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8 Golden Rules When Being In Love With Anxious Person

  Anxiety is one of the most popular diseases in this century. It is not easy to go through it nor it is easy to be around people who suffer from it. The catch is you can never make any plans when you are anxious because you never know how you are going to feel that day. You can be super happy but also you can be so down that you don’t want to get up from your bed. The most important thing in a situation like this is to be yourself no matter what happens. Try to be positive even if you are about to have a panic attack. Just relax and don’t bother yourself with stupid things. Be superior to your problems, that’s the only way you can defeat them. It isn’t easy to love a person with anxiety so here are some golden rules how to behave with them. So let’s start! 1. They are not just anxious – When being in a relationship with an anxious person don’t forget that their life is not all about anxiety. Tell them that you like their personality and character. Tell them you enjoy listening to them when they talk about something in a passionate way. Tell them you like the way they blush when you compliment them. Make them forget about their anxiety even for 5 minutes. For you that is nothing but it means a whole world to them. 2. Try to understand when they feel tired – Unfortunately, anxiety makes people feel drained. It means people suffering from anxiety can do all the things just like the other people but with 300% more power. And that’s not easy at all. Just imagine that you have to go somewhere and it feels so bad to put on some solid clothes, comb your hair and put some makeup on. For some people that kind of things are normal but for an anxious person it is troublesome. So please, be understandable when they are tired. Don act all tied up because your girlfriend didn’t want to go out for a walk with you. You know she loves you but her panic attacks and depression is more powerful than love. Unfortunately, that’s the way it works!   3. They completely understand anxiety is irrational – Yes, most anxious people are aware of this fact but it is very difficult to fight with a disease like that. If you really want to fight it you need to think positively all the time and never let negative thoughts overcome you. That’s the point of all but people spend years and years until they learn this. Just imagine how difficult it is to be in a crowded place and you actually have an agoraphobia. I know, it is awful! And people with anxiety have to function normally and sometimes go to crowded places. Every time you tell them nothing bad is going to happen they are aware of that but unfortunately they experience symptoms like dizziness, strong heart beating, headache etc. So there isn’t much you can do in a situation like this except to be their support. And I believe, that counts the most. 4. They don’t have problems saying how they feel – When someone asks them if they are feeling good they will always be honest. The catch is they don’t have problems talking about their disease no matter if you are a stranger or a close person. Sometimes people don’t actually see the signs that a person is anxious. The thing is they don’t know how to listen. If you read between the lines you will figure it out that a person doesn’t feel well but that’s not the end of the world. So just be there to listen what they have to say. That will be enough, trust me! 5. They hate people asking them whether they are okay – If you want to forget about something, people who remind you of that all the time are not the most likeable people of all. If an anxious person is not feeling well they will say that and leave. You don’t need to remind them on their disease every 5 minutes, because that is not going to help them. It will just make things worse. And that is not something you want especially if you are in love with that person. So the golden rule is to keep your mouth shut and enjoy in life. Simple as that!   6. They appreciate you are being around – Anxious people are afraid that others will leave them because they are not fun anymore and they can’t do all the interesting things like before. The thing is a person doesn’t change, they are just experiencing a different phase in their life and that is pretty normal. If you can’t be with them in their worst moments, you don’t deserve to be with them in their good moments as well. They will always appreciate people who are there when they need them, especially in rough times. So don’t let them down! 7. They are not ignoring you it is just their anxiety – Did you ever experienced a situation when you were talking and the other person was sitting next to you but wasn’t present? It sucks, right? But before you make a conclusion stop for a moment and think. The person you are talking to is anxious. Maybe she is fighting her inner war trying not to fall apart in front of you. She just wants you to think that everything is okay. So don’t act badly and don’t ask “are you okay” question. Just leave them to calm down a little bit and then you can pop up that topic in some conversation.   8. They are amazing – And this is the fact! Just imagine how much they try every day to get up from the bed and act normal with all their problems. They do all the things like you but for them it is not so easy like it is supposed to be. So tell them you respect that. Tell them how awesome they are because they didn’t quit. Try to see good things in their life, far away from the bad ones. If they can do it, so can you!  


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