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Don’t Ever Marry A Guy Who Does These 5 Things


The decision of getting married is hard enough without someone trying to warn you to pay attention to a few things your guy does or doesn’t do.

But there are so many broken marriages nowadays because the two people who decided to take that road didn’t know each other as well as they thought.

Later on, all you have left are regrets and bad memories of your marriage. If there was only something that could help you to make the right choice, should you marry him, or not.

Well, there is.

The fact is, no one can decide for you if the guy you love is going to turn out to be good hubby material, but there are some signs that can warn you if he is not the exact right choice.

Stay tuned and pay attention to these 6 things which can help you decide if you should marry him or not.



Trust is the most important thing for a relationship to survive, especially in the long run. If your guy keeps making you promises and doesn’t live up to them, something is not right.

You have to confront him about that and if his answer is satisfactory and realistic, you should give him another chance. If he starts to make excuses and starts giving you vague answers, you should take some measures.

Decide for yourself: is the fact he is breaking his promises something you can live with? If it is, by all means dig in, but don’t bitch about it later.

If it’s not, run away from him as fast as you can because there are troubles on the horizon.


It may sound funny to even say this, but most women are still in abusive relationships because they are constantly finding excuses for their guy’s violent behavior.

If your guy is prone to violent behavior, whether in the form of physical abuse or psychological abuse (name calling, anger outbursts, throwing stuff), you should know he will be like that forever.

He can promise you he won’t do that ever again as much as he likes, but the reality is, he will.

Break off the relationship ASAP if you want to save yourself from emotional and physical abuse!


This means that he doesn’t consider the two of you as equals. If he disregards something you have to say, it should serve as a warning.

As your future husband, he has to take into the consideration everything you’ve got to say, even if he doesn’t agree with you. In this way, he is showing that he values and respects your opinion, no matter if you are right or wrong.

You deserve someone who will take you seriously and treat you the way you deserve.


You have to be the only one in your guy’s life. If the two of you are about to embark on the serious journey that is marriage, you have to be able to trust one another.

If he has ever cheated on you, the ‘sacred’ bond-trust has been broken, forever. This act is representing disrespect.

How can you be with a guy who deliberately violated your trust and respect? If you are smart enough, you will always resent him for cheating on you.


You have been in a relationship with this guy for quite some time and he still didn’t make you an important part of his life.

This can only mean one thing—he doesn’t care for you that much and he will never be ready to make a serious commitment to you. You should open your eyes and leave the ship that is already sinking.

Don’t make excuses because things are going incredibly slowly and face the fact he’s just leading you on.



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