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Here Is How You Say Goodbye To Your Forever Person

Forever should never end. This shouldn’t be happening. Your heart shouldn’t be bleeding like this. This is one goodbye you never imagined saying. So when the unimaginable happens, you are in a state of shock. You are in so much pain that it’s hard to handle. You are trying to make some sense of everything but it’s difficult because you are unsure if the whole thing has any.

You felt his heart beating as loudly as yours when you first kissed. You felt safe in his embrace. You felt like you were where you were supposed to be all along. You loved and you were loved back. But the sad truth is, love alone is not always enough to make things last.

Sometimes you meet the right person at the wrong time. Sometimes the course of life gets in the way. Sometimes some foolish decisions draw you apart. Sometimes love is enormous but every other aspect of your relationship doesn’t function. Sometimes destiny gets in the way and you find yourself having to say that final goodbye and you have no idea how to.

When saying goodbye to your forever person, the first thing you need to do is accept that sometimes things just happen, life happens, lovers part and there is nothing any of us can do about it. It’s beyond our control. And no matter what you do, how much you pray and how firmly you hold on, you will have to let everything go at one point.


The worst thing to do to yourself is to try and forget that your relationship ever happened and that a certain person meant the world to you. It will be your initial instinct, a sort of defense mechanism. But the more you try to kick them out of your system, the tighter they will hold on.

Don’t try to erase all the memories which at one point you loved making. Those are your moments of pure happiness. That’s the point in your life in which you felt ‘all consuming, can’t live without each other’ love. And that is something priceless. Cherish that.

Some people wait a lifetime to feel what you have the privilege of feeling and they never do. They spend their whole life looking for their forever person, their twin flame, their soulmate, their one and only but they never find it.

They might have loved, they even might be married with kids but they never managed to be with their forever. They always have this sense that they were deprived of something great and they regret not having experienced it. They regret not falling so hard for somebody that it feels like a dream and not real life.

You have nothing to regret. Be grateful because it happened. Be thankful you had the time you had. Be thankful because you got the chance to experience love in its truest form even though it was never meant to last.

Understand that even though it ended it wasn’t any less real. They will probably rent a room in your heart. It will be a place you will visit less and less every day (even if it doesn’t seem like that now) but you will always know it’s there and even though they couldn’t stay by your side, the love remained and that small part of you will always be theirs.


Don’t look at that part as a burden or as a curse you have to carry around with you for all eternity. Look at it as a gift. A gift of love. Own the fact that you loved and were loved back. It meant something. It meant everything at one point in your life.

It will hurt like hell. It will feel like the pain will never go away. But you will heal when you allow them to stay in your heart. You will heal when you accept that it had to end. That some people are there to stay for a certain amount of time in our life and not a minute longer. The only one we are guaranteed forever with is ourself.

Lean on yourself. Be your own hero. Keep investing and trying, for the most important person you will ever have, and that is you. You will survive this. You will let go of somebody you thought was yours forever. You will keep the memory and you will be eternally grateful they showed you what love means. Because of it, you will be able to love again, even if they forever own a part of your heart.


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