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December Astrology By Dates: Powerful, But Peaceful End Of The Year

While looking at the horoscope for the month of December, it is important that you look at what the decans for your rising signs are.

If you are looking at it from the aspect of the ascendant signs, or the rising signs, it will accrue to your personal relationships. But if you look at it from a lunar point of view, it would highlight you as to the emotional turmoils you might be going through.


For the first half of December, Mars and Neptune conjoin. While this could very well be a pleasant thing to experience, it won’t be that good when they are squaring the Sun. This results in amplification of the energy during the December 7 New moon, which can also be considered to be the most important thing for this horoscope.

Friday, December 7

The New Moon at Sagittarius would be squaring the Mars Neptune conjunction at Pisces. This would give rise to several negative emotions, like anger, deception, etc. A static star at the Hercules constellation is bound to cause power struggles in women.

This constant struggle against you would take a toll out on your spirit, and your vitality, leaving you drained. It is obvious, considering that you would be combating against everything and everyone you knew, or you thought you knew.

You need to realize that not everyone wants what is best for you. Some people wouldn’t hesitate to harm you, taking advantage of the person you are. You need to stop idealizing people, because hope hardly gets you across. Start thinking practically, and look out for your own interests.

Monday, December 17

Mars in s*xtile with Pluto would be the second most important thing this December after the New Moon on December 7. This results in waves of positive energy driving your activities, towards success. Post the trauma of December 7, it is important that you get some silver lining for it is never going to be easy. But this would give you the necessary push to achieve all you want.

Even on a personal front, you would get a tremendous surge of power that would make you more approachable to the opposite s*x, or similar s*x. You would be radiating confidence, and stamina, and sometimes your partner would find themselves unable to cope up with your tremendous drive. You wouldn’t be a violent person, but you would not back down from saving your honor.

Saturday, December 22

The best time in the entire month. This would bring in an era of peace, calm and sincerity, with everyone rooting for the advent of a new year with lots and lots of opportunities in wait for you. What is essential here, is for you to keep an open mind about everything and see everything through.

You need to know that not everything that sparkles is gold. Think for yourselves. This would be the full moon in Cancer s*xtile Uranus. This would also bring in a lots and lots of excitements, changes, and surprises.



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