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Even Though You Weren’t My Forever Person, I Will Forever Be Grateful For You

Whether it be to help us through a difficult situation or teach us a lesson to view things from a different perspective, paths are meant to cross for a reason; even if they are not meant to last forever.

It can be confusing when you feel a strong, magnetic connection that’s hard to find, yet you know within your core that this person is only meant to share life with you for a moment in time.

It’s tough to sit in that gray, stagnant state when you just don’t know how to move forward, yet you don’t want to let go after sharing so much with this person.

Maybe they helped you see your worth, maybe they helped you overcome one of your biggest fears— maybe they simply helped you learn to appreciate the simple things in life. Whatever it may be, you found something very special in this person that tweaked your perspective on life in a major way. They came into your world unexpectedly and showed you that trustworthy people do exist. They took your hand and lifted your head up when no one else did. They saw past the messiness and into your heart like you were made of glass. They gave you hope when you needed it the most. They saw you at your highest highs and lowest lows. They cradled your vulnerabilities and guarded your mind from the self-sabotaging thoughts. They worked through your stubbornness and felt your pain. They made you laugh until you cried on nights you thought you would never smile again. Not once did you ever need a filter around them. They listened to your story and felt the weight of every word. They understood you.


As much as you want it to work because of this, there’s still a part of you that knows this relationship will only romantically go so far. Deep down inside, you know that you have love for them, but are not in love.

You almost feel angry with yourself for it. How can this connection be so inherent, so safe, so effortless, yet you know in your bones it’s not meant to last forever.

This is when you realize that this person came into your life for a reason and that reason was to create an essential shift in your life; and you to shift theirs. You both needed each other at a specific time for different reasons. This person walked you through the darkness while they embraced the reason you were brought into their life.


Both of you came together from different worlds for the same purpose.

You showed each other a different take on life by igniting parts of yourselves you didn’t know existed.

When you get to the point of knowing that it is time to say goodbye, there’s this feeling of confusion and guilt, but you know it needs to be done. You know you can’t stay stagnant any longer. Not just for you, but for them. They also deserve to move forward in life and find everlasting love and happiness with the person that is truly meant for them.


There’s something beautiful about letting go.

As much as it may hurt, there’s also this underlying feeling of hope and peace that is released when you finally say goodbye.

There’s this magical element to it, when you realize that there is something beyond our own understanding looking out for us. Meeting them was no accident, it was all for a purpose and you are a better person for it.

Even though they weren’t your forever person, they will forever carry a special place in your heart. There is nothing purer than letting go for the sake of honoring the genuine connection you shared with this person; the more you prolong what you know is not meant to stay, the less honest and less purposeful it becomes. Let it be what it is; which was a beautiful chapter in your life where you had the opportunity to intertwine your soul with another who proved to you that change is attainable; that though life may knock you down, there are genuine people you can trust who will wholeheartedly, help to lift you back up.

Though all of this didn’t work out as you had planned, the universe had a plan all along.

Let your closure be a grateful heart for the lessons you learned and a newfound perspective on life.



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