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Cheating On Phone: 8 Digital Signs Of Your Partner’s Infidelity

The ultimate list of cheating on phone clues that will help you identify a digital cheater (or get rid of the doubt)!

“Ask you once, ask you twice now

There’s lipstick on your collar

You say she’s just a friend now

Then why don’t we call her?”

Anne Marie’s hit Ciao Adios is the perfect example of a vintage romance, from a time when we had to rely on physical evidence (like lipstick on the collar, prolonged office hours, etc.) in order to bust a cheater.


Luckily for us, times have changed and the doors to a world of digital evidence are wide open!

Modern cell phones, social media platforms, spy apps and other tech companions have made it easy for us to track our (potentially) cheating partners.

If you suspect your partner is being unfaithful, you’ve come to the right place! Here is a list of telltale digital signs to help you learn how to catch a cheating partner!

How To Catch A Cheater: 8 Digital Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

1. Your partner is being secretive and overprotective about their phone

The number one sign your significant other is cheating on you is if they are secretive and overly protective of their phone.

The easiest way to recognize this is to compare their old behaviour with their current conduct.

Do they hide their smartphone from you when texting with other people? Do they run at the speed of light when someone sends them a text message?

Have they started taking all their phone calls outside the house (and away from you)? Do they carry their phone everywhere with them (even when going to the toilet)?


If your answer to the majority of the above questions is yes, there’s a high chance your partner is hiding something from you!

They know that they’re doing something bad, so they instinctively try to hide such behaviour and become overprotective of their devices.

They are scared of getting busted, so they’re doing everything in their power to protect their lies.


2. Your spyware detects evidence

Modern spyware is one of the most powerful “cheat detectors” at our disposal, so it would be a shame not to use it, right?

To help you with a spyware mission, I’ve divided it into four evidence sections in which you can find a “how to” explanation for each action:

Evidence 1: Locating the device

If you want to find out about your partner’s current whereabouts, locating their device is one of the easiest methods.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to jailbreak their device because everything is already on their phone.

If they use an Apple device that is connected to a family account, you can easily locate their cell phone by logging in to (first check their location sharing feature is enabled).

Once you’ve logged in, click on ‘Find My iPhone’ or use the ‘Find My Friends’ app.

If they use an Android phone and are logged in to Google on a shared computer, the procedure is the following: Type “Find My Phone” into the search bar and voila, you’ll have their phone location!


Evidence 2: Location history

If you want to check all the previous places your partner has visited, then the location services feature is your friend!

By checking all the places they visit frequently, you will easily notice if there’s one special place that they prioritize.

And here’s how you’ll do it:

For iPhone users you need to do the following: Click Settings > Privacy > Select Location Services > Scroll down to System Services > Select Significant Locations.

If they use an Android phone that is signed in to their Google account, you will find their location history information in Google Timeline (which can be accessed with the Google Maps app).


Evidence 3: Checking the call logs

Checking the call logs on your partner’s phone is another simple way to track your partner’s infidelity. All you need to do is check all the outgoing and incoming calls as well as text messages.

Pay attention to how many times a specific number has called or texted them and what the name of the contact is.

One letter names are pretty popular among cheaters, so if you notice something like that, you have every right to be on alert. We’ll talk more about names and numbers below, so stay tuned!

Evidence 4: mSpy app

If you’re looking for an app to help you decipher whether or not your partner is cheating, then the mSpy app is your saviour!

There are many spying applications out there and you would be surprised how many people use them.

So, if you’re feeling uncomfortable about using them, you shouldn’t! You have every right to access the real truth and to get help from modern technology like this app.

With the assistance of this spying application, you can check your partner’s chat history from all the latest messenger services (Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber).

Now, what if they’ve deleted all the messages? No worries, because they are still stored in the software’s control panel, meaning you can access them there whenever you wish!


3. They have a lot of suspicious names and numbers in their contacts

Checking your partner’s contacts is a surefire way to identify cheating on phone signs.

If they have something to hide from you, you can be sure that they will alter their contacts’ names out of fear that you’ll figure out their game.

There are many possible ways they may try and mask their infidelity when it comes to contact names and here are the most common ones:

– They have contact(s) consisting of only one letter (X, M, P, which is usually their lover’s initial).

-They have contact(s) that consist of a mix of letters and numbers that are undecipherable.

– They have contact(s) with suspicious occupations like ‘Plumber Woman’ or similar.


– They add a lover’s number under a family member’s name.

In their eyes, all of these combinations seem like a perfect excuse for them to leave the premises when they want to.

Also, they’re convinced that it’s perfectly safe to have their lover’s number listed under a family member’s name.

But, when you start digging deeper into their cell phone, you will notice that all these suspicious names and numbers are there for a reason.

Their main purpose is to cover their lover’s identity and protect them from being caught in a lie.


4. They have a second phone or alternative SIM cards

This one is a trademark of every professional cheater out there. Having a second phone or alternative SIM cards is a perfect cover for any trace of infidelity. Why?

Because it’s like having two identities. All the data on the “cheating phone or SIM card” will be saved there, and therefore, far away from your eyes.

They will just shift between phones and cards and you’ll have no idea what is going on in their life, even if you use the mSpy app.

But, there’s one surefire way to break the enigma! If you notice that they’re calling you from an unknown phone number and tell you that they borrowed a phone from a friend, think again.


If this happens once, then maybe it is true. But, if it happens constantly, then you know there’s something bigger going on there.

This happened to one of my friends. She suspected that her husband was cheating on her, but she couldn’t find a single clue of his infidelity.

She went through his phone, his laptop, – everything she could think of – and it was all clean.

And then, after some time, she started receiving calls from an unknown number and every time she answered it, it was him – her husband.


It didn’t take long to connect the dots, so she asked him why he was always calling her from that same unknown number.

He literally froze and didn’t know what to say, then he started to stumble over his words and fidget.

And then, she knew that something was fishy, and boy, was it fishy! He had succeeded in lying to her through his phone, but he couldn’t manage it in person because his eyes revealed the real truth.


5. They spend lots of time on their phone

If your partner has never been a fan of spending too much time on their phone, and now they can’t stop looking at their smartphone screen, then you know something’s not right.

Spending lots of time on their phone might mean two things:

-They’re either so busy that they can’t stop looking at their phone even when they’re not officially at work.

– They’re chatting with their lover (or lovers?).

If you know that the nature of your partner’s job doesn’t require them to work 24/7, then you can eliminate the first option.

This means there’s a high probability your partner is suddenly spending so much time on their phone because they’re in contact with their lover.


They’re sending pictures to each other, chatting about their day, arranging the next date, and hoping that all this will stay their little secret.

In most cases, it really does stay a secret if partners are persuasive and if they offer “valid” reasons for their phone addiction.

And in some cases, they fail before they even manage to think of an excuse.

When they sense that you’re snooping on them and being suspicious about their recent behaviour, they start being overly protective of their phone.

If you notice this, then you can be sure they’re not really busy working, rather they’re busy pretending that they’re working. (Talk about a perfect modern life cover.)


6. There’s no history of speaking to or texting anyone on their phone

You open their call logs hoping that you’ll find something to confirm your doubts, but there’s nothing. Their phone is CLEAN!

They’re literally on their phone day and night (even when they are on the toilet) but there is no history of them speaking to or texting anyone on their phone.

Needless to say this is a huge red flag.

Also, this is one of the easiest ways to bust a cheating partner. I mean, who in their right mind would delete all their texting and speaking history if they didn’t have anything to hide?

It’s evident even to a child that they’re doing it for a reason. And the reason is that they’re hiding something from you.


This is a next level cheater personality because they don’t even bother changing their contact names or buying a second phone. They just delete their communication history on the current one.

They’re not only cheating on you, but they’re also cheating on themselves because they evidently lack innovation, creativity, and effort.

But, perhaps they secretly want to be caught and that’s the reason they’re doing it this way.

I read somewhere that most cheaters subconsciously want to get caught and that’s why they leave all kinds of clues hoping you’ll uncover them.

Maybe that’s the reason why they choose to delete things on their phone instead of professionally hiding clues like others.


7. They hide and whisper on the phone

Remember all those scenes in movies when a cheating spouse (usually a cheating husband) sneaks out from the bedroom to the bathroom and whispers on their phone.

When we see that, we don’t even need to hear what they’re talking about because we already know that they’re probably talking to their lover.

Now, I’m not directly familiar with the real life situation, but I bet there are many partners who practice that kind of communication. They hide and whisper on their phone.

They leave you in bed, watching a movie alone or whatever you’re doing at that moment and they hide somewhere in the house to talk to their lover.

They whisper like someone is going to kill them any second and they can’t risk getting busted.


And when they come back and you ask them what took them so long, they make a lame excuse like having diarrhoea, an urgent situation at work, or a sick family member.

And there you are, stuck in between the real truth and their lies. You no longer know what to believe, let alone what to do about it.

But, there’s one thing you need to pay attention to, which can help you decipher the enigma behind it. If they do it often, then you should trust your gut and be alert.

Also, try sneaking out and following them, but be careful that they don’t bust you instead!


8. There are odd charges on your partner’s credit card

Having a joint bank account has its advantages and one of them is checking your partner’s expenses.

If you notice that they’re spending their money on things that you’ve never received or seen anywhere in the house, then you know the items ended up in someone else’s hands.

Things like jewellery, expensive watches, dresses, etc. Again, we can compare this with movie scenarios where mostly males surprise their lovers with expensive gifts.

Just think of Richard Gere in the cult movie Pretty Woman where he spoils his woman with lots of gifts and special treatment.


Even though no one in the movie is cheating, you still get the point. It’s in our nature to want to surprise and make someone we like and care for feel special.

So, if you notice any odd charges on your partner’s credit card and you know they’re not intended for you or anyone in your circle of people, it’s a huge red flag. But, don’t react too soon.

Leave it be for some time to see whether they bought that special item for you. If not, then initiate an honest conversation and demand to know the truth behind their odd charges and behaviour.

If you’ve just realized (or you suspect) that they’ve been cheating on you…

First of all, don’t panic! If you have only one digital sign indicating infidelity, this is often not enough (even though it depends on how strong the sign is).

But, if the majority of the cheating on phone clues match, then you have every right to suspect them of doing something behind your back.

As always, before doing something drastic (not to say stupid), try to talk to your partner about it. An honest conversation is the best thing for the both of you at this moment.


Tell them openly everything that’s on your mind and ask them to tell you the truth!

And, don’t worry, this time they will not be able to lie to you because you will see the truth in their eyes!

After that, it’s up to you to choose in which direction you’ll go. Whichever path you choose, I’m sure you’ll do the right thing!



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