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A Woman Who Has Suffered A Lot Is Hard To Love But Worth It

She is bruised. Even the smallest, lightest touch hurts. Sometimes, her eyes stare into space and you might think that it’s you who’s hurting her but she is just trying to shut out her demons so she can enjoy your presence.

There will be many times when you will feel hopeless. But not nearly as many as she does. You might try to understand her mind but every time you ask one question, you are opening up a whole box of untold stories, just waiting to pour out.

Yes, she is that broken. She has been through a lot. Through broken promises, heartbreaks. Life never treated her with kindness and believe me, sometimes you will feel like the best thing to do is simply walk away but do me a favor and don’t.

Although it’s hard to love her, stay. She is worth the fight. She is worthy of your love.

A woman who has been through a lot knows that love is a whole lot of work but she is completely ready to dedicate all that she is, with all her broken pieces, to making it worth your while.

But you will have to work twice as hard. Loving a woman like her, a woman with broken parts that keep on falling off her body, is like the ultimate test of loyalty, effort and persistence.

She will be your test to see if you are ready to fight for a woman with all that you have, because nothing less is enough for her.

Just know that she won’t make it easy for you, even though she loves you. She will make sure that there is nothing you are hiding from her, nothing that shows you might hurt her.

She is the kind of woman who has had enough of being left, disappointed and disrespected by men who she trusted. She has had enough of empty promises and I love yous that didn’t mean anything.

Never become one of those men, because she has no problem walking away the moment she feels like you might hurt her or make her feel insecure. She can shut you out of her world in a matter of seconds with just one wrong word coming out of your mouth.

A woman who suffered too much is a woman who knows her worth. After all her breakdowns and all those times when she felt like she didn’t deserve to be loved unconditionally, she has finally found the love within herself and it’s stronger than ever before.


For that same reason, never make her believe that she isn’t loved or cared for, that you don’t have her back. Those things will hurt her and don’t you think that she has been through enough?

You will have to walk with her through all the tough times and you will have to prove to her that you will not leave her, that you will not abandon her and not walk away into the arms of someone else.

She has had enough of men like that, so for once make her believe that not all men are the same.

Work with her, make her feel your love, she is worth it!

She is worth all your efforts because she knows how to treat you right as well. She knows what to do to make you happy and make you feel all the love she has for you.

She will inevitably give you everything that you desire and more. There is no one who will care for you as much as she will, because she knows how hard it is to trust someone and truly love them these days.

Yes, she will challenge you. Yes, you will feel frustrated and misunderstood at times, but know that you are fighting for a wonderful woman and her guarded heart.

A woman who suffered through a lot is hard to love but still not impossible. You will find a way around those walls she built up and you will see that everything that is hiding behind them was worth the fighting and the waiting.

So don’t keep her wondering about your feelings, don’t make her question your loyalty. Show her, make her see that you are the one who will love her and treat her exactly the way she always dreamed of.


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