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Don’t Settle For A Man Who Chooses When To Pay Attention To You

Have you ever been involved with a man who appeared to be too good to be true when you first met him?

A seemingly romantic guy who lavished attention on you and whom you thought was your Mr. Perfect?

Then, all of a sudden, everything changed.

You don’t know if something happened or he showed you his true colors, but after a while, the man from the beginning of the story was nowhere to be found.

Instead, he was replaced by a guy who ignores your phone calls and texts,  emotionally neglects you, puts everyone in front of you, and clearly doesn’t give a damn about you.

Then after a while, everything went back to square one: He returned to his initial behavior and you thought it was just an ugly phase you managed to successfully overcome.

Nevertheless, after some time, you realized you’re trapped in this endless circle of inconsistency, everything has gone too far, and you don’t have any idea where you stand.

So, you can’t help but overthink, as much as you try not to.

What’s going on? Does this man care for you or is he only using you?

Why does he in one moment act like he couldn’t imagine his life next to you, just to give you cold feet the very next?


Well, let me tell you that one of the most important relationships rules most of us sadly learn the hard way is if someone doesn’t love you all the time, he’s never actually loved you.

It’s not to accept half-assed feelings and effort. It is not to be okay with receiving little, especially when you’re giving a lot.

I know that a man who’ll dedicate himself one hundred percent to you seems impossible to find.

But I promise you that he’s out there and that he’ll find his way to you, when you become ready to welcome him into your life.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should settle for anything less in the meantime.

It doesn’t mean you should accept the crumbs of some douchebag’s love and attention just because you still haven’t found the real deal.

Your obsessive thoughts about ending up alone shouldn’t be the reason for you to lower your standards, and even the love you might feel for him shouldn’t be an excuse to settle for less than you deserve.

Please, don’t waste your time on inconsistent men who have no clue what they want from life.

On men who ignore you when they’re having a blast with their friends, but come crawling back to you whenever they need something.

Don’t give them a chance to play with your heart and mind just to boost their own egos.

Don’t settle for a guy who refuses to label your relationship and doesn’t want to call you his girlfriend.


For a guy who beats around the bush and doesn’t give you any certainty when it comes to the future.

Don’t accept the man who treats you like you’re the love of his life one day just to disappear the next and start acting like he doesn’t know you.

For a man who will ghost you the second a better opportunity arises and chooses when to pay attention to you.

Don’t waste years of your life on someone who finds you convenient.

On a guy who makes you feel like you’re his last resort and doesn’t have the decency to prioritize you.

Don’t settle for a man who doesn’t take you on dates or dinners, but calls you every time he gets wasted in the middle of the night asking if he can come over and crash at your place.


For a man who doesn’t want the entire package and is only after your body, without giving a damn about your soul, heart, and mind.

Don’t accept a guy who wants your entire relationship to happen under his terms and couldn’t care less for your needs and wishes.

A guy who isn’t interested and fully invested in your life and someone you know you can’t count on.

Instead, wait for a real man who’ll be constantly present. That man who isn’t going anywhere and loves you, no matter the circumstances.

Until then, remember that it’s always better to stay single than give someone who doesn’t deserve you even looking at him a chance to treat you however the hell he wants and the opportunity to keep on breaking your heart.



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