you actually feel away from your partner. This has totally caused some issues in the past and isn’t exactly your best trait.

If you want your next relationship to succeed, it’s time you begin figuring out how to properly communicate with your lover.

Your communication is going to make or break your relationship. The root of the problem is your fear of opening yourself up fully to your man. Yet, it’s critical that you let go of this psychological fear and remember that your partner only wants the best for you!

Libra Man: You Assume You’ll Spend Every Second Together

While it’s adorable that you’re a hopeless romantic, it’s pretty obvious that you often come off a little too strong. It’s cute that you expect to spend every second with your boo, but that’s just not going to happen.

Chill out and stop coming off so clingy, she’s going to run the opposite direction if you keep this up.

Instead, work on spending some time apart from each other to really grow your bond. You’ll eventually begin to miss each other and you’ll become even more obsessed than you already were. We’re positive that this psychological trait will be thrown out of the window in your case! It’s a minor flaw and is something you can easily overcome.

Virgo Woman: You’re Willing To Be Taken Advantage Of If It Means Your Partner Will Stick Around

This has to be one of the worst ones of them all. We don’t even know where to start on how unhealthy your psychological weakness is. The last thing you should be willing to do is to be taken advantage of in hopes that it will keep your partner around.

Stand up for yourself and stop being stepped on, even by the person you love!

If you feel like your partner is being distant, work on your relationship. However, don’t bend over backward just to please them if they’re not willing to put in the effort. You’re completely embarrassed that you sometimes end up in these positions and are clueless why you put up with it.

Virgo Man: You’re Paranoid About Getting Hurt

Trust us when we tell you that absolutely everyone is scared of getting hurt. It’s a traumatic experience that isn’t pleasant and usually leads to a ton of crying and ice cream. When though you’re scared of being hurt, you shouldn’t give up on love.

Instead, put yourself out into the world and look for love. Ignore your fears of getting hurt and fight for the relationship you deserve.

While we can’t guarantee you won’t get hurt, we can guarantee you’ll never truly be happy if you keep hiding like you are now. Open yourself up to some new experiences and you’ll be shocked as to the chances you actually have of running off into the sunset with someone special!

Capricorn Woman: You’re Impatient With Your Partner’s Needs

This is a total flaw that you’re completely aware of. You’re so used to being independent and fighting for yourself that you forget you have to think about your partner’s needs as well.

Don’t stress, this flaw can easily be fixed if you decide to work on it for the betterment of your relationship.

Simply keep reminding yourself that you have a significant other in the equation that you also care for! Over time, you’ll eventually value their needs and pursuits alongside your own. It’s critical you decide to work on this physiological flaw in order to strengthen your relationships. You might even see this weakness overlapping into other areas of your life such as with family and friends. You totally know it’s time to make a change!

Capricorn Man: You Still Like To Act As If You’re Single

This is definitely a psychological weakness you’re going to have to flush down the toilet. You have absolutely no chance of being in a loving relationship if you keep acting like you’re single when you’re obviously not.

We completely understand you don’t want to limit your choices. However, once you’re in a dedicated relationship it’s time to forget about flirting with other girls.

If you don’t decide to work on this flaw, you can say goodbye to any chance of being in a loving relationship. While this might be a physiological weakness ingrained in you, it’s time that you work on getting rid of it.

Pisces Woman: You’re Not Afraid To Be Passive Aggressive

While you’re constantly trying to come off as positive and happy in your relationships, you still have a ton of emotions you’re holding in. The issue is that you’re simply not bringing to light the issues that are bothering you, and instead decide to keep them inside.

This causes you to act incredibly passive aggressive and push your partner farther away.

No one wants to be in a relationship with someone who brings up old issues, even if they weren’t resolved. Start working on expressing how you truly feel rather than bottling up all of these emotions. It’ll save you a ton of future fighting in your relationship.

Pisces Man: You Can’t Fully Trust Your Partner

Since you’ve been hurt in the past, you’ve experienced some intense trauma that’s transformed into a psychological weakness. Now, you’re terrified of entering into a relationship for fear of being hurt yet again.

While there’s no guarantee you won’t get hurt again, you have to trust your partner. Without trust in your relationship, you’ll totally begin to witness its downfall.

It’s time that the two of you finally come together and trust one another. You have to overcome this weakness to excel in your relationship. Making this change is the only way for your relationship to move on into the future.

Sagittarius Woman: You Get Off On Picking Fights

This is totally not your best trait but is something you struggle with. You adore creating conflicts with your partner as it gives you attention. You often feel like you don’t get enough love from your partner and that you create issues to have him show how much he adores you.

You definitely know you do this and are not proud of it what so ever.

Remember, that even though this trait is your weakness, you can still change it. You’re going to have to incorporate a ton of willpower into the future of your relationship and do your best to not cause issues. Even if you feel like your partner isn’t giving you the attention you deserve, you shouldn’t try to create conflicts to see how much he cares!

Sagittarius Man: You Need To Be The One Who Wins The Argument

Your Sagittarius competitive nature is definitely falling into the picture as you notice yourself always having to win any fight in your relationship. This weakness totally causes a ton of issues, as you aren’t able to admit that you’re wrong. Instead, this unhealthy behavior is only pushing you and your partner apart.

It’s time that you let go of this unhealthy desire and work to actually resolve arguments rather than win. You’ll see your relationships beginning to become stronger when you put your completive side apart and focus on your partner. It’s time that you start working on overcoming this terrible trait.

Taurus Woman: You’re Terrified Of Coming To Terms With What’s Actually Going On

With all of the stresses in life, you often prefer to take the back seat and pretend that everything is okay. This is your psychological way of overcoming your issues by simply ignoring them.

While it’s a good short-term method, in the long term you eventually notice that the issues are only growing.

You can’t keep ignoring the issues in your relationship hoping they’ll go away. We completely understand that it’s easier to ignore what’s going on rather than come to terms with it. However, it’s eventually just going to cause even more conflicts to break apart. It’s time for you to face your fears and begin seeing yourself as strong enough to overcome anything.

Taurus Man: You’re Way Too Impulsive With Your Words

Everyone around you constantly tells you that you’re just way too impulsive with your words. It seems as if you simply don’t think before you speak and just tell people exactly what you think. While you pretend that you’re just so proud of always being truthful, you simply don’t have a filter.

Your impulsive words are a psychological weakness and cause a ton of issues in your relationship. It’s time that you begin thinking before you speak in order not to anger your partner.

Instead of telling her exactly how you feel, think about how your words will impact her. While honesty is the best policy, it’s critical that you think before you speak to decrease the number of fights you find yourself in.

Aries Woman: If They Wrong You, You Become Spiteful

You are totally not proud of the vengeful side of you that comes out when wronged. It’s not your most glamorous side, yet feels like it’s psychologically ingrained in your body.

You keep a mental list of everything your partner does wrong and then seek revenge.

This is completely unhealthy and is borderline insane! You’re wasting your precious energy obsessing over how you’re going to get your partner back instead of working on bettering your relationship. Your love life will continue to fall until you start working on getting rid of this terrible weakness. You’ll eventually thank us for this advice!

Aries Man: You Never Stand Up For Yourself

You often feel like you’re so wrong all of the time, that you don’t even stand up for yourself when you’re actually right. You’re holding onto a ton of memories in which you were wrong on something, and you just can’t seem to get over it.

You feel like there’s no point in even standing up for yourself because you’re probably wrong again.

It’s time that you let go of this negative thinking and begin putting yourself first in love. Don’t let someone take advantage of you because you’re used to it. This is an unhealthy method and definitely isn’t helping your relationship become stronger. Express how you truly feel instead!

Aquarius Woman: You Feel As If You Need To Be Bossy To Be Heard

You’ve constantly been underestimated in your past that you feel like you have to be bossy in order to be heard. It’s now completely your go-to every time you start to feel threatened. This psychological weakness is definitely ruining your life as you feel like everyone is out to get you.

Stop bossing your lover around and begin viewing them as your equal.

Just because you respect your partner’s thoughts and opinions doesn’t mean they’re going to take advantage of you. You have way more to offer than a bossy attitude you feel like you need just to protect yourself.

Aquarius Man: You Think Everyone Is Out To Get You, Including Your Partner

Based on the crazy issues you’ve been through in the past, you’re still carrying some fears from them. It feels as if everyone is out to get you, even the person you’re dating.

If you feel like your partner isn’t completely there for you, then you shouldn’t be with them.

If instead you simply have trust issues, you have to work on that on your own. Don’t assume that your past issues are going to come back and haunt you again, as they’re not. It’s absolutely necessary that you begin working through this fear. Trust the people who love you, as they only want the best for you.


Leo Woman: When Things Go Wrong, You Tend To Have Negative Thoughts

As a Leo, you often find yourself contemplating the worst-case scenarios. Especially when something goes wrong, it feels like the end of the world. This is especially true in your relationships as you begin to assume that they’re doomed.

Instead, this negative thinking is only creating more distance between you and your partner.

They’re completely over your pessimistic outlook and just aren’t feeling your vibes. You have to overcome this weakness before your partner hits the road. Even though you feel like worrying is a part of your DNA, you have to learn to relax and think of the positive.

Leo Man: You’re Closed-Minded To Relationship Changes

You assume that everything is supposed to be the way in which you’ve planned. And aren’t open to having your relationship swift into a new direction. This is a terrible trait to have as it feels like you’re trying to take control of what’s going on. Instead, it’s time that you let go of this negative outlook and look at the positive.

Open yourself up to the idea of having a non-conventional relationship! If everything feels right, then keep going.

It’s absolutely critical that you open yourself up to new ideas and seeing what the future has in stores. You’ll be shocked as to how much happier you’ll be going with the flow, rather than paddling against the current!


Gemini Woman: You Give Up Easily On Your Partner

While you’re not exactly proud of this, you often feel like you give up on your partner a little too soon. When things start to go wrong, you automatically let go of your lover in fear of what else will happen. We completely understand that you’re scared, but you can’t keep giving up like this.

Instead, you and your partner might actually have a ton of potential to work out together! Don’t give up just because you’re scared.

Remember all of the great memories you and your partner made together the next time you get scared. The two of you are strong enough to work through whatever conflict is in your way!

Gemini Man: You Hold Grudges

You often see your relationships falling apart right in front of your eyes, and usually, they’re due to your actions. You constantly blame it on your psychological weakness of holding grudges. Every time your partner even slightly wrongs you, it becomes a constant grudge you endlessly stress about.

Eventually, you blow up on your partner and everything you’ve been holding in falls right out into the open.

While you’re not exactly proud of this, you feel like there’s absolutely nothing you can do. Yet, we’re here to tell you that if you simply express your emotions on how you truly feel, these issues won’t happen!

Scorpio Woman: You Can Get Pretty Moody

You often see a ton of your relationships falling apart due to your fluctuations in mood. At one second you’re happier than ever, and then the next you’re planning revenge against your lover.

This has caused some terrible issues in your love life, and it’s time that you make some changes.

Slowly but surely you have to learn how to control your mood, or at least not be rude to anyone when you’re down. No one wants to be around someone when a negative vibe simply because they’re in a bad mood. It’s ruining your relationships and isn’t what you need in life!

Scorpio Man: You Become Overly Dependent

While many of us become completely obsessed with our significant other when we find ourselves in a relationship. You become way over dependent on your new boo. You have a huge psychological weakness that causes you to attach to someone in order to feel cared for.

It’s completely unhealthy and usually leads you to end up heartbroken when you break up with your partner.

You can’t keep depending on your happiness on your partner and have to work on being the best version of yourself that you can be! You’re strong enough to get through anything on your own and don’t need your partner there to look after you.

Cancer Woman: You’re Aggressive When You Don’t Get What You Want

The last thing anyone wants is to be with a partner who gets overly aggressive because they don’t get what they want. It’s definitely unattractive and gives off a hostile vibe.

You often find yourself getting aggressive with your lover, even if they did nothing wrong.

This is a terrible weakness to have as it’s only ruining the relationship that you’re in. No one wants to be with someone who isn’t fully there for them and attacks when things get bad. You have to make a promise to yourself to work on this aggressive behavior if you actually want your relationship to succeed in the future.

Cancer Man: You’re Reckless When You Get Upset

While it might feel like it’s a part of your character, you often find yourself going a little crazy when things don’t go your way. When your love life goes off the rails, it seems like you follow.

You obsess over your relationship so much that it feels like the world is ending when you and your partner fight.

The last thing your lover wants is to see you breaking down just because an issue is at hand. You have to work on staying stable whenever a conflict breaks out rather than spiraling out of control. Once you get yourself in order, you’ll see your relationships follow.


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