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Here What He’s willing to have In his Relationship with you

When it comes to love, we all dream about finding that special someone. Our standards are through the roof, and rightfully so. If we’re going to be spending the rest of our lives with someone special, they better meet every single criterion we’re looking for.

However, it’s a little bit different when it comes to what guys are looking for. Rather than finding his dream girl who matches everything he desires, he’s looking for something else. What he actually wants is a girl that perfectly meets that one thing he absolutely needs in a relationship. In his eyes, everything else will fall into place as long as she has that one particular quality.

Each guy is completely different and is looking for absolutely different qualities. That’s why we’ve included the top 12 things that he’s looking for in a relationship. Once we’re able to get to know him, we’re sure to be able to figure out what that one particular quality is. If not, aim to offer all of these 12 things in one way or another. However, try to figure out that one thing he truly needs in a relationship.

We also made sure to add some advice on how to offer what he desires. Take some notes on how to wow him and he’ll fall head over heels in almost no time!

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24What He’s Looking For: Adventure

It’s safe to say that almost every guy is looking for a little bit of adventure. We all want to have fun in our relationship and are willing to go the extra mile to have a good time. If you’re getting the vibe that your lover adores living life to the fullest and experiencing everything the world has to offer, then this is the quality he is totally looking for.

He doesn’t want a boring plain relationship. Instead, he desires something much greater and more exciting. He’s looking for a lover who is willing to live on the wild side with him and experience life. Together, you two will be able to grow through these amazing adventures and live life to the fullest!

23How To Offer It: Go A Little Wild

If you have your eyes set on someone who adores adventure, you’re going to have to get on his level. This includes getting a little wild and jumping outside of your comfort zone. You’re going to have to get used to doing things a little differently in order to grow into the person you’re meant to become.

The last thing you want is to push yourself too far past your comfort zone in order to get some guy. Instead, we recommend that you take your time slowly and figure out what limits you’re willing to push. The key is to expand yourself and have a new lover enter the picture as a byproduct. You’ll realize that you’re doing this for yourself way more than for him.


22What He’s Looking For: Transparency

It’s safe to say that absolutely every guy is looking for transparency in his relationship. While there might be some guys more interested in playing games when it comes to love, most of them aren’t. Instead, what they need is a partner who is basically an open book and isn’t interested in playing games.

Transparency is basically the key to making any relationship work. We recommend trying to be more transparent with any guy that you find yourself into. You’ll totally see your relationship flourish and both people can trust one another. You won’t have to waste your precious time trying to figure out what your lover is thinking as they’ll probably let you know.

21How To Offer It: Hiding Things Will Never Fly

If you have your eye on someone who seriously values transparency, you’re going to have to deliver. As soon as he gets the vibe that you’re not being completely truthful, he will head in the opposite direction. He simply has no time to be playing games and isn’t interested in someone with their own agenda.

If you think that you’ll be able to get away with a few white lies here and there, think again. Your man is completely on top of things and isn’t about to let you manipulate him. Ditch any skeletons in the closet that you might have and try to be as honest as possible. While it might be hard to do so at first, it’s the key to your relationship.


20What He’s Looking For: Honesty

Some guys have just been through it all and are looking for a little honesty now. We can’t even blame them as every relationship should be based on honesty. However, if you notice that your man desires nothing more than the truth, you better get ready to deliver.

The only thing on his mind is finding someone who will tell him exactly how they feel and what they’re thinking. If you think that keeping the truth from him will slide, think again. He’ll be able to pick up in no time that you’re keeping something from him.

19How To Offer It: Communication

If you’re willing to do whatever it takes to land this special someone, you’re going to have to put in the work. Get ready for endless communication to let your man know exactly where you’re at. We promise that there is nothing that he wants more than to know what you’re thinking.

If you’re not that sure that honesty is what he truly values, we promise it’s the right thing to do. Any lover that you find yourself in a relationship with will adore you for constantly speaking the truth. There is no point in lying when it comes to love. We guarantee that any guy is looking for a girl willing to speak the truth.


18What He’s Looking For: A Best Friend

When it comes to love, sometimes the best relationships are the ones based on friendship. There is nothing more amazing than your lover also doubling as your best friend. If you can’t completely truth your partner with absolutely everything, then they truly aren’t the right person for you.

That’s why your man is also looking for a best friend when it comes to love. He understands that there is nothing more important than someone you can feel totally comfortable with. If you’re not able to be friends, then you probably shouldn’t be lovers.

17How To Offer It: Friendship Is The Foundation

If you get the vibe that your man values friendship, then you’re going to have to show it. You’re going to have to offer your man a foundation of friendship for him to truly want to build a relationship.

The truth is that once the chemistry dies out, what you really need to keep things going is a strong foundation of friendship. This will be the key to keeping things together and pushing them forward. You’ll realize that a relationship built on complete truth is the best way to do things. Offer your man a friend and you’ll see your relationship grow endlessly into the future.


16What He’s Looking For: Love

It seems like at the end of the day, all that we truly want is love when it comes to relationships. So many other things seem to get tangled into the mix that we forget the most important quality. There is no point in finding yourself in a relationship if both people don’t love each other.

Some guys are quick to catch onto this and make sure to focus on finding their special someone based on complete connection. You won’t even have to second guess whether this is the quality he’s looking for in a relationship. He’ll be more focused on developing a connection than anything else.

15How To Offer It: Is He The One?

Rather than trying to offer him love, you’re going to have to see if he’s even worth it. There is no point in trying to love someone if it doesn’t come naturally. You owe it to him, and to yourself, to be completely transparent. That’s why we recommend taking some time to figure out if he’s actually the one who’s just right for you.

The last thing you want is to find someone who fits most of the things you’re looking for, rather than what you actually need. Unless you’re head over heels in love with this special someone, you should be on to the next. He won’t be willing to date someone who isn’t head over heels. If you think you have what it takes to be with this special someone, then go ahead!


14What He’s Looking For: Adoration

Sometimes all we want when it comes to love is a little extra attention from our lovers. When it comes to relationships, we want to be the number one thing on their mind. If our partner isn’t in it 100%, then there is no point in keeping things going.

If you get the vibe that your man desires a little bit of extra attention, you better be ready to offer it to him. He’s probably completely used to a ton of adoration that he also wants from a partner. He adores when someone constantly reassures how amazing he is. Let’s just say that he isn’t ready to give this up just yet.

13How To Offer It: Shower Him With Compliments

If you have your eye caught on this special someone, you better be willing to offer them all of his desires. Get ready to constantly compliment him on how amazing he is just for being him. If you’re down to shower your lover with all of these endless compliments, then you’ll see your relationship flourish.

On the other hand, if you’re not willing to constantly gas your man up, then it’s time to let him go. You have to naturally have the desire to let your man know how much you appreciate him. If you feel like you’re forcing yourself to shower him with compliments, then he simply isn’t the one for you!


12What He’s Looking For: Trust

Some guys have absolutely been through it all and are looking for someone willing to be completely honest with them. The last thing he wants is to end up hurt, especially if that has occurred in the past. That’s why the only thing on his mind is trust in a relationship.

It almost sounds like a cliche at this point to say that trust is key in a relationship. However, if you’re not able to truly trust your partner, your relationship cannot move forward. Instead, you’re going to be constantly questioning your partner’s next move and what they’re up to. This is so not what you want, and neither does your partner.

11How To Offer It: Be An Open Book

If you feel like he’s the one for you, then you better make it known. Offer your lover your complete self and he will in turn. We recommend being an open book when it comes to love as it’s the number one key to keep things going.

It’s safe to say that when you found the right person, this is so easy to do. Instead of forcing yourself to be honest, you’ll find that it occurs naturally on its own. If you don’t have a natural desire to be completely truthful, then this isn’t the right person for you. There is no point in pushing yourself to do something when it simply just isn’t worth it.


10What He’s Looking For: Security

When it comes to love, we’re all looking for a little bit of security. We’ve been through it all and are desperate at this point to find someone who we can depend on. Life is already difficult on its own and we don’t need our love life stressing us out.

That’s why we can’t even blame him for seeking out security. No one wants to be stressing that maybe their partner isn’t truthful. Rather, everyone needs someone who is willing to be an open book and be more than honest when it comes to love. Every partner should be able to depend on their significant other for a little stability when it comes to love.

9How To Offer It: Have No Loose Ends

The last thing your man is going to be willing to put up with is any loose ends pulling you down. If you really want things to take off with this special someone, you’ll have to come to terms with your dark past. Once you get all of your business in order, your man will feel much more secure and stable.

The truth is he’ll be able to pick up on some bad vibes from your past. No one wants to be stressing over their past. Also, no one wants to be dating someone who is living in the past. If you feel like you’re ready to be completely truthful with your lover, only then will things work out completely!


8What He’s Looking For: Happiness

It’s absolutely crazy that we sometimes forget that the most important element in a relationship is happiness. Other than love, we should be constantly striving to find happiness in our relationship. You’d be surprised to find out how many relationships keep on going when the people within them just aren’t happy.

We’re not even surprised that your man is seeking out happiness when it comes to love. He is so over everything else stressing him out that he’s gone back to the basic principles of a relationship. If you feel like you’re willing to give things a shot, then you better be ready to offer your genuine self.

7How To Offer It: Work For It

Sometimes the only way to truly achieve happiness is to work for it. While you might think that it occurs naturally on its own, it totally doesn’t. Instead, you’re going to have to put in the work and figure out what it takes exactly to make things flourish.

If you think that relationships are able to grow on their own, think again. Instead, they take a ton of hard work and effort from both ends. While you might be on cloud 9 near the beginning of your relationship, there is no guarantee that it will always be like that. Instead, you’re going to have to do whatever it takes to make things work when it comes to love.


6What He’s Looking For: Perspective

He might be so confused with everything going on that he’s looking for someone willing to help him out. We all get a little lost in life that all we desire is for a second perspective on the situation. If he’s been stressing over things for what seems like forever, all he truly needs is someone to be there for him.

We all need help from time to time. What he truly values in a relationship is someone there to offer a second perspective. Rather than getting consumed in your own thoughts, it’s time to let other people enter the picture and help you analyze them. There is no one better to help out than your lover!

5How To Offer It: Give A Second Opinion

If this guy is the one for you, then you better get ready to offer a second opinion. There is no point in keeping your thoughts to yourself, as that’s the main thing he desires. Let him know exactly what you think and what can be done to better the situation.

You better get ready to offer your complete opinions 24/7. At the end of the day, you and your lover are basically a team and should be constantly communicating. Bouncing ideas off of one another will basically become a normal everyday occurrence. If you’re willing to offer these qualities to your lover, then everything will work out!


4What He’s Looking For: Excitement

While qualities such as trust and honesty are critical when it comes to a relationship, you can’t forget about a few other important ones. That’s why we recommend that when it comes to love, you find some excitement in your relationship.

He’s so over all of the cliche elements of a relationship and simply just wants to have fun. The key to truly making love last is complete adoration for one another. It’s time to forget about anything that might still be stressing you out and instead jump into something a little bit more fun. We guarantee that this is exactly what you’ve been looking for, and is the key to making things work!

3How To Offer It: Find That Spark

If he’s the guy for you, then make it known. Get ready to put the work in and show your lover that you’re ready to offer him whatever it is that he desires. If he’s looking for a fun time, then you’ll be able to deliver it.

The key is finding out if you two vibe together. If you two are able to have a fun time wherever you are, then things are sure to work out. He values a relationship based on excitement more than anything else. If fun isn’t the core of your relationship, things just aren’t going to work!


2What He’s Looking For: A Future Together

While some guys are just looking to have a fun time, he’s looking for so much more. He’s so over people entering and leaving his life that he wants someone a little more stable. We adore him since he’s so not here to play games and instead is here for the real deal.

The only thing on his mind is figuring out if you two have a future together. If you’re willing to put in the work to grow your relationship, then things are guaranteed to work out. The last thing you want to do is be short-term with this special someone. Offer him your heart and things are sure to work out!

1How To Offer It: Is He The One?

This is the question you have to ask yourself. There is no point in trying to be his dream girl if he’s not your dream man. Don’t keep stressing over trying to be the best version of yourself if your heart isn’t in it. The only want to let things truly grow into the future is through being completely honest about what you’re looking for.

If there just isn’t a connection between you two, then it’s time to just let him go. Focus on what you want in a relationship, rather than what he is looking for. As long as you’re willing to see where your relationship will go into the future, then you’re his girl. However, take some time to figure out if he’s even your man.




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