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Astrology Signs Ranked By How Good They Are At

1. Aquarius

They are the most talented ones when it comes to sexting. They will write scenarios with details as if they were real. They will never sext you in just a sentence. No, there will be a whole background story to it to get you going. Just reading the text will feel as if it were real.


2. Aries

Prepare to read the dirtiest things you ever read, because Aries is not ashamed of their sexuality and they will tell you what they want and how they want it. They have no time for waiting for you to read their minds, so they act upon it pretty straightforwardly and fast.


3. Capricorn

They will get inside your head. It’s like they know what you are thinking and what turns you on. They will say stuff that is directed at you only and you will very much like what they are saying. They will use their power to get inside your head and turn you on with just a few lines.


4. Virgo

Virgos are perfectionists who have an eye for details. They will notice every little detail about you and they will use it to flatter you. In sexting, they will use it to turn you on. They will use the way you smell, the way your hair looks, the way your neck tastes – everything. They will come at you with all they’ve got. You don’t stand a chance.


5. Taurus

They will use the last time you had sex as their turn-on weapon. They will remind you how hot you looked and describe in details how they felt and what they liked the most about you. They will turn you on this time, too.


6. Pisces

You cannot surprise them as they are always ready. Sexting will be just like the real thing with them because they are so quick at sexting back that you won’t have time to cool off while the other party comes up with a response. It’s like they have tons of sexts already saved in their phone, ready to be sent.

7. Gemini

They won’t be bothered with details. They’ll stick to the good old classic sentences which work like a charm every single time. But if it’s stupid and it works…


8. Libra

Their minds are as dirty as hell, but they will never show it. They feel uncomfortable letting their dirty thoughts out in the open. But if you initiate such a conversation, they will join you if they feel comfortable around you and if they trust you enough.


9. Sagittarius

They can sometimes overdo it. The problem is that they get carried away with sexting and they can say something you don’t like and which ruins everything. But that is just because they are so turned on by you that they can’t think straight.


10. Leo

Their thing is not sexting, it’s sending nudes. They feel most comfortable when they show off their body. Getting a few compliments on those fine abs is a plus. So next time you start sexting with a Leo, leave it to the photos – it’s what they do best.


11. Cancer

They love sexting but they don’t know how to do it by themselves. You have to be the initiator of the conversation because all they are going to do is ask questions.


12. Scorpio

They see no point in sexting. Why would they talk about it if they can do it? So, if you try sexting a Scorpio, don’t be surprised if they cut to the chase and invite you over. Words don’t mean anything if you can do it.



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