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Here’s Honestly He’ll Shows He Truly Loves Her A/c Zodiac Sign

You’ve heard of love languages before, but now take a look at love signs. If you’re at the beginning of a relationship your mind is most likely all abuzz with the potentiality of love. Not only are you wrapped up in all your fresh romance has to offer, but you’re curious about how it might grow. Will it turn into true love? Will it fizzle out before you can say “I love you”?

You could wait around for the answer… Or, you could check the zodiac signs! If you know your partner’s (or potential partner’s) star sign, we’re able to tell you how he’s going to show you he loves you. While you might not be able to read his mind, you can read his actions. We often say more with our body language than we do with our words. Just think of any time you’ve wanted to stop talking to someone: you slowly start turning away, you stop making eye contact, you almost curl into yourself.

It’s easy to see what you’re trying to say from those actions. His actions can give you some insight into his innermost thoughts as well. We’ve distilled it down to three words to make it easy for you. Read on, and find out if he’s saying I love you through his actions (even if his words aren’t there yet).


Earth Signs: Through His Actions…

Actions are incredibly important to the Earth signs of the zodiac. Not only do they tend to keep quiet, but they don’t place a lot of weight on intention. The Earth signs are very focused on doing.

They work hard and go for their goals, and believe that success is a tangible achievement.

You’ll never find them slacking off more than they can afford to. They’re careful and measured, which is why they’re most likely going to show you they love you through their actions. Earth signs don’t do grand displays of love… They will, however, kiss you good morning and good night without fail.


And Endless Support

Rather than doing grand displays of love and spilling passionate, romantic turns of phrase, Earth signs will support you. They believe that supporting others is one of the most valuable things in life. It’s how you build community, which is something Earth signs value.

Not only will they never complain about coming to every community softball game you play, but they’ll jump at the chance to cheer you on from the front row. This is the how the Earth signs really show you they love you; they support you endlessly, with no complaints. Actions speak louder than words, after all, at least according to the Earth signs.

Taurus: Teasing And Luxury

Taurus is the most playful of the Earth signs. Everyone loves a Taurus not because they’re quiet, but because they’re so funny. Humor and quirkiness is a trait that people don’t often associate with Taurus folks, but they’re there.

If your Taurus guy happens to be laying into you a little more in the teasing department, take it in stride.

He’s just showing how much he likes you. Alternatively, a Taurus guy can also show he loves you through upping the ante on day-to-day luxury. Taurus folks LOVE feeling good, which often means three things: good food, good fabric textures, and great music choice. If you find yourself eating homemade pizza while wrapped in a suede blanket he gifted you, you can assume he’s in love.


Capricorn: Quiet But Loyal

It might not be what Capricorn does that says he loves you, but rather what he doesn’t do. A Capricorn won’t waste any time moving you from “that person he’s seeing” to full-on “girlfriend”. When a Capricorn makes up his mind he doesn’t accept anything less.

Capricorns won’t give up when they have a goal in sight, and they seldom back down from a commitment. This is great news in the relationship department! You never have to worry about a Capricorn straying, unless the relationship is on its way out. More than likely is this, though: if he’s calling you his partner and suggesting you two spend all of your time together, you can bet that he’s in love.


Virgo: Asking Genuine Questions

Virgos have a keen intelligence which is refreshing in this day and age. Virgos are smart, often starting conversations with a question rather than generic small talk. Praise Virgos for that; the world doesn’t need any more small talk than it has right now.

If something has captured a Virgo’s interest they’re going to ask questions about it.

Their keen and curious mind won’t stop whirring until they learn everything they can about whatever they’re interested in. The same is true in their relationships. If you’re noticing that your Virgo is asking endless questions, embrace it. It’s a definite sign that says “I love you”.


Water Signs: Intimacy Through Curiosity

Water signs are some of the most curious signs out there. Not only do they have a great imagination, but they’re able to almost totally immerse themselves in learning. Water signs don’t mind spending a lot of time thinking. They’re an internally processing sign, which means you won’t always get an insight into their emotional life.

You’ll likely only see what they let you see, which means you might have to rely on signs in order to tell if they’re in love or not. Lucky for you, water signs wear their heart on their sleeve (whether they want to admit it or not). If they’re curious about you then that’s a surefire sign that they’re falling in love.

And Playful Conversations

But wait… Curiosity is inherent in most relationships, especially those that are just beginning. Are there other signs you can look at to figure out if your Water sign is in love? Definitely. Playfulness is a strong element in Water signs.

They like to connect with people and find laughter to be a strong bonding opportunity.

Water signs’ way of perceiving the world means that they can find the humor in almost anything. Even the sad stuff! It does take a while to see that side though, as they only share their playfulness with their most trusted relationships. If you’re seeing more play in your Water sign, feel free to play right back; that’s almost like saying “I love you too”!

Pisces: Dreaming Of Romance

Pisces isn’t the most open sign. Their emotions tend to rule them, which means they spend a whole lot of time thinking. They’re already very open with their love, but they’re the freest when they’re in their imagination. Pisces gets wrapped up in fantasy easily, which means you might find yourself on the receiving end of some pretty sappy love poetry. They just feel everything so much!

Unfortunately, they don’t always know how to express it. If you keep catching your Pisces dreaming about your future house or fantasizing about couples vacations, feel free to dream back. We bet that he’ll be saying “I love you” incredibly soon!

Scorpio: Loyally In Love

What do you get when you have a Scorpio in love? Total, unfailing commitment. They’re absolutely loyal to you and you alone. This is a great thing if that’s what you’re looking for. Don’t expect to continue the dating phase for very long, as Scorpios tend to fall in love quickly.

This is a sign that feels emotions intensely and deeply but doesn’t really know how to handle them.

They tend to mask themselves a little bit, even to those closest to them. Loyalty and wanting to jump into commitment is a good way to tell when your Scorpio is feeling something deep and real. Often it’s an indicator of true love.

Cancer: Self-Improvement For You

We might have cheated a little with that hyphen, but it’s one of the only sure-fire tricks to tell that your Cancer is in love! Cancers are almost as measured and careful as an Earth sign. They feel a lot, like all water signs, but don’t let any of it come out. They make decisions after careful, quiet deliberation, and won’t make any big declarations without being absolutely sure they mean it first.

You might have to wait a while for your Cancer to talk about love, but you can assume he’s feeling it if you start to notice him taking good care of himself. He wants to do things well, which includes giving you the best him he can be. Now that’s devotion!

Air Signs: Devoting His Time

Air signs bring levity and love to every relationship they enter. Whether it’s a romantic relationship or not, Air signs are open-hearted and ready to talk. Conversation and connection are vital to Air sign relationships.

Not only do they tend to get wrapped up in talking to people, but they respect those that they feel have opened up to them.

Air signs might lose track of time often, but they understand the importance of it when it comes to building relationships. If your Air sign is wanting to devote hours and hours of time to your happiness, you can bet that they’re in love.

And Gushing Non-Stop

Spending all that time together means that you’re likely going to have a conversation or two. Air signs will be happy to talk about anything and everything, especially if it’s something they have a strong connection to.

If your Air sign starts gushing about you and the relationship, that’s a very, very good sign. This means that they’ve been thinking about it and want to let you in on how they’re feeling. While they might not say “I love you” right away, they will tell all their friends about you. If you meet his best friend and hear “I’ve heard so much about you,” that’s a sign that this guy is head over heels for you.


Aquarius: Sending You Messages

Aquarius is another Air sign that likes to talk. They have a vivid imagination and tend to build their own little world up around them. They like to observe situations and figure them out after, rather than attempting to jump in right away.

Sending you messages is a sign that he loves you because it indicates two things.

First, it tells you he’s thinking about you when you’re not around. You’re officially part of his world. Second, it means he can’t get enough of talking to you. Putting in that much time to message you is a general Air sign love indicator too. The next thing you know it might be hours spent chatting on the phone!

Gemini: Generosity Of Spirit

Gemini is often thought of as being indecisive, impulsive, and sporadic in communication. Having two different modes of processing (wanting to be out in the world but also needing time to themselves) means that they can be hard to judge.

One day they might need a lot of gentle communication and reassurance, while the next they want to act charismatic, brave, and tough. The one constant in the Gemini’s pattern is the fact that you’ll know they love you when they share their whole spirit with you. Nothing held back, and nothing left undercover. Being generous with their spirit is a sign that they totally trust you (and are totally in love).


Libra: He’ll Balance You

One of the best parts about being with a Libra is that even if you’re a wild sign he’ll be able to balance you. Libras don’t like to waste time. They’re practical and rational, and appreciate people who act similarly.

However, if he’s in love, he’s more than happy to be the rational and decisive one amongst you.

A Libra who’s not in love will get tired of always having to make the decision about where to go for dinner. A Libra who is in love will ask some questions about what you’re in the mood for, research some Yelp ratings and reviews, and then get back to you precisely six minutes later with reservations and the car keys. Why? That’s just the way love works for a Libra.


Fire Signs: Showing You Off

Finally, we’ve come to the Fire signs. These signs might seem like they fall in love every other week, but once you know what to look for you’ll be able to see that that’s not exactly true. Fire signs get distracted very easily.

They love passion, and love getting ahead. Fire signs are as determined and motivated as Earth signs, but they aren’t exactly as goal-oriented. They love the sense of achievement though, and are often fans of “bragging rights”. That is, showing off or bragging about their achievements. You’re definitely not a prize to be won or a thing to be achieved, but if your Leo is in love he’ll certainly want to show you off.

(And) Heating Things Up

Take it as a compliment; Leos only want the best, which means that he really does regard you highly. While “showing you off” is a crude way to express it, what he really wants is to celebrate the fact that he’s lucky enough to be your partner.

Wanting to shout it from the rooftops is one way of doing that.

Another is heating things up wherever you are. Would you expect anything less from a sign that’s so driven and passionate? If they’re really in love they won’t be able to keep their hands off you! Whether it means keeping their arm around your waist or keeping their hands somewhere else is up to you.


Sagittarius: Honest Emotional Investment

For a sign that likes his freedom, honest emotional investment is a huge sign pointing towards the fact that he loves you. Sagittarius folk have an inherent desire for change and adventure. Having a need to explore usually means that Sagittarians keep their emotional investment to a minimal level.

They’re happy when they’re free, which means they want to be able to move on from something at a moments notice. It allows them to feed their curiosity. If you’ve found that your Sagittarius guy is happy in one place and investing real emotional energy into you, he’s in it for the foreseeable future. Yes… He’s in love.


Aries: His Goals Change

While Aries folks might be referred to as stubborn, we prefer to call them determined. Once an Aries gets an idea in their head they won’t let it go. They pick a goal and fight tooth and nail to achieve it.

Nothing sways them, even though things might distract them.

Aries is also, however, focused on making his partners feel good. If you’re wondering about whether an Aries is in love with you or not, ask them about what their goals are. If they’re suddenly thinking about applying to do their Master’s at the same university as you, rather than going off on a three-month backpacking adventure, you can bet that their goals have changed.

Why? Because of love!

Leo: Endless Couple Selfies

Leo is a sign that’s too much to handle. One of the partiers of the zodiac, Leo loves a good get together. They like being social and love the attention they attract on social media. You can never give a Leo too much affection, which is a very good thing for those equally affectionate signs.

Leo puts on a great show, but he won’t brag about everything. He likes to make sure things are a sure bet before bragging about them, out of fear of losing them. If he’s all of a sudden wanting to post photos of you two on Instagram and make the relationship Facebook official, it’s a pretty safe bet that he’s decided to commit. And commitment is a short step away from love.



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